Martian Gardens Episode 1149

Martian Gardens Episode 1149
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
April 26, 2023
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Hour 1

Tod Machover: Jeux Deux
a. Swift and Stealthy (5:55)
b. Freely Lyrical (7:01)
c. Buoyant and Precise (4:07)
…but not simpler…
Bridge Records/2011
(for Hyperpiano and orchestra); Hyperpiano: Michael Chertock; Odense Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Paul Mann; recorded at Carl Nielsen Hall, Odense, Denmark, May 2009; composition year: 2005; time: 17:04

Michael Byron: Music of Steady Light II
Halcyon Days

Cold Blue Music/2023
marimbas, xylophones, glockenspiels, vibraphones: William Winant Percussion Group (William Winant, Tony Gennaro, Michael Jones, Scott Silar); recorded at Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College, Oakland, California, January 2022; composition year: 1978 (Music of Steady Light I, II, III); selection time: 9:01

Stuart Saunders Smith: Links No. 6 (Song Interiors)
The Links Series of Vibraphone Essays

New World Records/2009
vibraphone: Justin DeHart; piano: Katalin Lukács; recorded at Warren Studio A, University of California San Diego, August 2008; composition year: 1989; time: 9:17

Sascia Pellegrini: Musica Ficta
Open Space 35

Sasica Pellegrini plays music by Boretz, Pepples, and Pellegrini
Open Space/2017
piano, marimba: Sascia Pellegrini; recorded in Hong Kong; composition year: 2016; time: 5:06

Sascia Pellegrini: Solo 4
5 Solos for piano, marimba, and timpani

The Repository/2023
percussion: Sascia Pellegrini; time: 6:36

Sascia Pellegrini: A Postcard for George Quasha at 70 (B. Boretz)
Open Space 35
Sasica Pellegrini plays music by Boretz, Pepples, and Pellegrini
Open Space/2017
vibraphone: Sascia Pellegrini; recorded in Hong Kong; composer: Benjamin Boretz; composition year: 2012; time: 3:22

Hour 2

Charles Ives: Thoreau (Piano Sonata No. 2, Concord, Mass., 1840-1860, Mvt. III)

Neuma Records/2023
piano: Phillip Bush; flute: Jennifer Parker-Harley; recorded at the University of South Carolina School of Music Recital Hall, Columbia, August 2019; composition years: 1915; selection time: 12:40

Heather O’Donnell: The missing nail at the river
(W. Zimmermann)
Responses to Ives (various composers)
Mode Records/2009
piano, toy piano: Heather O’Donnell; recorded at Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal, Köln, January 2008; composer: Walter Zimmermann; composition year: 2006; time: 5:50

Sylvia Saunders Smith: The Year Begins to be Ripe (J. Cage)
The Year Begins to be Ripe (various composers)
11 West Records/2008
(for closed piano and voice); voice: Christie Finn; closed piano: Sylvia Saunders Smith; text: Henry David Thoreau, The Journal of Henry David Thoreau; recorded at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2008; composer: John Cage; composition year: 1970; time: 0:56

Olivia De Prato: Mapping a Joyful Path (M. Masaoka)
Panorama (various composers)
New Focus Recordings/2023
(for violin and electronics); violin: Olivia De Prato; recorded at Shiny Things Studio, New York City; composer: Miya Masaoka; composition year: 2022; time: 9:14

Dean Rosenthal: Katama Path
organ: Carson Cooman; recorded at Harvard University, March 2023; composition year: 2021; time: 7:59

Philip Glass: Knee 1
Einstein on the Beach
(Philip Glass/Robert Wilson)
keyboard: Michael Riesman; chorus; spoken texts: Lucinda Childs, Sheryl Sutton; Einstein on the Beach recorded at the Looking Glass Studio, New York City, January through June, 1993; composition year: 1975; selection time: 8:04

C.W. Vrtacek: Look! Out on the pond! Ducks!
Flies in the Face of Logic
Pogus Productions/1994
digital piano: C.W. Vrtacek (née Charles O’Meara, 1953-2018); time: 0:45

Hour 3

John Oliver: For the Birds
Warfire Welfare

John Oliver’s Bandcamp/2023
synthesizers, electronics: John Oliver; composition year: 2023; time: 8:0

Karl Korte: Birds of Aotearoa
A retrospective of electroacoustic compositions
Centaur Records/1998
(electroacoustic music on tape); recorded at the the Recording Studios of the University of Texas, Austin, composition year: 1986; time: 6:24

Natasha Barrett: Sub Terra Cycle — Sand Island
Bouteilles de Klein
empreintes DIGITALes/2010
subterranean field recordings, Norway: Natasha Barrett; realized at the composer’s  studio, Oslo, 2007–2008, premiered at the Numusic Festival 2008, Stavanger, Norway, September 4, 2008; time: 5:22

Morton Subotnick: Until Spring (Side One)
Subotnick Volume 2 — Electronic Works

Mode Records/2004
Buchla Electronic Music Box: Morton Subotnick; recorded 1975, Mills College; time: 15:01

John Bischoff: Circuit Combine
Artifact Recordings/2021
circuit box: John Bischoff; recorded live at Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College, Oakland, California, August 10, 2021/April 24, 2021; engineer: Philip Perkins; composition year: 2013; time: 10:20

Philip Perkins: BartydelBB
Flare — Solo Live Performances 2019-2022
Artifact Recordings/2022
all sounds: Philip Perkins; no details; time: 3:08

— FIN —

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