Martian Gardens Episode 1135

Martian Gardens Episode 1135
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
January 7, 2023
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Hour 1

Brian Belet: Three by Five
a. Two Short Fugues (4:09)
b. More Questions (Still Unanswered) (4:49)
c. Fugal Reflections (4:44)
Brass Tacks (various artists)
Navona Records/2022
Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava Brass Quintet (trumpet: Roman Buchal, Petr Kabil; horn: Vera Bartošová; trombone: Vladimir Ševčík; tuba: Jiří Král); recorded at the Ostrava House of Culture, Ostrava, Czech Republic, March 1, 2021; composition year: 2016; total time: 12:42

Kate Soper: The Fragments of Parmenides
The Understanding of All Things

New Focus Recordings/2022
voice, piano, fixed media: Kate Soper; recorded at Sweeney Concert Hall, Northampton, Massachusetts, August 2021; texts: Parmenides, Kate Soper, and W.B. Yeats, “For Anne Gregory”; composition years: 2018-2019; time: 19:44

Harry Partch: selections from Eleven Intrusions
a. Olympus’ Pentatonic (1:26)
b. Archytas Enharmonic (2:05)
c. The Rose (2:02)
d. The Crane (1:31)
e. The Waterfall (1:15)
f. The Wind (1:53)
g. The Street (2:43)
h. Lover (1:50)
Newband — Works by Harry Partch & Dean Drummond
Innova Recordings/2001
bass-baritone: Robert Osborne; Newband: Partch instruments, directed by Dean Drummond; texts: Ella Young, “The Rose,” “The Waterfall,” Ki no Tsurayuki, “Crane,” Ella Young/Lao Tze, “The Wind,” Willard Motley, “The Street” (from Knock on Any Door); George Leite, “Lover,” recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letter, New York City, November 2000; compositions years: 1949, 1950; total selections time: 14:45

Hour 2

George Crumb: Sun and Shadow
(Spanish Songbook II)
A cycle of five songs on the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca
I. Lazy River (Corriente Lenta) [3:53}
II. The Fly (Mosca) [2:29}
III. The Interrupted Concert (El Concertieto Interrumpido) [2:33]
IV. Dance of the Moon in Santiago (Danza da Lua en Santiago) [2:33]
V. Farewell (Despedida) [3:15}
Complete Crumb Edition Volume 16
Bridge Records/2014
soprano: Ann Crumb; amplified piano: Marcantonio Barone; texts: Federico Garcia Lorca; recorded at Swarthmore College, July 2013; composition year: 2009; total time: 15:24

Olivia De Prato: The Dream Feed (Z. Di Castri)
I, A.M. (various artists)
Artist Mother Project — New Works for Violin and Electronics
New World Records/2022
violin: Olivia De Prato; recorded in Vienna, December 9, 2020; composer: Zosha Di Castri; composition year: 2020; time: 10:51

Stefania de Kenessey: Mossy
In Her Words
Neuma Records/2022
electronic music SdK; composition year: 2019; time: 6:09

Mother Tongue: The Voice and The Ear
(various artists)
Mother Tongue: Andrew McKenzie, Dorothea Franck, Z’ev; recorded at Suitcase Studios, London, 1987; time: 2:08

John Bischoff: Web of Fascination

Artifact Recordings/2022
electronics: John Bischoff; recorded at the composer’s studio 1994-1995; time: 14:00

Maggi Payne: 60 Spin
(various artists)
Capstone Records–Vox Novus/2004
electronics: Maggi Payne; composition year: 2003; time: 1:00

Hour 3

Horațiu Rădulescu: Small Infinities’ Togetherness
Plasmatic Music, Volume 1

Mode Records/2022
digital synthesis, analogue synthesis, tapes, Romanian wooden flute, sound icon: Sam Dunscombe: pipe organ, synthesis on tape: Horatiu Radulescu; recorded by Radulescu 1972-1976 (archival material); recorded by Dunscombe 2018-2021 (new material); composition year: 1972; time: 18:15

Åke Parmerud: Dark Matter
Bruit Noir

empreintes DIGITALes/2022
(8-channel fixed media); realized at the composer’s studio, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018; premiered at the Dias de Música Electroacústica 60 festival, Auditório of the Casa Municipal de Cultura, Seia, Portugal, April 7, 2018; time: 9:14

Philip Corner: Flares — The electronic element
On Tape from the Judson Years

Alga Marghen/1998
(graphic score for total-space multimedia presentation); electronic music recorded at the Columbia University Electronic Music Studio, 1963; time: 6:02

Philip Perkins: redglare
Flare — Solo Live Performances 2019-2022
Artifact Recordings/2022
all sounds: Philip Perkins; no details; time: 2:47

Juraj Kojs: Platanthera cristata* (from Florida Native Orchid DNA Sonified)
Orchid Music
Neuma Records/2022
(sound installation based on the DNA sequence of ten Florida native orchid species); mapped sounds: dry nuts and seeds samples; presented at the botanical gardens of Miami, 2020-2021; time: 3:13
*Crested orange bog orchid

CRA: A Clever, Miming Surplus
Visceral, Premium Lungs

Comprovise Records/2022
percussion, lo-fi electronics: Ron Coulter; trombone, electronics: Steven Ricks; amplified viola: Christian Asplund; recorded at the Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah, October 8, 2021; time: 7:29

:Zoviet-France:: Fickle Whistle, Hand Over Your Ears
Shouting at the Ground

Charrm/1990 (orig. Red Rhino/1988)
principal recordings: :Zoviet-France:, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, April 1987; time: 3:31

— FIN —

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