Martian Gardens Episode 1097

Martian Gardens Episode 1097
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
February 26, 2022
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Hour 1

George Walker: Piano Sonata No. 2
a. Theme and Ten Variations (2:26)
b. Presto (1:32)
c. Adagio (3:18)
d. Allegretto Tranquillo (2:04)
Five Piano Sonatas (1953–2003)
Bridge Records/2021
piano: Steven Beck; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, February 2021; composition year: 1956; total time: 9:00

James Dashow: selections from Archimedes, Act 1
A Planetarium Opera
a. Narrator 2 (0:59)
b. Scene iii — Archimedes (8:47)
c. Narrator 3 (1:24)
d. Scene iv — Archimedes Goes to Syracuse (7:24)
Neuma Records/2021
baritone: Michael Kelly as Archimedes; tenor: Martin Bakari as Marcellus; bass: Adrian Rosas as Hieron; soprano: Jennifer Zetlan as Demiurge; tenor: Brian Giebler as Demiurge; soprano: Jennifer Zetlan as Slave Girl 1; mezzo soprano: Toby Newman as Slave Girl 2; child: Madeleine Albus; voice of the Prime Mover: Philip Kerr; Flauti dolci (recorders): Antonio Politano; chorus: Nicholas Isherwood, Brian Giebler, Toby Newman, Adrian Rosas, James Wright, Jennifer Zetlan; libretto: Cary Plotkin, Ted Weiss; electronic music, concept: James Dashow; composition years: 2000-2008; total selections time: 18:18

Kate Soper: Metaphysics
Ipsa Dixit

New World Records/2018
Wet Ink Ensemble (soprano: Kate Soper; flute: Erin Lesser; percussion: Ian Antonio; violin: Josh Modney); texts: Aristotle (Metaphysics); recorded at EMPAC, Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York; composition year: 2010-2016; time: 19:41

Damien Sneed: I Dream a World
Dreams of a New Day (various composers)
Songs by Black Composers
Çedille Records/2021
baritone: Will Liverman; piano: Paul Sanchez; text: Langston Hughes; recorded at Sauder Concert Hall, Goshen College, Indiana, July 2020; composition year: 2018; selection time: 2:39

Thomas Kerr: Riding to Town

Dreams of a New Day (various composers)
Songs by Black Composers
Çedille Records/2021
baritone: Will Liverman; piano: Paul Sanchez; text: Paul Laurence Dunbar; recorded at Sauder Concert Hall, Goshen College, Indiana, July 2020; composition year: 1977; selection time: 3:09

Hour 2

Ros Bandt: Shifts
Soft & Fragile
Efficient Space/2022 (orig. Move Records/1983)
LIME (Live Improvised Music Events): Ros Bandt, Gavan McCarthy, Carolyn Robb, Julie Doyle; instrumentation on Shifts: vocal droner tape, flagong, temple bells, gamelan gongs; recorded at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, November, 1982; time: 8:36

Harry Partch: A Son in Search of his Father’s Face
Delusions of the Fury — A Ritual Dream and Delusion

Innova Recordings/1999 (orig. LP Columbia Masterworks/1971)
performed by a large ensemble of players and actors, conducted by Danlee Mitchell, supervised by Harry Partch; recorded at UCLA Playhouse, January 1969; composition year: 1968; text: Harry Partch, based on Japanese Noh theater and West African folklore; time: 6:01

Lou Harrison: Fugue
Drums Along the Pacific

New Albion Records/2003
William Winant Percussion Group — flexatone, claves, maracas: William Winant; metallophone, box, cowebells: Daniel Kennedy; meditation bells, brake drums, washtub: avid Rosenthal; bell-coils, bass drum, gongs, suspended Turkish cymbal, triangles: Todd Manley; recorded at Bay Records, Berkeley, August 1993; composition year: 3:55

Elliott Sharp: The Hidden Variable

Mode Records/2018
Veni Academy (bassoon: Bálint Fábry; marimba: Lenka Novosedlíková; viola: Peter Dvorský; double bass: Jaanus Siniväli; clarinets: Branislav Dugovič; violin: David Daniel;  synthesizer: Fero Király; synthesizer, electronics, objects: Daniel Matej; synthesizer, piano: Ivan Šiller), conductor: Marián Lejava; electroacoustic guitar: Elliott Sharp; recorded July 2015, Kasárne/Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia; composition year: 2014; time: 12:27

Benjamin Boretz: Coltrane Hendrix Mahler (1st 1/2)
Music/ /Consciousness/ /Gender (Open Space 49)
Open Space/2022
notes in sequence — John Coltrane (Expression)/Jimi Hendrix (Purple Haze): fragments recontextualized by Benjamin Boretz (December 1994); don’t be so polite…(Jill Boerner & Benjamin Boretz, February 1982); TEXT OF A WITNESSING (Benjamin Boretz, September, 1988) reading: Gavin Russom; Mahler, Symphony V, Adagietto; excerpt time: 10:00

Juraj Kojš: selections from Face Forward, Hawaii
a. Lava Rocks in Your Palms (3:37)
b. Among the Coqui Frogs (3:05)
c. Subtle Memories (1:04)
Neuma Records/2021
clarinet: Eric Umble; piano: Adam Marks; electronics: Juraj Kojš; recorded at the Frost School of Music, University of Miami; composition year: 2018; total selections time: 11:32

Hour 3

Joel Gressel: Crossings
Computer Generations (various artists)
Composers Recordings, Inc./1996 (orig. LP/1978)
computer music realized at the Godfrey Winham Laboratory, Princeton University, 1976; composition year: 1976; time: 8:54

Jerry Goldsmith: Flameout
Logan’s Run — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

MGM Records/1976
electronics: Jerry Goldsmith; composition year: 1976; time: 3:29

Delia Derbyshire: Dr. Who (Granier/Derbyshire)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop — A Retrospective (various artists)
BBC Music/2008
quarter-inch mono tape, filtering, processing: Delia Derbyshire; realized at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1963; composers: Ronald Granier, Delia Derbyshire; composition year: 1963; time: 2:19

Dick Mills: Thomas the Rhymer
BBC Radiophonic Workshop — A Retrospective
(various artists)
BBC Music/2008
electronics: Dick Mills; recorded at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1974; time: 1:17

Richard Maxfield: Pastoral Symphony
The Oak of the Golden Dreams (Maxfield/Budd)

New World Records/1999
electronic music on tape: Richard Maxfield; composition year: 1960; selection time: 4:03

Annette Vande Gorne: Hiver
a. Jeux de Sons (4:30)
b. Jeux de pas sur la neige (2:15)
c. Jeux monotones (3:58)
d. Jeux de grains au coin du feu (3:12)
empreintes DIGITALes/2020
(for 16-channel fixed media); realized at the Métamorphoses d’Orphée studio of Musiques & Recherches in Ohain, Belgium; premiered on October 25, 2020, during the Espace du son festival at Théâtre Marni in Brussels (Belgium); composition years: 2016-2018; total time: 14:07

Jacob Greenberg: Bright Codes (D. Fujikura)
a. Code C (2:24)
b. Code B (4:02)
c. Code D (3:28)
d. Code A (3:39)
Bright Codes
New Focus Recordings/2021
piano: Jacob Greenberg; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York; composer: Dai Fujikura; composition years: 2015-2018; total time: 14:43

— FIN —

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