Martian Gardens Episode 1152

Martian Gardens Episode 1152
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
May 21, 2023
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Hour 1

Michael Byron: Music of Steady Light III
Halcyon Days

Cold Blue Music/2023
William Winant Percussion Group (marimbas, xylophones, glockenspiels, vibraphones); recorded at Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College, Oakland, January 2022; selection time: 12:39

George Crumb: Softly and Tenderly (from Voices from the Heartland*)
Complete Crumb Edition Volume 16
Bridge Records/2015
soprano: Ann Crumb; baritone: Patrick Mason; Orchestra 2001 (amplified piano: Marcantonio Barone; percussion: Brenda Weckerly, Greg Giannascoli, David Nelson, William Kerrigan; conductor: James Freeman; composer, lyrics: Will Lamartine Thompson,1880, arr. George Crumb; composition year: 2010; selection time: 8:28
*Voices from the Heartland, American Songbook VII — A cycle of hymns, spirituals, folk songs, and American Indian Chants

Seth Parker Woods: Argoru II (A. Singleton)
Difficult Grace (various composers)
Çedille Records/2023
cello: Seth Parker Woods; recorded at the Chicago Recording Company, Chicago, Illinois, September 2022; composer: Alvin Singleton; composition year: 1970; time: 12:13

Roger Reynolds: Colombi Daydream 
Complete Cello Works

Mode Records/2014
cello: Alexis Descharmes; recorded at Salle Cortot, Paris, July 2014; composition year: 2010; time: 7:48

John Cage: selections from Sonatas and Interludes
a. Sonata VII (2:23)
b. Sonata VIII (2:34)
c. Second Interlude (4:04)
Sonatas and Interludes
Neuma Records/2023
prepared piano: Agnese Toniutti; recorded in Italy, 2021; composition years: 1946-1948; total selections time: 9:11

Hour 2

Marty Regan: Flamefox (I-IV)
Magic Mirror
Navona Records/2012
(for shakuhachi quartet); all shakuhachi parts: Seizan Sakata; recording date: July 6, 2010; composition year; 2007; time: 7:50

Elizabeth Brown: Loons (from Isle Royale Shakuhachi Duets)
The NYFA Collection (various artists)
25 Years of New York New Music
Innova Recordings/2010
shakuhachi: Elizabeth Brown; recorded at the composer’s studio, Brooklyn, New York, July 9, 2005; composition year: 2005; time: 4:43

James Moore: selections from Desolation Pops
IV. Little Teeth (2:07)
V. M’ Ugly Spine (5:05)
VI. Far from Buddha (4:49)
Desolation Pops
New World Records/2023
piano: Kathleen Supové; The Rhythm Method (violins: Leah Asher; Marina Kifferstein; viola: Carrie Frey; cello: Meaghan Burke); recorded at Taplin Hall, Princeton University, June 16, 2022; composition years: 2016-2018; total selections time: 12:01

David Lidov: Mimesis
Benjamin Boretz 9×9 (various artists)
Music by and for the composer in celebration of his 81st birthday
Open Space/2015
(for string quartet); violins: Holly Jenkins, Mia Laity; viola: Scot Moore; cello: Eleanor Lee; composition year: 2015; time: 10:06

Gilles Gobeil: Vol de rêve (from Ombres, espaces, silences…)
Trois songes
empreintes DIGITALes/2008
(5.1 channel fixed medium); realized at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe (ZKM) studios, winter 2005; premiered at the ZKM trans_canada festival; time: 10:36

Halim El-Dabh: Meditation in White Sound
Crossing into the Electric Magnetic

Without Fear/2001
electronics: Halim El-Dabh; recorded at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, 1959; time: 6:09

Hour 3

Walter Zimmermann: selections from Fruende (Schalkhäußer-Lieder)
a. Geburtstags Grüße (Birthday Greetings) (1:47)
b. Die Gitarre blieb liegen (The Guitar was Left There) (4:08)
c. Drums, weg (Drums, gone) (1:56)
d. Der Aztekenstein (The Aztec Stone) (2:01)
e. Miss TL (1:44)
Mode Records/2021
voice, piano: Walter Zimmermann; harp, electronics: Gabriel Emde; electric guitar, concertina: Gerd Leibeling; drums, glockenspiel: Guido Conen; texts: a. Fiorenza Hohl; b. Walter Zimmermann; c. W.Z; d. Herbert Henck (postcard); e. W.Z.; mastered from a recording of Carl Stone‘s radio program Imaginary Landscapes, November 16, 1982 (Los Angeles); composition years: 1979-1984 (sic.); total selections time: 11:38

Arthur Jarvinen & Some Over History: Cheap Suite Tango
Erase the Fake

O.O. Discs/1998
Some Over History (bells, bell plates, electric bass, harmonica, electronics: Arthur Jarvinen; bass clarinet: Marty Walker; trombone, tuba, acoustic bass: Toby Holmes; violin: Robin Lorentz); recorded at Private Island Trax, Hollywood, California, 1998; time: 4:10

Frank Zappa: Five-Five-FIVE*
Shut up ‘n Play Yer Guitar
Barking Pumpkin/1981 (orig. CD issue Rykodisc/1986)
lead electric guitar: Frank Zappa; rhythm guitar: Warren Cuccurullo; rhythm guitar: Denny Walley; rhythm guitar: Ike Willis; keyboards: Tommy Mars; keyboards: Peter Wolff; percussion: Ed Mann; bass: Arthur Barrow; drums: Vinnie Colaiuta; recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, February 19, 1979; time: 2:35
*extracted from the song Conehead

Tim Brady: Now, Not Later
Symphony in 18 Parts

electric guitar: Tim Brady; time: 3:52

Tim Brady: Waves (from Twenty Quarter Inch Jacks)
Twenty Quarter Inch Jacks
(for 20 electric guitars); all guitar parts: Tim Brady; composition year: 2002; time: 3:06

Dither: The Tar of Gyu (G. Riley)
Potential Differences (various composers)
New Focus Recordings/2019
electric guitars: Taylor Levine, Joshua Lopes, James Moore, Gyan Riley; recorded at Future-Past Studios, Hudson, New York; composer: Gyan Riley; composition year: 2013; time: 5:50

Herbert Brün: Dust
SAWDUST Computer Music Project

Electronic Music Foundation/1998
SAWDUST computer music program: Herbert Brün; composition year: 1976; time: 9:38

John Oliver: Deaf Machines
Warfire Welfare
John Oliver’s Bandcamp/2023
synthesizers, electronics: John Oliver; composition year: 2023; time: 8:31

— FIN —

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