Martian Gardens Episode 1089

Martian Gardens Episode 1089
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
December 19, 2021
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Hour 1

Francisco Kröpfl:  Lento come l’alghe (Slow as Algae)
Compendium International — Bourges 2005 [various artists]
Mnémosyne Musique Média/2005
(for electroacoustic music and voice); voice: Lucia Maranca; poem: Aldo Maranca;  realized at IMEB, Bourges, France, 2005; time: 10:00

In memory of Francisco Kröpfl (February 26, 1931 — December 15, 2021)

Jorge Antunes: A Borboleta Azul (The Blue Butterfly) (Act One/Scene One)
2 Mini-Operas for Children

Grupo Antunes Ópera de Câmara, director: Jorge Antunes; recorded in Brazilia; composition year: 1995; selection time: 4:57

Jean-François Primeau: Fin d’automne (End of Autumn)
Jardin le soir

Kohlenstoff Records/2019
electronic music: Jean-François Primeau; recorded at the composer’s studio, Montreal, 2018; composition year: 2018; time: 8:06

Robert Normandeau: Melancholia
empreintes DIGITALes/2021
(for multichannel fixed media; bandoneon: Jonathan Goldman); realized at Notam, Oslow, Norway, June 2015, SPIRAL (Spatialisation and Interactive Research Lab), University of Huddersfield, UK, 2016, Bowling Green State University Electroacoustic Studios, Ohio; premiered at the KEAR Multichannel Concert, Koacker Hall, Bowling Green State University, September 16, 2017; remixed at the composer’s studio, Montreal, summer of 2018; time: 14:43

Robert McClure: In Excess
Music from SEAMUS Volume 28 (various artists)
New Focus Recordings/2020
electroacoustic music (primary sound source: plastic packaging); composition year: 2017; time: 8:02

Hour 2

Raven Chacon: Study for human-made birdcalls and microphone out a moving car window
Anthology of Chants Operations

Raven Chacon’s Bandcamp/2020
birdcalls, microphone: Raven Chacon; time: 8:02

Jerome Kitzke: For Pte Tokahewin Ska
The Redness of Blood

New World Records/2021
flutes, speaking voice, singing voice: Margaret Lancaster; bass clarinet, speaking voice, singing voice: Michael Lowenstern; bassoon, speaking voice, singing voice: Sara Schoenbeck; cello, singing voice, speaking voice: Dorothy Lawson; Hammond B3 organ with Leslie, speaking voice, singing voice; percussion, speaking voice, singing voice: Jay Johnson; conductor: Nicholas DeMaison; text: Charlotte Black Elk; recorded at Kaleidoscope Sound, Union City, New Jersey; November 15, 2015; composition year: 2015; time: 14:24

Carmen Braden: Reputation
Deep Wireless 9 — Radio Arts Compilation
(various artists)
New Adventures in Sound Art/2013
temple bells, gongs, electronics, environmental sounds: Carmen Braden; time: 7:46

Thomas Meadowcroft: Cradles
Speak Percussion
Mode Records/2019
(for percussion and Wurlitzer electric piano); percussion: Eugene Ughetti, Matthias Schack-Arnott; Wurlitzer electric piano: Thomas Meadowcroft; recorded at MerzMusik, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin, March 16, 2013; composition year: 2013; time: 8:56

Jane Rigler: Rewind

Neuma Records/2015
guitar, banjo, objects: Janet Feder; piano, Farfisa organ, Nintendo video game device, keyboards; flute, electronics: Jane Rigler; percussion, electronics: Satoshi Takeishi; recorded at Immersive Studios, Boulder, Colorado, 2013-2014; time: 3:42

Sascia Pellegrini: Alchemical Studies I & II (C. Pepples)
Open Space 35 — Sascia Pellegrini Plays Music by Boretz, Pepples, and Pellegrini
Open Space/2017
piano, vibraphone, processing: Sascia Pellegrini; composer: Craig Pepples; composition year: 2014; time: 10:10

Hour 3

George Crumb: selections from Metamorphoses (Book II)
Ten Fantasy-Pieces (after celebrated paintings) for amplified piano
a. Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black (Paul Klee) (4:13)
b. Landscape with Yellow Birds (Paul Klee) (3:23)
c. Christina’s World (Andrew Wyeth) (4:03)
d. Purple Haze (Simon Dinnerstein) (4:32)
Complete Crumb Edition Vol. 20 — Metamorphoses, Books I & II
Bridge Records/2021
piano: Marcantonio Barone; recorded at Lang Concert Hall, Swarthmore College, June 2021; composition years: 2015-2017; total selections time: 17:21

Eleanor Hovda: Dancing in Place
The Eleanor Hovda Collection
Innova Recordings/2012
harp: Elizabeth Panzer; composition year: 1997; time: 3:27

Jacob Greenberg: White Rainbow (D. Fujikura)
Bright Codes
New Focus Recordings/2021
Bhava harmonium: Jacob Greenberg; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, composer: Dai Fujikura; composition year: 2016; time: 11:04

Patti Monson: Under the Rainbow (M. Rosenblum)
High Art (various composers)
Albany Records/2003
(for flute, bass flute, piccolo, and computer-processed sound); flutes: Patti Monson; recorded at Joseph Patrych Sound Studios; composer: Mathew Rosenblum; composition year: 2002; time: 13:37

The Lincoln Trio: In an easy walk (from Trio No. 2 for violin, cello, and piano) (E. Bacon)
Trios from the City of Big Shoulders (Bacon/Sowerby)
The Lincoln Trio (violin: Desirée Ruhstrat; cello: David Cunliffe; piano: Marta Aznavoorian); recorded at the Allen Recital Hall, DePaul University, Chicago, summer 2020; composer: Ernst Bacon; composition year: 1987; selection time: 4:47

Angelo Badalamenti: Laurens Walking
The Straight Story — Motion Picture Soundtrack
Windham Hill Records/1999
composer, conductor: Angelo Badalamenti; musicians uncredited; time: 4:11

— FIN —

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