Martian Gardens Episode 1133

Martian Gardens Episode 1133
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
December 19, 2022
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Hour 1

The Crossing: selections from Carols After a Plague
a. Alone Together (M. J. Leach) (3:43)
b. Prelude : Adam (D. Nally) (1:53)
c. Interlude 11: Eve (D. Nally) (0:49)
d. Exodus (A. Berko) (5:58)
Carols After a Plague
New Focus Recordings/2022
The Crossing choral ensemble, director: Donald Nally; recorded at St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley, Malvern, Pennsylvania, August 29-September 2, 2021, August 11, 2022; composers: a. Mary Jane Leach (wordless); b., c. Donald Nally; d. Alex Berko (text: Book of Exodus 15:11, adapted); composition years: 2021; total selections time: 12:02

Lansing McLoskey: Seek Havens of Peace (Zealot Canticles IX)
Zealot Canticles — An Oratorio for Tolerance

Innova Recordings/2018
The Crossing choral ensemble, director: Donald Nally; texts, commentary: Wole Soyinka; recorded St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley, Malvern, Pennsylvania, March 17-18, 2017; composition year: 2016; total selections time: 8:05

George Crumb: A Little Suite for Christmas, A.D. 1979:
a. The Visitation (3:09)
b. Berceuse for the Infant Jesu (1:43)
c. The Shepherd’s Noel (1:09)
d. Adoration of the Magi (3:00)
e. Nativity Dance (0:58)
f. Canticle of the Holy Night (3:03)
g. Canticle of the Bells (3:31)
The Complete Crumb Edition Vol. 1
Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death, Apparition, Suite for Christmas
Bridge Records/1991
piano: Lambert Orkis; recorded at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, October 1982; composition year: 1979; total time: 15:00

Liza Stepanova: An Old Photograph from the Grandparents’ Childhood (L. Auerbach)
E Pluribus Unum (various composers)
Navona Records/2020
piano: Liza Stepanova; recorded at Ramsey Concert Hall, University of Georgia Performing Arts Center, Athens, Georgia; 2019-2020; composer: Lera Auerbach; composition year: 2000; time: 1:21

Rory Cowal: Variations in A (On a theme by my father) (J. Tenney)
Clusters — American Piano Explorations (various composers)
New World Records/2018
piano: Rory Cowal; recorded at Pyatt Hall, Vancouver, British Columbia; composer: James Tenney; composition year: 1955; time: 2:53

Johanna Beyer: Movement for Woodwinds
Music for Woodwinds
New World Records/2022
members of the Arizona Wind Quintet (clarinet: Jackie Glazier; bassoon, contrabassoon: Marissa Olegario, flute: Brian Luce; oboe: Sara Fraker; ); Music for Woodwinds recorded at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music, Haskell Recording Studio, Tucson, Arizona, 2020-2021; composition year: 1938; total time: 7:00

Hour 2

Benjamin Boretz: Group Variations II for computer
Open Space 5 (Boretz/Randall)

Open Space/1998
(computer music); realized by Benjamin Boretz at Godfrey Winham Laboratory, Princeton University; 1967-1970; re-recorded by Paul Lansky, 1993; time: 12:00

Mel Powell: Second Electronic Setting
Works by Luening, Ussachevsky, and Powell

Composers Recordings, Inc./1968 (CD-R/2010)
electronic music: Mel Powell; realized at the Yale Electronic Music Studio, Yale University, 1962; composition year: 1962; time: 4:49

Juraj Kojs: Sacoila lanceolata (from Florida Native Orchid DNA Sonified)
Orchid Music
Neuma Records/2022
(sound installation based on the DNA sequence of ten Florida native orchid species); mapped sounds: woodblock samples; presented at the botanical gardens of Miami, 2020-2021; time: 9:02

Hugh Le Caine: selections from Compositions 
a. Dripsody — An Etude for Variable Speed Recorder (1:28)
b. Mobile — The Computer Laughed (Perpetual Motion) (1:58)
Compositions and Demonstrations 1946 — 1974
Electronic Music Foundation/1999 (orig. JWD Music/1985)
electronics, tapes: Hugh Le Caine; recorded at National Research Council’s Electronic Music Laboratory (ELMUS), NRC Computer Music System (b.), Ottawa, Canada; composition year: a. 1955, b. 1970; total selections time: 3:26

Philip Perkins: FISTO
Flare — Solo Live Performances 2019-2022

Artifact Recordings/2022
all sounds: Philip Perkins; no details; time: 2:48

Larry Polansky: Four-Voice Canon #7
6 Pieces for Gamelan Slendro
 (various composers)
Ensemble 0 and Eklekto
Mode Records/2021
gamelan: Júlia Gállego, Alexandre Babel, Maximilen Dazas, Louis Delignon, Julien Garin, Stéphane Garin, Jeanne Larrouturou, Mark Lockett; recorded at Studio Ernest-Ansermet, Geneva, Switzerland, March 29, 2015; composer: Larry Polansky; composition year: 1990; time: 7:42

Larry Polansky: Four-Voice Canon #6
Four-Voice Canons

Cold Blue Music/2002
computer, software, Mills College frog pond frog samples, Kurzweil sampler sine wave: Larry Polansky; baritone saxophone: Anthony Braxton; Javanese rebab: Jody Diamond; realized at the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, Oakland, 1986; time: 3:24

Charles Carpenter: Pêche à la Frog
Frog à la Pêche

Caterwaul Records/1994
Kurzweil K2000 synthesizers: Charles Carpenter; recorded at Caterwaul Studios, Bloomfield, Connecticut; Cedar House Sound, New London, New Hampshire; music composed in the Bohlen-Pierce scale; composition years: 1992-1993; time: 11:03

Hour 3

Hubert Howe: Inharmonic Fantasy No. 6A
Music from the APNM* (various artists)
New Focus Recordings/2019
computer (CSound): Hubert Howe; composition year: 2017; time: 9:55
*Association for the Promotion of New Music

Brian Belet: Name Droppings
Sufficient Trouble

Compositions for Computer, Live Instruments, and Voice
Ravello Records/2017
(for voices and Kyma software); realized and mixed at Left Edge Studio, Campbell, California, June 30, 2016, composition year: 2008; time: 5:13

Pamela Z: Geekspeak
A Delay is Better

Starkland Records/2004
(for voices, processing); interviews conducted during the composer’s residency at Xerox PARC, Palo Alto, California, from a series of pieces called Parts of Speech; composition year: 1995; time: 7:32

Dennis Báthory-Kitsz: No Money (Lullaby for Bill)
(MP3 download)
electronic music: DBK; voice: Bill Gates (interviewed by DBK, 1980); composition year: 1999; time: 5:16

Pauline Oliveros: In Memoriam: Nikola Tesla, Cosmic Engineer (excerpt)
Music for Merce 1952-2009 (boxed-set) [various artists]
New World Records/2010
live electronics, voices, acoustical-space-sound activators: John Cage, Gordon Mumma, Jean Rigg, David Tudor; recorded on tour 1972 for the dance “Canfield” (1969), The Merce Cunningham Dance Company; composition year: 1969; excerpt time: 9:44

David Tudor + Composers inside electronics: Rainforest IV (excerpt)
Rainforest IV
Neuma Records/2022
Composers inside electronics: Paul DeMartinis, John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, David Poyurow, Prent Rogers, David Tudor, Bill Driscoll; principal composition and schematics: David Tudor, 1973; Rainforest IV sound installation created during David Tudor’s residency at the Center for Music Experiment, University of California San Diego, February 2, 1977; excerpt time: 10:00 (10:00-20:00 of 68:57)

— FIN —

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