Martian Gardens Episode 969

Martian Gardens Episode 969
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
March 28-29, 2019
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Hour 1

Gamelan Son of Lion: Jigalullaby* (B. Benary)
Innova Recordings/2008
Gamelan Son of Lion ((Barbary Benary, David Demnitz, Miguel Frasconi, Daniel Goode, Patrick Grant, Lisa Karrer, Judy Kruskal, Laura Liben, Denman Maroney, John Morton, David Simons; guests: Anna Dembska, Marija Ilic, Joseph Kubera, Bill Ruyle); with — violin: Barbara Benary; voices: Anna Dembska, Lisa Karrer; composer: Barbara Benary; composition year: 2006; recorded at Hungry Hollow Studios, Georgetown, Ontario; time: 8:22
*four traditional Scottish lullabies (Chi Bhi Mi ‘Gad, Ch Tig Mor, Cadal Cha Dean Mi, Griogal Cridhe) from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia arranged for slip jigs in 9/8

Barbara Benary: Aural Shoehorning
a. Plainsong (7:32)
b. Northwest (3:30)
c. Smudging (5:37)
d. Amtrak (5:27)
e. Tujah (3:07)

Sun on Snow
New World Records/2006
members of the DownEast Ensemble and Gamelan Son of Lion (piano: Joseph Kubera; clarinet, bass clarinet: Steven Silverstein; vibraphone: Chris Nappi; marimba: Bill Ruyle; Barbara Benary, David Demnitz, Daniel Goode, Patrick Grant, Lisa Karrer, Jody Kruskal, Laura Liben, David Simmons: Gamelan); recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, November 16-17, 2005; composition year: 1997; total time: 25:07

In memory of Barbara Benary (April 6, 1946 – March 17, 2019)

Jon Forshee: Opus
Verses from the Aethersphere (Open Space CD 36)
Open Space/2019
(for solo contrabass); contrabass: Tommy Babin; recorded at Conrad Prebys Hall, University of California San Diego; composition year: 2016; time: 7:30

Roger Reynolds:
a. imAge/contrabass (6:50)
b. ImagE/contrabass (4:40)

The ImagE-ImAge Set
Neuma Records/2016
(for solo contrabass); contrabass: Mark Dresser; recorded at Conrad Prebys Hall, University of California San Diego; August 25, 2009; total time: 11:30

Robert Black: Radio Sonata (J. Sellars)
State of the Bass
O.O. Discs/1994
(for double bass and computer-operated synthesizers); double bass: Robert Black; composer: James Sellars, composition year: 1992; time: 3:23

Hour 2

Martin Bartlett: États
Burning Water
(for cello, Atari computer, and Yamaha synthesizers); cello, computer, synthesizers: Frances-Marie Uitti; recorded at De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam, May 23, 1987; composition year: 1987; time: 15:04

Frank Zappa: Welcome to the United States
The Yellow Shark
Barking Pumpkin/1993
Ensemble Modern, conductor: Frank Zappa; recorded at Alte Opera, Frankfurt, September 1992; composition year: 1992; time: 6:19

Shelley Hirsch: States
a. Blue Skies (When you’re in love, my how things fly!) (3:38)
b. Tenderly (The body is the biggest recorder possible!) (1:33)
c. Club Enchantment (I opened the cage and the bird flew out of my heart) (11:01)
d. Blue Moon (And suddenly it appeared before me) (2:09)

music mix, vocals, texts: Shelley Hirsch; additional vocals: Leslie Lavelanet, Philip Tagney; recorded and edited at BBC, London, and Harvestworks, New York City; composition years: 1996, 1997; total time: 18:31

Alvin Curran: St. James Infirmary Blues*
Endangered Species
New World Records/2018
Yamaha Disklavier piano: Alvin Curran; recorded at Fonorecord, Avezzano, Italy, January 28-29; arr. Alvin Curran; time: 7:34
*authorship uncertain, first published 1929

Yusef Lateef: Blues in the Adaji
In Nigeria
Yal Records/1995
tenor saxophone, flutes: Yusef Lateef; West African drumming: musician unspecified; recorded at EMI Studios, Lagos, Nigeria, July 19, 1983, additional recording and mix at Regent Sound Studios, New York City; final mastering: Lateef’s studio, Shutesbury, Massachusetts, June 19, 1995; time: 5:45

Hour 3

Jo Kondo: Syzygia
Kondo & Pepples
Musical Observations, Inc./2018
Ensemble Nomad, conductor: Paul Zukofsky; recorded at Avaco Creative Studio, Tokyo, June 9, 2016; composition year: 1998; time: 11:10

Elliott Carter: Nine by Five
Elliott Carter Volume 9
Bridge Records/2013
(for woodwind quintet); Slowind Wind Quintet (flute, piccolo: Aleš Kacjan; oboe, cor anglais: Matej Šarc; clarinet, e-flat clarinet: Jurij Jenko; horn: Metod Tomac; bassoon, contrabassoon: Paolo Calligaris); recorded in Ljubljana, Slovenia, June, 2011; composition year: 2009; time: 7:45

Charles Roland Berry: Passing Gas
60 x 60 (various artists)
Capstone Records/2003
(for solo clarinet); clarinet: William McColl; composition year: 2003; time: 1:00

Luc Ferrari: Éphémère
Éphémère — Luc Ferrari/Brunhild Ferrari/Vincent Royer
Mode Records/2015
tape: Luc Ferrari; viola: Vincent Royer; composition year: 1974 (tape score); revised for tape & viola in 2012 by Brunhild Ferrari; time: 13:08

R. Weis: Legs of Helix
Glass In Your Ear
R. Weis/2019
electroacoustic music (sound sources: broken glass, broken crockery), Machfive Sampling Software and Digital Performer: Robert Weis; recorded at the composer’s studio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; time: 3:38

Kenneth Gaburo: Lemon Drops
Tape Play
Pogus Productions/2000
harmonic tone generator: Kenneth Gaburo; recorded at the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios; composition year: 1965; time: 2:51

Kathleen Supové: Cake Walking (Sorry, Claude) (D. Felsenfeld)
a. Blandishments of the Young and Uniquely Handsome (1:44)
b. Icarus Chained (6:00)
c. Golliwogg Agonistes (3:25)

The Debussy Effect (various composers)
New Focus Recordings/2016
piano: Kathleen Supové; recorded at Hagman Hall, Western Connecticut State University, Danbury; composer: Daniel Felsenfeld; composition year: 2012; selections time: 10:08
*Brief explanation of the title in this review.

— FIN —

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