Martian Gardens Episode 1094

Martian Gardens Episode 1094
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
February 3-4, 2022
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Hour 1

George Perle: selections from Solos & Duos
a. Bassoon Music (5:53)
b. Hebrew Melodies (I. Psalm 93; II. Cantillation) (4:26)
Solos & Duos
Bridge Records/2021
a. bassoon: Steven Dibner; recorded at the Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, April 13, 2005; composition year: 2004; b. cello: Jay Campbell; recorded at the Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, December 18, 2017; composition year: 1945; total selections time: 10:19

Stefan Wolpe: Le Malade Imaginaire V
(from Bühnenmusik zu Molière’s Le malade imaginaire)*
Traumtanz — Suite kurzer Tanzstücke (Ostinato, Intermezzo und zwei Variationen)**
I. Sostenuto — Furiously (variations I); Slowly and Broadly (variations II)
II. Rapidly and Wildly (Polka); Gently and Calmly (lyric Phase)
III. Rapidly and Wildly (Polka); Easy Moving, Then Resting (Song)
IV. Hardy and Coarse (Polka); Leisurely; Tender with Waltz, Calm (Chorus)
V. Finale (Slow Beginning and the Continuous Development
Wolpe in Jerusalem — 1934-1938
Mode Records/2006
WDR Sinfonieorchester; conductor: Johannes Kalitzke; recorded at WDR Karlsruhe, November 2003; composition year: 1934; selection time: 9:11
*Incidental Music for Molière’s “Imaginary Invalid
**Dream Dance Suite of short dance pieces (Ostinato, Intermezzo and two variations)

Morton Feldman: Snow Falls
Three Voices for Joan
 La Barbara
New Albion Records/1989
voices: Joan La Barbara; text: Frank O’Hara (Wind, 1957), recorded in Los Angeles; composition year: 1982; selection time: 2:28

Susan Botti: Listen, It’s Snowing
Listen, It’s Snowing
Composer’s Recordings, Inc./1998
soprano: Susan Botti; piano: Daniel Kirk-Foster; text: e.e. cummings, Him; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, December 4, 1997; composition year: 1990; time: 4:45

Dorota Czerner: St. Andrew’s Night
Open Space 29 (Barkin, Czerner, Boretz)
Open Space/2012
voice, texts: Dorota Czerner; sound: Benjamin Boretz; composition year: 2011; time: 6:13

Third Coast Percussion: Explorer (S. Assad)
Archetypes — Music of Sergio & Clarice Assad
Çedille Records/2021
percussion: Third Coast Percussion recorded at the Chicago Recording Company, January 2020; composer: Sergio Assad; composition year: 2009; selection time: 5:07

Jonathan Hulting-Cohen: Axamer Folio (E. Wubbels)
Second Flight (various composers)
Innova Recordings/2021
saxophone: Jonathan Hulting-Cohen; drum set: Dennis Sullivan; recorded at Adelphi University Performing Arts Center Recital Hall, December 21, 2019; composer: Eric Wubbels; composition year: 2015; time: 12:09

Hour 2

Robert Gross: Chronicles XIII

New Focus Recordings/2020
Absynth 5 synthesizer; Robert Gross; guitar: Dan Lippel; composition year: 2018; time: 10:06

Charles Wuorinen: Spinoff
Works for Violin and Piano (1969-1983)

Bridge Records/1988
violin: Benjamin Hudson; contrabass: Donald Palma*; conga drums: Joseph Passaro*; recorded at Vanguard Studios, New York City, November 12, 1984; composition year: 1983; time: 6:30
*from Speculum Musicae

Eric Moe: Teeth of the Sea
Strange Exclaiming Music

(for two conga drums); percussion: Michael Lipsey; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, April 22, 2007; composition year: 2003; time: 3:35

James Dashow: selections from Archimedes, Act 1
A Planetarium Opera
a. scene i. In Which He Grows Up (4:51)
b. Narrator I (1:01)
c. scene ii. Young Archimedes (Mathematics I) (7:24)
Neuma Records/2021
baritone: Michael Kelly as Archimedes; tenor: Martin Bakari as Marcellus; bass: Adrian Rosas as Hieron; soprano: Jennifer Zetlan as Demiurge; tenor: Brian Giebler as Demiurge; soprano: Jennifer Zetlan as Slave Girl 1; mezzo soprano: Toby Newman as Slave Girl 2; child: Madeleine Albus; voice of the Prime Mover: Philip Kerr; Flauti dolci (recorders): Antonio Politano; chorus: Nicholas Isherwood, Brian Giebler, Toby Newman, Adrian Rosas, James Wright, Jennifer Zetlan; libretto: Cary Plotkin, Ted Weiss; electronic music, concept: James Dashow; composition years: 2000-2008; total selections time: 13:16

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Sonic Contours
Pioneers of Electronic Music
(various artists)
New World Records/2006 (orig. CRI/1991)
tape music: Vladimir Ussachevsky; composition year: 1952; time: 7:19

Ros Bandt and LIME: Annapurna
Soft & Fragile

Efficient Space/2022 (orig. Move Records/1983)
LIME (Live Improvised Music Events): Ros Bandt, Gavan McCarthy, Carolyn Robb, Julie Doyle; instrumentation on Annapurna: vocal droner tape, flagong, temple bells, gamelan gongs; recorded at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, November, 1982; time: 9:45

Hour 3

Roxanne Turcotte: Masques et dichotomies

empreintes DIGITALes/2021
(for synthesizer and 16 channels fixed media); synthesizer: Roxanne Turcotte; realized at Studio Séducson, Montreal, 2021; premiered at La Grande Nuit 20201 — Au-delà de la notation broadcast online live from Agora Hydro-Québec for Montréal / Nouvelles musiques (MNM), February 27, 2021; time: 10:12

Thomas DeLio: Alama Triptych
a. Alama (January, 2021, a) (0:47)
b. Alama (January, 2021, b) (0:47)
c. Alama (January, 2021, c) (0:51)
Transparent Waves — Selected Compositions IV (1995-2020)
Neuma Records/2022
electroacoustic music: Thomas DeLio; composition year: 2021; total time: 2:23

Lin Mei Fang: Interaction
Music from SEAMUS Volume 12
(various artists)
piano, fixed electronics: Mei-Fang Lin; time: 7:38

Marco Oppedisano: Trio with Playback
Selected Works (1999 – 2017)

Acoustic, Electric, and Electroacoustic Music with Guitar
Marco’s Bandcamp/2021
electric guitar, playback: Marco Oppedisano; bass flute: Christine Perea; cello: George Brunner; composition year: 2003; time: 12:11

Jon Appleton: Dr. Quisling in Stockholm
Appleton Syntonic Menagerie 2

Phonomena Audio Arts & Multiples/2003
electroacoustic music: Jon Appleton; composed at Sveriges radio, Stockholm, 1971; time: 12:30

In memory of Jon Appleton (January 4, 1939 — January 30, 2022)

George Todd: Wordscapes
a. Word
b. Water Asleep
c. Green Idea
Music from SEAMUS, Volume 2 [various artists]
New Focus Recordings/2019 (org. SEAMUS/1994)
Synclavier programming: George Todd, Middlebury College; composition year: 1991; time: 5:35

— FIN —

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