Martian Gardens Episode 1011

Martian Gardens Episode 1011
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
March 8, 2020
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Hour 1

John J. Becker: Soundpiece No. 1
Soundpieces 1-7
New World Records/2020
Flux Quartet (violins: Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris; viola: Max Mandel; cello: Felix Fan); piano: Joseph Kubera; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, April 2019; composition year: 1932; time: 8:54

Henry Cowell: Sound Form No. 1
Dancing with Henry — New Discoveries in the Music of Henry Cowell
Mode Records/2001
members of the California Parallèle Ensemble (flute: Leta Miller; clarinet: Mark Brandeburg; bassoon: Jane Orzel; percussion: Russel Greenberg, Michael Strunk); recorded at the Recital Hall of the University of California Santa Cruz, January 2000; composition year: 1937; time: 4:51

Heitor Villa-Lobos: Coral, Canto do Sertão (Bachianas Brasileiras No. 4, Mvt. II)
Orchestral Works
Bridge Records/2003
Odense Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Jan Wagner; recorded at the Carl Nielsen Hall, Odense Koncerthus, Odense, Denmark, May 1999; composition years: 1930, 1941, 1942; time: 6:11

Olivier Messiaen: Adieu
Harawi — Sarah Maria Sun
Mode Records/2019
soprano: Sarah Maria Sun; piano: Stefka Perifanova; composition year: 1945; total selections time: 6:01

Paul Des Marais: My Asia (Three Songs)
a. Let us deceive ourselves a little
b. To lie with you
c. When I die

Open Space 28 — Vocal and Piano Music of Paul Des Marais
Open Space/2012
tenor: Jan-Kees van der Gaag; piano: Paul Des Marais; texts: a/b. May Swensen; c. Federico Garcia Lorca; composition year: 1996; time: 11:00

Elaine R. Barkin: Faygele’s Footsteps
Music from the Association for the Promotion of New Music, Vol. 1 & 2 (various artists)
New Focus Recordings/2020
computer music (Midi instrumentation: dulcimer, sitar, Balinese gamelan metallophones, harp, piano); recorded at the composer’s studio, UCLA, composition year: 2007; time: 7:45

Alwin Nikolais: Aviary Dance 2
Electronic Dance Music
Composers Recordings, Inc./1993
synthesizers, electronics: Alwin Nikolais; composition year: 1978; total selections time: 2:06

Hour 2

David Congo: Sunrise Cadillac Mountain
electroacoustic music: David Congo; recorded at the composer’s studio, West Springfield, Massachusetts; composition year: 2019; time: 12:53

Eldad Tsabary: Sunrise in Detroit
Eldad Tsabary/2005
electroacoustic music: Eldad Tsabary; recorded at the composer’s studio, Montreal; composition year: 2004; time: 5:18

Leo Kupper: Aviformes (Part 1)
Digital Voices
Pogus Productions/2012
soprano: Barbara Zanichelli; processing, electronics: Leo Kupper; recorded at Studio de Recherches, Brussels, compoistion year: 2009; time: 1:45

Dean Rosenthal: Nine Mile Pond, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Editions Wandelweiser Records/2020
stones-into-water percussion: Dean Rosenthal; recorded at Nine Mile Pond, Wilbraham, Massachusetts, time: 15:56

Philip Perkins: selections from Drive Time
a. Rainy Third Street (0:41)
b. At Home and Away (3:44)

Drive Time
Body Double Records/2013 (orig. Fun Music release/1985)
tapes, arrangement, processing: Philip Perkins; recorded in San Francisco, 1980s; total selections time: 4:25

Field recording: Exú
Batuque session at the Cabana Mineira de Mae Iêmanjá
Amazonia — Festival and Cult Music of Northern Brazil
Lyrichord Discs/1993 (orig. LP/1976)
festival music recorded by Morton Marks, Pará, Brazil, 1975; time: 2:05

Kattt Atchley and Ron Heglin: Duo No. 1
voices: Katt Atchley, Ron Heglin; recorded in Berkeley, sound designer: Philip Perkins; California, January 16, 2018; time: 4:44

Beth Anderson: Yes Sir Ree
Peachy Keen-O
Pogus Productions/2003
voice: Beth Anderson; percussion: Michael Blaire; composition year: 1978; time: 1:27

Ted Apel: Lay Investiture
The Frog Peak Collaborations Project* (various artists)
Frog Peak/1998
computer music: Ted Apel
*composer-contributed pieces based on a 66-second soundfile of a text by Chris Mann; contribution period: September 11, 1996 — December 1, 1996; curator: Larry Polansky; time: 1:05

David Mahler: For Thom Miller
The Voice of the Poet — Works on Tape 1972-1999
Artifact Recordings/1997
voice: Thom Miller, recorded 1973; singing voices recorded 1975, synthesized organ and bells recorded 1984; created at Soundwork Studio; composition year: 1986; time: 1:04

Hour 3

Robert Scott Thompson: Canto (de Las Sombras)
Messages from Maggie’s Garden
Aucourant Records/2019
(for clarinet and computer); clarinet: F. Gerard Errante; recorded at Chandler Recital Hall, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia; composition year: 1996; time: 8:23

Russell Pinkston: Gerrymander
Third Practice — Commissions and Premieres (various artists)
New Music from the Third Practice Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music at the University of Richmond
Centaur Records/2004
B-flat clarinet: F. Gerard Errante; MAX/MSP software: Russell Pinkston; recorded at the Fine Arts Recording Studio, University of North Texas, Denton, January 9, 2003; composition year: 2002; time: 7:16

Jon Appleton: Apollonia
The World Music Theatre of Jon Appleton
electronic music: Jon Appleton; recorded at the Bregman Electronic Music Studio, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, composition year: 1969; time: 5:14

Pauline Oliveros: In Memoriam: Nikola Tesla, Cosmic Engineer (excerpt)
Music for Merce 1952-2009 (boxed-set) [various artists]
New World Records/2010
live electronics, voices, acoustical-space-sound activators: John Cage, Gordon Mumma, Jean Rigg, David Tudor; recorded on tour 1972 for the dance “Canfield” (1969), The Merce Cunningham Dance Company; composition year: 1969; excerpt time: 9:44

Kyong Mee Choi: Train of Thoughts
Music from SEAMUS, Vol. 28 (various artists)
SEAMUS-New Focus Recordings/2019 (for download)
two-channel electronic fixed media: Kyong Mee Choi; composition year: 2017; time: 6:49

John Young: Arrivederci
empreintes DIGITALes/2010
(for ensemble and fixed media); Stroma ensemble (flute, alto flute: Bridget Douglas; clarinet: Pat Barry; harp: Sun Yi; percussion: Jeremy Fitzsimons; piano: Emma Sayers; violin: Rebecca Struthers; cello: Robert Ibell, conductor: Hamish McKeich; text (intoned via flute mouthpiece): e.e. cummings (n//OthI); realized at the Music, Technology, and Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, 2005; premiered at the Ilott Theatre, Wellington Town Hall, Wellington, New Zealand; composition year: 2005; time: 15:35

— FIN —

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