Martian Gardens Episode 876

Episode 876
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
February 23, 2017
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Hour I

Mari Kimura: Voyage Apollonian
Voyage Apollonian
Innova Recordings/2017
violin, interactive computer: Mari Kimura; time: 5:53

Richard Karpen: Sotto/Sopra
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 31 (various artists)
Music from CARTAH, University of Washington
Centaur Records/2001
(for amplified violin and real-time computer processing); violin: Eric Rynes; recorded at the University of Washington, 1999; composition year: 1999; time: 14:34

Richard Festinger: After Blue
I. Allegro con brio (5:32)
II. Adagio Fantastico (7:44)
III. Allegro Capriccioso (3:37)
Chamber Music
Bridge Records/2008
The New Millennium Ensemble (flute, piccolo: Tara Helen O’Connor; clarinet, bass clarinet: Marianne Gythfeldt; violin: Sunghae Anna Lim; cello: Gregory Hesselink; piano: Margaret Kampmeier; percussion: John Ferrari); recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, January 15, 2001; total time: 17:08

Michael Byron:
a. One (12:08)
b. Interlude II (2:00)
The Celebration
New World Records/2017
baritone: Thomas Buckner; texts: Anne Tardos; Flux Quartet (violins: Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris; viola: Max Mandel; cello: Felix Fan); piano: Joseph Kubera; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, June 1-2, 2016; composition year: 2013; time: 14:08

Hour II

Gilles Gobeil: Castalie
Les Lointains
empreintes DIGITALes/2015
musique concrète on 32-track tape; realized at the studios of Technische Universität (TU), Berlin, 2008; premiered at SMC08, TU Berlin, July 31, 2008; composition year: 2008; time: 10:36

Tod Dockstader: Luna Park
musique concrète recorded at the composer’s studio, 1961; composition year: 1961; time: 11:28

Dorota Czerner: 2 Poems
a. St. Andrew’s Night (6:13)
b. Fireflies (4:43)
Open Space 29 (Barkin, Czerner, Boretz)
Open Space/2012
voice, texts: Dorota Czerner (a. 2011/b. 2012); sound: Benjamin Boretz; total time: 10:56

Melody Sumner Carnahan & Out of Context:
a. Stripped (6:32)
b. Escalator (3:08)
1″ = 25 Mi.
Burning Books/2005
texts: Sumner Carnahan; music: J.A. Deane; Out of Context (drums, percussion: Jefferson Voorhees, viola: Alicia Ultan; vocals: Molly Sturges; bassoon: Sam Rhodes; cello: Katie Harlow; acting, voice: John Flax; oud, electronics: Stefan Dill; sampler, live electronics: C.K. Barlow; cornet: Jon Baldwin; conductor, sampler, uniflute: J.A. Deane); recorded at Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque; December 10, 2004; total selections time: 9:40

Iannis Xenakis: Herma
Works for Piano
Mode Records/2006
piano: Aki Takahashi; recorded at Troy Music Hall, Troy, New York, February 24, 1999; composition years: 1960-1961; time: 7:43

Maddalena Fagandini: Interval Signal
BBC Radiophonic Workshop — A Retrospective (various artists)
BBC Music/2008
synthesizers: Maddalena Fagandini; composition year: 1960; time: 1:40

Hour III

Pierre Boulez: Douze Notations
I. Fantasque – Modéré (0:54)
II. Très Vif (0:22)
III. Assez Lent (0:55)
IV. Rythmique (0:30)
V. Doux et Improvisé (0:31)
VI. Rapide (0:25)
VII. Hiératique (1:17)
VIII. Modéré Jusqu’à Très Vif (0:52)
IX. Lointain – Calme (1:33)
X. Mécanique Et Très Sec (0:35)
XI. Scintillant (0:45)
XII. Lent – Puissant Et Âpre (1:05)
Complete Music for Solo Pieces
Bridge Records/2015
piano: Marc Ponthus; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, 2012-2013; composition year: 1945; total time: 9:44

Henri Pousseur: Prospection (for triple piano in sixth tones)
Electronic, Experimental, and Microtonal 1953-1999
Sub Rosa/1999
pianos: Brigitte Foccroulle, Danielle Dubosch, Isabelle Schmit; composition year: 1953; time: 4:59

John Cage: Ophelia
Early Piano Music
ECM New Series/2005
piano: Herbert Henck; recorded at Festeburgkirche, Frankfurt am Main, December 2002; composition year: 1946; time: 6:46

Ron Nagorcka: Atom Bomb
Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art
Pogus Productions/2014
(for cassette tape recorders, toy instruments, and other devices); The Golden Fur New Music Project (Samuel Dunscombe, Judith Hamann, James Rushford); realized by Golden Fur, 2010, Australia; composition year: 1977; time: 35:00

— FIN —

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