Martian Gardens Episode 1074

Martian Gardens Episode 1074
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
August 23, 2021
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Hour 1

Frederic Rzewski: Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues (P. Seeger)
Which Side Are You On? (Lisa Moore, piano and voice)
Cantaloupe Music/2003
piano: Lisa Moore; recorded at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, New Haven, Connecticut, January 2003; mixed at Fred Plaut Recording Studio, Yale University; composer: Frederic Rzewski, orig. Pete Seeger; composition years: 1978-1979 (suite: North American Ballads); time: 10:43

Benjamin Boretz: Ainu 2
Open Space 47 (Pellegrini, Pepples, Friedl, Hicks, Boretz)
Open Space/2021
piano: Ben Boretz; recorded at the composer’s home; composition year: 2002; time: 12:30
*for George Quasha‘s Ainu poems and the author’s 60th birthday

Daniel Goode: Sonata for Violin and Piano
AnnCela Express

New World Records/2021
violin: Pauline Kim-Harris; piano: Joseph Kubera; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, October 6, 2020; composition year: 2014; time: 8:41

John Luther Adams: The Circle of Winds (Arctic Dreams, part 4)
Arctic Dreams
Cold Blue Music/2021
(for voices and string quartet); Synergy Vocals (soprano: Micaela Haslam; soprano: Amanda Morrison; alto: Heather Cairncross; bass: Simon Grant); violin: Robin Lorentz; viola: Ron Lawrence; cello: Michael Finckel; bass: Robert Black; voices recorded at the Almeida Opera, London; mixed and mastered in London, January 2021; composition year: 2021; time: 7:12

The Crossing: In the Land of Shinar (The Tower and the Garden, part 2)
The Tower and The Garden (Tulav/Spears/Puckett)
Navona Records/2021
The Crossing vocal ensemble, director: Donald Nally; recorded at Morningstar Studios, Norristown, Pennsylvania, 2018; composer: Gregory Spears; text: Denise Levertov (In the Land of Shinar, Evening Train; New Directions/1992); composition year: 2018; selection time: 9:23

Dan Visconti: Remembrances
Lonesome Roads

Bridge Records/2012
cello: Richard Duven; piano: Majella Stockhausen; recorded at the Chamber Music Hall, Berlin, May 2009; composition year: 2008; time: 2:51

Hour 2

Deep Wireless 2 — Radio Arts Compilation (various artists)
New Adventures in Sound Art/2005
sound collage (Christian radio broadcasts, American religious commentary): Emmanuel Madan; composition year: 2003; time: 6:46

id m theft ableI’m an Avalanche
Well I Fell in Love With the Eye at the Bottom of the Well
Pogus Productions/2021
sound collage recorded and assembled 2015–2020; time: 10:03

Colby Lieder: Veni Creator Spiritus
Sonic Circuits V (various artists)
Innova Recordings/1997
electroacoustic music (sound source: Hilliard Ensemble, Perotin); title derived from the opening phrase of the MS. Wolfenbüttel, “Come Holy Ghost”; composition year: 1997; time: 4:00

Stéphane Roy: Train d’enfer*
a. Section 1 (4:19)
b. Section 2 (7:11)
c. Section 3 (9:25)
empreintes DIGITALes/2018
(stereo fixed media); realized at the composer’s studio, Montreal, 2010-2011; premiered at the Électrochocs 5 concert at the Studio multimédia of the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal; time: 20:54
*a play on words meaning “Hellish Train” and “Hellish Drive”

Ruth Anderson: So What

Arc Light Editions/2020 (for download)
electroacoustic music: Ruth Anderson; composition year: 1971; time: 3:25

Laurie Spiegel: Old Wave Study
The Expanding Universe

Unseen Worlds/2012 (orig. Philo LP/1980)
computer, electronics: Laurie Spiegel; recorded at Bell Labs, July 1975; time: 7:16

Hour 3

Curt Cacioppo: Klavierstück
Millennium Crossings — Piano Music 1975–2000
(various artists)
Capstone Records/2004
piano: Lisa Weiss; recorded at Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania; composition years: 1975-1976; time: 6:58

George Cacioppo: Time on Time in Miracles

Advance of the Fungi
Mode Records/2006
soprano: Janet Pape; Ensemble 2e2m, conductor: Paul Méfano; recorded at the Atrium Theater, Chaville, France; composition year: 1965; time: 7:19

Gerard Pape: Two Electro-Acoustic Songs
a. Time Caught in a Net
b. On the Road at Night
Electroacoustic Chamber Works
Mode Records/1998
(for voice, flute, tape, and sound projection; texts: Dahlia Ravikovitch); soprano: Janet Pape; flute: Cécile Daroux; tape, sound projection: Gerard Pape; recorded at the Festival Aspekte, Salzburg, Austria, 1994; composition year: 1993; total time: 10:50 

Richard Karpen: Strandlines
Nam Mái and Strandlines

Neuma Records/2019
(for six-string guitar and computer); guitar: Stefan Östersjo; recorded at Meany Studio Theater, University of Washington, Seattle; composition years: 2006-2007; time: 27:44

— FIN —

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