Martian Gardens Episode 1093

Martian Gardens Episode 1093
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
January 25, 2022
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Hour 1

Joane Hétu: selections from La Marmotte (The Groundhog)
Hibernation, boredom and pleasure
a. 10:38
b. 2:01
Nouvelle Musique D’Hiver
Ambiances magnetiques/2007
flutes, objects, soundtrack: Jean Dorome; piano, synthesizer: Guillaume Dostaler; alto saxophone, voice, text, director: Joane Hétu; clarinets: Lori Freedman; sampler, accordion: Diane Labrosse; drums: Pierre Tanguay; turntables: Martin Tétreault; narrator: Gilles Derome; recorded March, 2003, at Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal; total time: 12:39

Luis Maria Serra: Hiver d’Argent
Les Saisons 1972 [GMEB] — 2002 [IMEB] (various artists)
electroacoustic music realized at Institut international de musique électroacoustique de Bourges, France, 2002; time: 12:16

Paul Lansky: Things She Noticed
Things She Carried
Bridge Records/1997
voice: Hannah McKay; text: McKay, Lansky; NeXT and Silicon graphics computers: Paul Lansky; created at Princeton University, 1995-1996; time: 8:15

Connie Beckley: Alice on the Stairs
The Aquarium — Sonic Meditations on Life in the City

Composers Recordings, Inc./1997 (orig. 1995)
voice, text, electronics: Connie Beckley; recorded in New York City, 1995; total selections time: 7:06

Laurie Anderson: Lola Goes Blind
Heart of a Dog

Nonesuch Records/2015
words, lyrics, music, performance: Laurie Anderson; recorded in New York City, 2015, time: 3:00

Julie Herndon: A Long Postlude
Music from SEAMUS 30
(various artists)
New Focus Recordings/2021
voice, text, lightbulbs: Julie Herndon; composition year: 2018; time: 5:40

Hour 2

James Dashow: selections from Archimedes, Act 1
A Planetarium Opera
a. Begin (4:38)
b. Prologue 1 — The Prime Mover (8:40)
c. Prologue 2 — The Demiurge (5:42)
Neuma Records/2021
baritone: Michael Kelly as Archimedes; tenor: Martin Bakari as Marcellus; bass: Adrian Rosas as Hieron; soprano: Jennifer Zetlan as Demiurge; tenor: Brian Giebler as Demiurge; soprano: Jennifer Zetlan as Slave Girl 1; mezzo soprano: Toby Newman as Slave Girl 2; child: Madeleine Albus; voice of the Prime Mover: Philip Kerr; Flauti dolci (recorders): Antonio Politano; chorus: Nicholas Isherwood, Brian Giebler, Toby Newman, Adrian Rosas, James Wright, Jennifer Zetlan; libretto: Cary Plotkin, Ted Weiss; electronic music, concept: James Dashow; composition years: 2000-2008; total selections time: 19:00

Tom Johnson: Crobo (or Krobo)
Counting to Seven
New World Records/2021
voices and percussion: Ensemble Dedalus, featuring Tom Johnson; recorded at Laboratoires d’Aubervilles, France, August 2020; composition year: 2014; total selections time: 11:30

Guem: Balance
Le Serpent (Percussions boxed-set sampler)

Le Chant du Monde/2002 
percussion: Guem (Abdelmajid Guemguem); Arnaud Frank-Fort, Bernard Marx, Fernando Diez, Yannick Sontag; recorded at Studio Fremontel, Paris, 1983; time: 4:58

Gamana: Volatiana (Always Alert)
Le Marija — Music of Madagascar

Gamana: Rasolofonirina Denis Roland (Rola), Ramarokoto Tiana (Tiana), Rajoroarivony Manitra (Baby), Miatrembala (Mbala), R. Serge, Tsivitsoke; recorded at Nada Studio, Antananarivo, Madagascar, June 1998; composer: Rola; arr. Gamana; time: 3:33

Muslimgauze: Mullah Said
Mullah Said

Muslimgauze’s Bandcamp/2021 (orig. Staalplaat/1998)
percussion, tapes, processing: Bryn Jones; recorded at Abraham Mosque studio, Manchester, UK, 1998; time: 12:17

Hour 3

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Schlagtrio
Complete Early Percussion Works

Mode Records/2014
piano: Katalin Lukács; timpanis: Justin DeHart, Fabio Oliveira; recorded at Theater A, University of California San Diego, October 2008; composition year: 1952, revised 1973; time: 16:08

Tibor Szemző: Let’s Go Out and Dance
Snapshot from the Island

Tibor Szemző’s Bandcamp/2020 (orig. Leo Records/1987)
flutes, voice, drum computer, sound installation: Tibor Szemző; synthesizer: László Hortobágyi; recorded at Guyan Utteyak Mandal, Budapest, December 1985; time: 10:32

László Hortobágyi: Reptiles Temple ’79
Annales Of Gáyan Uttejak Society – Op. Transreplica Meccano

Staalplaat/1993 (orig. Novum Organium/1989)
computers, synthesizers, sampler, vocoder: László Hortobágyi; voice, strings: Nora Hortobágyi; Sygnus modular-synth: P. Radvanyi; recorded at Guyan Utteyak studio, Budapest, 1988-1989; time: 8:10

Robert Normandeau: Le ravissement
empreintes DIGITALes/2021
(for multichannel fixed media and ensemble); voices: Chloé Lacasse, Geneviève Toupin; violins: Vanessa Marcoux, Geneviève Clermont; viola: Lana Tomlin; cello: Sophie Coderre; double bass: Mathieu Désy; piano: Martin Lizotte; guitar: Simon Godin; drum kit: Pete Pételle; realized at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Amherst, Virginia; Conservatoire national à rayonnement régional de Nice , Nice, France; premiered at the Journées nationales de la musique électroacoustique 2019, Festival Manca 2019, Nice, France, December 2, 2019; time: 15:21

Jane Antonia Cornish: Memory of Time
Into Silence
Innova Recordings/2017
violin: Anna Elashvili; cello: Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir, Caitlin Sullivan, Claire Bryant; Hamilton Berry; recorded at Avatar Studios, New York City, dates unknown; time: 6:20

— FIN —

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