Martian Gardens Episode 981

Martian Gardens Episode 981
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
July 6, 2019
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Hour 1

Rory Cowal:  Etudes Op. 1 , No. 1 (R. Abrams)
Clusters — American Piano Explorations (various artists)
New World Records/2018
piano: Rory Cowal; recorded at Pyatt Hall, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2017-2018; composer: Muhal Richard Abrams; composition year: 2000; time: 4:02

Morton Subotnick: Prelude for Piano IV
Complete Works for Piano
Mode Records/2018
(for piano and tape); piano: SooJin Anjou; recorded in New York City, May 2014; composition year: 1966; time: 6:12

Steven Mackey: A Matter of Life and Death
Open Space 4 (Mackey/Randall)
Open Space/1993
piano, amplified piano: Elizabeth DeFelice; composition year: 1993 (published); time: 9:55

Steven Mackey: A Matter of Life and Death
Open Space 4 (Mackey/Randall)
Open Space/1993
amplified piano: Steven Mackey; recorded May 1987, Princeton University; time: 3:00 (sans applause)

Steven Mackey: Humble River, Part IV
Interior Design
Bridge Records/2005
violin: Curtis Macomber; viola: Maureen Gallagher; cello: Gregory Hesselink; flute: Susan Palma-Nidel; recorded at Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University, April 2005; composition year: 1997; selection time: 15:23

György Kurtág: Angelus Silesius — Die Ros
Zwiegespräche (Holliger/Kurtág)
ECM New Series/2019
soprano: Sarah Wegener; English horn: Marie-Lise Schüpbach; composition years: 2010-2011 (dedicated to Heinz Holliger); time: 1:46

Chaya Czernowin: The Last Leaf
oboe: Peter Veale; composition year: 2010; time: 11:40

Hour 2

Roger Reynolds: Summer Island
The Paris Pieces
Neuma Records/1996
(for oboe and computer-generated tape); oboe: Jacqueline Leclair; recorded at Brooks Concert Hall, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts, April 30, 1995; composition year: 1984; time: 11:28

Ingram Marshall: Holy Ghosts
Dark Waters
New Albion Records/2001
oboe d’amore: Libby Van Cleve; live digital delay processing: Ingram Marshall; recorded at St. Casimir’s Church, New Haven, Connecticut, June 14-15, 1998; composition year: 1995; time: 10:33

Sophie Delafontaine: Ondiésop
Accourd Ouvert
empreintes DIGITALes/2019
(for fixed media); electroacoustic music realized at the composer’s studio, Brussels, Belgium, 2015; premiered at Espace du son festival at Théâtre Marni, Brussels, 2015; text: Hesiod’s Theogeny (French translation: Matteo Capponi); composition year: 2015; time: 7:03

Annette Vande Gorne: Exil, Chant II (excerpt)
empreintes DIGITALes/2000
(for fixed media); electroacoustic music realized at Métamorphoses d’Orphée studio of Musiques & Recherches, Ohain, Belgium; text: Saint-John Perse, “Faisceaux”; premiered at Café-théâtre Stalker, Brussels, June 30, 1983; composition year: 1983; excerpt time: 6:17

Trevor Wishart: Red Bird — A political prisoner’s dream (excerpt)
Red Bird/Anticredos
Electronic Music Foundation/2000
(for voices, environmental sounds, and processing) recorded at York University Electronic Music Studio, 1973-1977; excerpt time: 7:00

Movses Pogossian: selections from Sheer (A. McIntosh)
a. Part V (3:57)
b. Part VI (0:45)
c. Part VII (5:43)

Inspired by Bach (various composers)
New Focus Recordings/2018
(for solo violin and eight wine glasses); violin: Movses Pogossian; crystal wine glasses: Anna Kouchnerov; Anjelina Lopez-Rosende; Stephanie Nagler; Sarah Worden; recorded at the Herb Alpert School of Music, UCLA, November 2017; composer: Andrew McIntosh; composition year: 2017; total selections time: 10:25

Hour 3

Andreas H.H. Suberg: De’ Metalli
electronics: Andreas H.H. Suberg; countertenor: Daniel Golger; trumpet, alphorn; Paul Hübner; percussion: Olaf Tzschoppe; text: Leonardo Da Vinci (Of Metals, from the Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci); recorded at Château de Faverolles Recording Studio, Faverolles, France time, September 2017; composition years: 1995-1996; ; time: 11:26

John Cage: First Construction in Metal
The 25-Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage
Manhattan Percussion Ensemble, director: Paul Price; piano: David Tudor, assisted by Merce Cunningham; recorded at Town Hall, New York City, May 15, 1959; composition year: 1939; time: 9:07

Lawrence Moss: 5 Bagatelles for Percussion Solo
a. Drumming (2:37)
b. Still (1:42)
c. Bulgar (1:25)
d. Duet (2:55)
e. Encounters (2:56)

New Dawn
Innova Recordings/2019
percussion: Lee Hinkle; recorded at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Recording Studio, 2015-2016; composition year: 2012; total time: 12:35

Max Giteck Duykers: Twilight for Adored and Breathless Moments
Folding Music
New World Records/2019
Ensemble Ipse (flute: Margaret Lancaster; clarinet: Christa Van Alstine; violin: Esther Noh; cello: Caitlin Sullivan; percussion: Matt Ward; piano: Geoffrey Burleson); conductor: Benjamin Grow; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, October 16-18, 2018; composition year: 2007; time: 12:37

Thomas DeLio: Not
Selected Compositions II (1972-2015)
Neuma Records/2016
percussion: Alex Fragiskatos; piano: Siu Yin Lie; recorded at Tempest Recordings, Tempe, Arizona; composition year: 1992; time: 5:11

John Cage: Swinging
The Works for Piano 10
Mode Records/2018
piano: Thomas Schultz; recorded at Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford University, California, November 2013, composition year: 1989; time: 0:51

Laurie Anderson: Falling
Nonesuch Records/2010
vocals, keyboards: Laurie Anderson; lyrics: Laurie Anderson, George W.S. Trow; recorded in New York City, 2010; time: 3:19

— FIN —

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