Martian Gardens Episode 1082

Martian Gardens Episode 1082
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
October 20, 2021
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Hour 1

Erik Satie: Les bords de l’Ilissus
Socrate + Melodies

Factory Classical/1990
(for small orchestra); Music Projects London, conductor: Richard Bernas; sopranos: Eileen Hulse, Patricia Rosario, Susan Bickley; text: Plato, Phaedrus; recorded at All Saints Church, Petersham, London, summer 1990; composition year: 1918; selection time: 8:44

John Cage: Cheap Imitation, Part III
The Works for Piano II
Mode Records/2021
piano: Aki Takahashi; flute, piccolo: Margaret Lancaster; glockenspiel: David Shivley; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, July 2016; composition year: 1969; arr. Morton Feldman, 1980; selections time: 18:51

Terry Riley: Uncle Jard
a. Part 1 (5:17)
b. Part 2 (8:36)
c. Part 3 (5:32)
Assassin Reverie
New World Records/2005
(for saxophone quartet, voice, piano, and harpsichord); ARTE Quartett (soprano saxophone: Beat Hoffstetter; alto saxophone: Sascha Armbruster; tenor saxophone: Andrea Formenti; baritone saxophone: Beat Kappeler); text, vocal, piano, harpsichord: Terry Riley; recorded at DRS 2 Radio Studio, Zurich, and RSI Rete Due, Lugano-Besso Studio, Switzerland, 2003-2005; composition year: 1998; total time: 19:38

Zakir Hussain: Mumbai, January, 2000 & San Francisco, October, 1994

Moment Records/2002
tablas: Zakir Hussain; time: 6:42

Hour 2

Tildy Bayar: Three Readings
a. are past of “past is part of…” (Elaine Barkin)
b. she cannot be a conversation… (Jill Borner)
c. an essay urging movement (Penelope Hyde)
Open Space 12: ee2 — A Sound Abum by Elaine Barkin (various artists)
Open Space/2000
reader, tape collage: Tildy Bayer; composition year: 1988; total time: 8:00

Mark So: Though we haven’t read it, we know there is a script* (excerpt)
Part of Life
Open Space/2021
cassettes, readings (*readings 44): Mark So; text: Eileen Myles, “The End of New England,”; excerpt time: 15:44 (30:00–45:44)

Paul Chihara: Ellington Fantasy
I. I’m Beginning to See the Light (2:16)
II. Sophisticated Lady (5:54)
III. Take the A Train (3:25)
Take the “A” Train — Paul Chihara, Vol. 3
Bridge Records/2017
Lark Quartet (violins: Maria Bachmann, Deborah Buck; viola: Kathryn Lockwood; cello: Astrid Schween); recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, May 31, 2013; original compositions: Duke Ellington (I. 1944, II. 1932, III. 1939), arr. Chihara; composition year: 1982; total time: 11:35

Zack Browning: Rock Furious
Soul Doctrine
Innova Recordings/2018
flute: Emilio Galante; electric guitar: Walter Zanetti; recorded at Metró Recording Studio, Lake Garda, Italy, 2017-2018; composition year: 2017; time: 10:27

Guilliaume Gardaud: selections from 17 Compositions
a. Composition No. 1 (1:28)
b. Composition No. 2 (1:28)
c. Composition No. 3 (1:25)
17 Compositions for Guitar
New Focus Recordings/2021
guitar: Guilliaume Gargaud; recorded at Le Havre Studio, France, May 2020; total time: 4:21

Hour 3

Ambrose Seddon: Fleeting Strands
Espaces éphémères

empreintes DIGITALes/2020
(stereo fixed media); realized at the composer’s studio and the Electroacoustic Music Studios of City, University of London, 2011; premiered at City, Univerisity of London, May 18, 2011; sound sources from the coasts of Norfolk and Devon, UK; time: 13:48

Mark Bokowiec: Kirkjufell

MPS Music & Video/2018
electroacoustic music (sound sourced from geological locations in Iceland and Greece): Mark Bokowiec; realized at the composer’s Bodycoder System, University of Huddersfield, UK; time: 7:40

Jacob Cooper & Steven Bradshaw: Sunrise (excerpt)
Cold Blue Music/2021
voice: Steven Bradshaw; electronic processing: Jacob Cooper; piano: Dynasty Battles; violin: Clara Kim; flute/piccolo: Timothy Munro; mastered at Architecture Studios, Los Angeles; composition year: 2021; total excerpt time: 10:00 (00:00 — 10:00 of 32:03)

David Bowie: Warszawa (Bowie/Eno)
RCA-Victor/1977 (CD Rykodisk/1991)
vocals: David Bowie; MiniMoog, Chamberlin keyboard, EMI synthesizer, piano: Brian Eno; recorded in Berlin, 1976, 1977; time: 6:17

The California EAR Unit: Dr. K — Sextet (K. Stockhausen)
The California EAR Unit (various composers)
New Albion/1989
cello: Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick; piano: Lorna Eder; percussion: Arthur Jarvinen, Amy Knoles; percussion: cello: Robin Lorentz; clarinet: James Rohrig; flute: Dorothy Stone; conductor: Rand Steiger; composer: Karlheinz Stockhausen; composition year: 1969; time: 3:25

Kenneth Gaburo: Fat Millie’s Lament
Gaburo Conducts the New Music Choral Ensemble
 (various composers)
New Music Choral Ensemble, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana,
conducted by Kenneth Gaburo, performs 20th Century Choral Music,
Live in Concert, 1967

Neuma Records/2021
tape collage, mixing: Kenneth Gaburo; composition year: 1965; time: 4:40

Luc Ferrari: Tête et Queue du Dragon, Part 1
Tautologos and Other Early Electronic Works

Electronic Music Foundation/2003
musique concrète (tape music): Luc Ferrari; realized by the Groupe de recherches musicales du Service de la recherche de la radiodiffusion-télévision française (GRM), directed by Pierre Schaeffer, Paris, 1960; selection time: 4:39

— FIN —

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