Martian Gardens Episode 1012

Martian Gardens Episode 1012
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
March 15, 2020
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Hour 1

Charles Wuorinen: Alphabetical Ashbery
a. Alcove (2:40)
b. The Burning Candle (3:01)
c. You Haven’t Received the Letters Yet (3:58)
d. Zero Percentage (2:16)

Charles Wuorinen, Vol. 3
Bridge Records/2017
loadbang (baritone: Jeffrey Gavett; clarinet, bass clarinet: Carlos Cordeiro; trumpet: Andy Kozar; trombone: William Lang); text: John Ashbery (four poems from Planisphere); recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, May 2014; composition year: 2013; total time: 11:55

In memory of Charles Wuorinen (June 9, 1938 – March 11, 2020)

Charles Ives: From the Steeples and Mountains
The Music of America
Sony Classical/2010 (orig. 1982)
The San Francisco Symphony, conductor: Michael Tilson Thomas; composition years: 1901-1902; time: 4:13

John J. Becker: Soundpiece No. 3
Soundpieces 1-7
New World Records/2020
violin: Conrad Harris; piano: Joseph Kubera; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, April 2019; composition year: 1936; time: 14:55

Cenk Ergün: Sonare
Sonare & Celare
New Focus Recordings/2020
The Jack Quartet (violins: Christopher Otto, Ausitn Wulliman; viola: John Pickford Richards; cello: Jay Campbell); recorded at EMPAC, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York; May 2-3, 2019; composition years: 2015-2016; time: 11:37

Julia Wolfe: Mountain
Steel Hammer
Cantaloupe Music/2014
members of the Bang On A Can All-Stars (cello: Ashley Bathgate; percussion: David Cossin; sandsticks: BOACAS) vocals: Trio Mediaeval (Anna Maria Friman, Linn Andrea Fuglseth, Torunn Østrem Ossum); text: Julia Wolfe (derived from the John Henry ballad); recorded at Dolan Music Recording Studios, New York University, November 2011/February 2012; composition year: 2009; time: 8:50

Hour 2

Philip Mantione: Disputed Artifacts
modular synthesis: Philip Mantione; composition year: 2019; time: 8:01

Livebatts!: Groovin’ Batts
ANTS Records/2018
battery-driven keyboards, toys: John White; battery-driven keyboards, vocals: M.J. Coldiron; electric guitar, samples: Andrea Rocca; electrified flute: Nancy Ruffer; recorded at Baby Microbe Studio, 1990s, remastered 2018; time: 7:23

Art of Noise: Close (to the Edit)
In Invisible Silence
Art of Noise: Anne Dudley, Trevor Horn, Gary Langan, J.J. Jeczalik; time: 4:43

Lawler + Fadoul: Jingle Without Words
Clickable — The Art of Persuasion
PARMA — Ravello Records/2020
flute, piccolo, whistle: Zara Lawler; marimba, percussion: Paul Fadoul; recorded at Kaleidoscope Sound, Jersey City, New Jersey, November 21, 2017; composer: Lewis Spratlan; arr. Paul Fadoul; time: 5:25

Joan La Barbara: Flash!
60 x 60 2006-2007 [various artists]
Vox Novus/2008
violin: Ariana Kim; composition year: 2005; time: 0:45

David Mahler: Cup of Coffee
The Voice of the Poet — Works on Tape 1972-1986
Artifact Recordings/1997
voice sample: Jamie Holland; recorded at Cornish and Soundwork Studio; composition year: 1980; time: 7:07

Diane Labrosse: Manual Coffee Mill
Music for Objects of the Verge of Extinction
percolators; violin: Marie-Soleil Bélanger; flute, trumpet: Jean Derome; electric guitar: Bernhard Falaise; clarinet: Lori Freedman; accordion: Diane Labrosse; viola: Jean Réne; percussion: Pierre Tanguay; musicians recorded at Studio 270 Montreal; percolators recorded at Studio Le 2e, Montreal; time: 3:07

Moondog: Coffee Beans
Round the World of Sound
New World Records/2016
performed by Dedalus & Muzzix, directors Didier Aschour, Christian Pruvost; recorded at La Muse en Circuit, Alfortville, France, November 2015; music and lyrics: Louis T. Hardin (Moondog); composition year: 1968; time: 2:31

Walter Zimmermann: 15 Zwiefache
Lokale Music (1977-1981)
Mode Records/2019
guitar: Hubert Machnik; recorded January 11, 2011, The Bunker Studios, Brooklyn, New York; composition year: 1979; time: 6:07

Hour 3

Kattt Atchley and Ron Heglin: Duo No. 2
voices: Katt Atchley, Ron Heglin; recorded in Berkeley, sound designer: Philip Perkins; California, January 16, 2018; time: 3:57

Werner Durand: Gegenwelle
Schwingende Luftsäulen
ANTS Records/2017
pan-ney, processing: Werner Durand; recorded in Berlin, Germany, 2016-2017; time: 2:55

Rand Steiger: Concatenation
Coalescence Cycle, Volume 1
Tundra/2019 (for download)
(for bassoon and electronics); bassoon: Rebekah Heller; electronics: Rand Steiger; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, March 2015 ; composition year: 2012; time: 16:15

Joseph Klein: Dog (After W.S. Merwin)
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 27
Music from CEMI — Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
University of North Texas, Denton

Centaur Records/1998
(for female voice, bassoon, and intermedia); soprano: Heidi Dietrich Klein; bassoon: Kristin Wolfe Jensen; recorded in the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, CEMI, Denton, September 1997; composition year: 1997; time: 10:17

Frank Zappa: Pentagon Afternoon
The Yellow Shark
Barking Pumpkin/1993
members of Ensemble Modern (bassoon: Veit Scholz; flute: Dietmar Wiesner; oboe: Catherine Milliken; B-flat clarninet: Roland Diry; horn in F: Frank Ollu); Ensemble Modern, conductor: Frank Zappa; recorded on the European tour, September 1992; composition year: 1967; time: 2:28

Aleš Friedl: String Quartet No. 2
Open Space 38 (Pellegrini, Hicks, Friedl)
Open Space/2019
Mivos Quartet (violins: Olivia De Prato, Maya Bennardo; viola: Victor Lowrie Tafoya; cello: Tyler J. Borden); recorded at Oktaven Audio, composition year: 2012; time: 18:00

— FIN —

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