Martian Gardens Episode 1126

Martian Gardens Episode 1126
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
October 23, 2022
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Hour 1

Milton Babbitt: Sounds and Words
Works for Treble Voice and Piano

New Focus Recordings/2022
soprano: Nina Berman; piano: Steve Beck; Works for Treble Voice and Piano recorded at Slee Hall, SUNY Buffalo, and Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, 2014-2020; Sounds and Words text: August Stramm, “Urtod“; composition year: 1960; time: 3:00

Milton Babbitt: My Ends are My Beginnings
a. Section I (5:23)
b. Section II (5:17)
c. Section III (5:24)
The Music of Milton Babbitt
Bridge Records/2003
clarinet, bass clarinet: Allen Blustine; recorded at Kaufman Astoria Studios, Queens, New York, 2002; composition year: 1978; total time: 16:04

Katherine Young: Mycorrhiza I
I, A.M. (various artists)
Artist Mother Project — New Works for Violin and Electronics
New World Records/2022
(for violin and electronics); violin: Olivia De Prato; recorded in Vienna, February 2021; composition year: 2021; time: 11:23

Chaya Czernowin: Six miniatures and a simultaneous song
Shu Hai Practices Javelin

Mode Records/2002
(for a trio: voice, viola, guitar; and a quartet: bass flute, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, cello); ELISION Ensemble, conductor: Simon Hewett; recorded at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art, Brisbane, Australia, 2002; composition year: 1998; time: 11:30

Nick VasalloInches Away from Freedom

Neuma Records/2022
The Living Earth Show (guitar: Travis Anderson; drums: Andrew Meyerson); bass clarinet: Gleb Kanesevich; contrabass clarinet: John McCowen; ORE (tuba: Sam Underwood); composition year: 2015; time: 6:10

Hour 2

Third Coast Percussion: selections from Le Livre des Claviers (P. Manoury)
a. 6 Thai Gongs, 2 Marimbas (1:24)
b. Marimba Duo (6:31)
The Book of Keyboards
New Focus Recordings/2017
Third Coast Percussion (Sean Connors, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin, David Skidmore), additional performers: Owen Clayton Condon, Gregory Beyer, Ross Karre; recorded at Northern Illinois Recital Hall, DeKalb, Illinois, January 2011; composer: Philippe Manoury; composition years: 1987-1988; total selections time: 7:54

Elizabeth McNutt: Jupiter (excerpt) (P. Manoury)
Pipe Wrench — Flute + Computer (various composers)
Electronic Music Foundation/2000
(for flute and computer); flute: Elizabeth McNutt; recorded at the University of California San Diego; composer: Philippe Manoury; composition year: 1987; excerpt time: 12:00 of 28:00

J.K. Randall: Shouldn’t We Talk? (Part 2)
Open Space 19
Open Space/2004
(for saxophone and percussion); digitally realized by J.K. Randall; composition year: 2004; selection time: 4:32

Julian Velasco: Tone Studies No. 5 — Wie bist du, Seele? (Soul, how are you?) (D. Maslanka)
As We Are (various composers)
Çedille Records/2022
(for alto saxophone and piano); alto sax: Julian Velasco; piano: Winston Choi; recorded at Galvin Recital Hall, Evanston, Illinois; composer: David Maslanka; composition year: 2010; time: 4:56

Laura Karpman: Now All Set
Milton Babbitt
(various artists)
A Composers’ Memorial
Open Space/2012
(for jazz ensemble); saxophone, woodwinds: Mark Small; vibraphone: Nathan Skinner; percussion: Daniel Susnjar; saxophone: Gary Keller; trombone: Dante Luciani; piano: Shelton G. Berg; bass: Chuck Bergeron; composition year: 2011; time: 10:05

Matthew Burtner: S-Morphe-S
Metasaxophone Colossus

Innova Recordings/2004
for singing bowl-soprano saxophone-hybrid computer instrument; recorded at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University, and Rentrub Studio; composition year: 2002; time: 8:48

Hour 3

Carey Nutman: Orion’s Sword
The Sky and The Sea

MPS Music & Video/2021
computer music: Carey Nutman; time: 5:58

Adolfo Núñez: Watching Time*
Audios 2003-2021
Viajero Inmóvil Ex]p[rimental/2022
(stereo version); electronics, computer: Adolfo Núñez; recorded at ECIS-CSIPM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid); composition year: 2021; time: 8:02
*dedicated to Françoise Barrière (1944-2019)

Pedro Linde: Le vol de nuit d​’​Antonin Mômo et Fran​ç​oise Barri​è​re*
(digital track)
Pedro Linde’s Bandcamp/2021
electronic music: Pedro Linde; time: 5:56
*dedicated to Françoise Barrière

Françoise Barrière: Trois modes d’air et de lamentations
a. Premier mouvement (5:33)
b. Second mouvement (6:57)
c. Troisième mouvement (6:17
Compendium International — Bourges 2006 [various artists]
Mnémosyne Musique Media/2006
accordion: Claudio Jacomucci; electroacoustic music: Françoise Barrière; realized at IMEB, Bourges, 2004-2005; total time: 18:57

Pauline Oliveros: Procession/Peregrinacion
Deep Listening Foundation/1998
accordion, Expanded Instrument System: Pauline Oliveros; djembe, EIS, sound engineering: David Gamper; voice, EIS: Julie Lyon Rose; time: 10:35
*soundtrack for a dance collaboration with choreographer: Paula Josa-Jones

— FIN —

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