Martian Gardens Episode 1071

Martian Gardens Episode 1071
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
July 26, 2021
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Hour 1

Frederic: Rzewski: Four Piano Pieces — No. 4
Panorama of American Piano Music
From Antheil to Zappa 1911 to 1991, piano: Yvar Mikhashoff
Mode Records/2013
piano: Yvar Mikhashoff; recorded at Slee Hall, Buffalo, New York, 1991-1992; composition year: 1977; time: 9:29

Craig Pepples: selections from Watercolors*
a. Frogs (3:11)
b. Geode (5:14)
Open Space 47 (Pelligrini/Pepples/Friedl/Hicks)

Open Space/2021
(for piano and electronics); piano: Julia Hsu; recorded at the Sonorium, Tokyo, February 2019; composition year: 2019; composition year: 2018; total selections time: 5:49
*for David Hicks

George Cacioppo: Pianopieces
a. Pianopiece I (3:12)
b. Cassiopeia (2:57)
c. Pianopiece II (2:10)
Music from the ONCE Festival 1961-1966
New World Records/2003
piano: Donald Bohlen; recorded at the ONCE Festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 16, 1963; composition year: 1962; total time: 8:19

Elaine Barkin: IF — An homage
Open Space 46 (Randall/Barkin/Boretz)
Open Space/2021
MIDI-realized music: Elaine Barkin; time: 3:00

Michael Hersch: Images from a Closed Ward XII
Images from a Closed Ward
New Focus Recordings/2018
(for string quartet); The FLUX Quartet (violin: Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris; viola: Max Mandel; cello: Felix Fan); recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, September 30, 2017; composition year: 2010; time: 6:51

Tom Chiu: Into the Forest
The LIVE One

XI Records/2021
violin: Tom Chiu; mix, sound design, sequencing: Terence Pender; time: 12:30

Hour 2

Kelley Sheehan: Talk Circus*
Music from SEAMUS Volume 30 (various artists)
New Focus Recordings/2021
(for no-input mixer and percussion); mixer: Daniel Fawcett; percussion: Francis Favis, Joanna Chen; composition year: 2018; time: 6:36
*2020 SEAMUS Student Composer Commission First Prize

Max Neuhaus: Four Systems (E. Brown)
Electronics and Percussion — Five Realizations by Max Neuhaus
Columbia Masterworks/1968
(for four amplified cymbals); cymbals: Max Neuhaus; recorded at Carnegie Hall, New York City, June 2, 1964; composer: Earle Brown; composition year: 1954 (part of Folio and 4 Systems); time: 5:00

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Zyklus
Complete Early Percussion Works

Mode Records/2014
solo percussion: Steven Schick; recorded at Theatre A, University of California San Diego, October 2008; composition year: 1959; time: 10:30

Meehan/Perkins Duo: Observations (T. Perich)
Travel Diary (various composers)
Bridge Records/2011
percussion: Todd Meehan, Douglas Perkins; 1-bit microchip music program: Tristan Perich; recorded at Jones Concert Hall, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, January 2010; composition year: 2008; time: 11:40

Steve Reich: Sextet — Fast (Mvt. 5)
Steve Reich by Third Coast Percussion
Çedille Records/2016
Third Coast Percussion recorded at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, December 2014; composition years: 1984-1985; selection time: 6:34

Paul Lansky: Threads — Recitative II
Sō Percussion/Paul Lansky
Cantaloupe Music/2010
Sō Percussion recorded at Avatar Studios, Mt. Vernon, New York, 2008; composer: Paul Lansky; composition year: 2005; selection time: 2:24

Aleš Friedl: Happy Birthday
(download courtesy of the composer)
(for violin, electronic greeting card sounds, and voices); voices: Anton Feguš, Janez Feguš, Maks Feguš, Peter Feguš, Marija Feguš Friedl, Vlado Markovič, Dušan Winkler, violin: Matija Friedl; songs quoted: Happy Birthday to You (Patty Hill, Mildred Jane Hill, 1893), My Heart Will Go On (James Horner, from Titanic, 1997), Pikapolonica [The Ladybug] (Marjan Kozina, 1951), Etude [Capricio] No. 33 (Rodolphe Kreutzer, c. 1796), Rodolphe Kreutzer (Etude and Allegro in the style of Pugnani); Pleničke je prala [She Washes the Diapers] (Slovenian folk song); recorded at Ptuj Hospital (after the birth of the composer’s son, 2004), and at the composer’s home, Slovenia; time: 10:18

Hour 3

Cornelius CardewParagraph 1 (excerpt)
The Great Learning
Tone Glow Records/2021
The Montréal Scratch Orchestra, conductor: Dean Rosenthal; recorded live at Redpath Hall, McGill University, Montreal, March 8, 1996; composition years: 1963-1966; Paragraph 1 excerpt time: 8:16 (20:00 — 28:16 of 28:16)

AMM: Live at the Royal College of Art
Not Necessarily “English” Composers (various artists)
Leonardo Music Journal/2001
performers: Eddie Prevost, Keith Rowe, Cornelius Cardew, Lou Glare, Lawrence Sheaff, recorded at the Royal College of Art, London, March 28, 1966; time: 6:24

Yuanlin Chen: Primary Voice: I. Rite
Sonic Circuits IX (various artists)
Innova Recordings/2001
for Chinese instruments and electronics; composition year: n/a; selection time: 3:14

Elsa Justel: Yegl

empreintes DIGITALes/2021
(stereo fixed media); realized at EMS, Stockholm, 2006-2007, and the composer’s studio, Mar del Plata, Argentina; premiered at the Internationale Guadeamus Muziekweek, September 5, 2007, Bimhuis, Amsterdam; time: 12:06

Dr. Ox: Motif of Myo1p
Dr. Ox
Cyclng ’74/2008
cello: Tanja Orning; computer: Natasha Barrett; recorded at NOTAM, Oslo, 2006; time: 6:00

Philip Schuessler: Peptyde Hallucination
60 x 60 (various artists)
Capstone Records/2004
electroacoustic music: Philip Schuessler; composition year: 2000 (from a longer work, Fairfax); time: 1:00

Dennis Báthory-Kitz: Warbler Garden
60 x 60 (various artists)
Capstone Records/2004
electroacoustic music: DBK; composition year: 2003; time: 1:00

David Dunn: Verdant (excerpt)
Neuma Records/2021
harmonic series music for sine waves, electric violins, processed environmental recordings, field recordings (New Mexico); composition/realization year: 2020; excerpt time: 10:00 (20:00 — 30:00 of 78:44)

— FIN —

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