Martian Gardens Episode 1065

Martian Gardens Episode 1065
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
June 13, 2021
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Hour 1

Larry Polansky: Kaddish (Ladder) Canon
These Are the Generations
New World Records/2020
trumpet: Genevieve Kromm; piano: Amy Beal; recorded at the University of California Santa Cruz Recital Hall, February 24, 2020; composition year: 2019; time: 3:40

Barbara Benary:
a. Barang I (4:00)
b. Barang II (5:25)
Sun on Snow
New World Records/2006
clarinet: Steven Silverstein; b. clarinet: Steven Silverstein; saxophone: Peter Thompson; recorded March & April, 2006; composition year: 1975; total time: 9:25

J.K. Randall: Grow
Open Space 46 (Randall/Barkin/Boretz)

Open Space/2021
MIDI-generated music: J.K. Randall; composition year: 2011; time: 8:34

Robert Gross: Dressing Station (Chronicles XVII)

New Focus Recordings/2021
(for mezzo-soprano and synthesizer); mezzo-soprano: Brooke Clark Gibson; synthesizer: Robert Gross; text: George Green (in re: the Spanish Civil War); composition year: 2020; time: 11:44

Luigi Nono: Epitaffio No. 3 — Memento
Romance de la Guardia civil española
Como Una Ola De Fuerza Y Luz / Epitaffio 1 & 3 
Berlin Classics/1994 (orig. Eterna LP/1977)
soprano and speaker: Roswitha Trexler; Rundfunkchor & Rundfunk-Sinfonie Orchester Leipzig, director: Horst Neumann; text: Federico Garcia Lorca; recorded at Paul-Garhardt-Kirche, Leipzeig, July 1976; composition years: 1952-1953; time: 16:46

Hour 2

Lenore Von Stein: I’m not a slave, I’m not a fascist
The Electro-Acoustic Music Ensemble at Brooklyn College (various artists)
Brooklyn College EAME/1997
words, electronics: LVS; voices: LVS, Axel Dross, Çigdem Borucu, Noah Creshevsky, George “Skip” Brunner, et al.; composition year: unknown; time: 11:45

Larry Polansky: #13 DIY Canon/Java 2 (Goode Version)
Four-Voice Canons (various artists)
Cold Blue Music/2002
tape, narration: Daniel Goode (source: Java 2, Midtown Manhattan Restaurant) processed by Daniel Goode and Larry Polansky, New York City, and Hanover, NH, March 2002; composition year: 2001; time: 3:15

Jack Womack: Nixon in New Orleans
State of the Union 2.001 (various artists)
Electronic Music Foundation/2001
voice, text: Jack Womack; composition year: 2001; time: 1:04

Frank Pahl: Columbus on Guadeloupe
Transforms — The Nerve Events Project (various artists)
Cuneiform Records/1993
brass instruments, guitar, electronics: Frank Pahl; time: 2:04

Manuel Zurria: Canon (A. Demoč )
Again & Again
(various composers)
ANTS Records/2020
(for four alto flutes) alto flutes: Manuel Zurria; recorded at MZ @FUN’OM Studios, Rome; composer: Adrián Demoč; composition year: 2017; time: 3:55

Walter Zimmermann: 25 Kärwa-Melodien (from Leichte Tänze)
Lokale Musik 1977-1981
Mode Records/2019
(for two clarinets); clarinets: Michael Riessler, John Corbett; recorded at Frankfurt TAT/Theater am Turm; winter 1982; composition year: 1979; time: 5:53

David MacBride: Ave Maris Stella
A Special Light

Innova Recordings/2014
oboe: Stuart Breczinski; improvised percussion: Joseph Van Hassel; recorded at the Hartt School, Hartford, Connecticut, November 7, 2010; composition year: 2008; time: 11:48

Ursula Mamlok: The Birds Dream
I. The Mocking Bird/Die Spottdrossel (Andante) (0:35)
II. The Sparrow/Der Sperling (Vivo) (0:33)
III. The Catbird/Die Katzendrossel (Grazioso) (1:07)
IV. The Nightingale/Die Nachtigall (Lento) (1:14)
V. The Blackbird/Die Amsel (Poco pesante e misterioso) (0:45)
VI. The Parrot/Der Papagei/Allegretto scherzando) (0:35)
Ursula Mamlok Volume 5
Bridge Records/2016
piano: Kurt Groschopp; recorded at Deutschland Kultur, Berlin, “Studio Britz,” September 2014; composition year: 1944; total time: 4:42

Ursula Mamlok: Molto Vivo
Ursula Mamlok Volume 5

Bridge Records/2016
piano: Holger Groschopp; recorded at Studio Britz, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Berlin, September 2014; composition year: 1947; time: 2:22

Hour 3

Dennis Báthory-Kitsz: What the Thunder Said
Malted Media Productions/2020
fixed media for the Spread Spectrum Festival, Moscow, 2020; time: 5:25

Stéphane Roy: Les Territoires secrets*

empreintes DIGITALes/2019
(for stereo fixed media); electroacoustic music realized at the composer’s studio, Montreal, 2008; premiered at the 5th Festival di Interpretazione della Musica Acusmatica, Cagliari, Italy, June 29, 2008; revised 2019; time: 15:04
*inspired by travelogues, especially The Way of the World by Nicolas Bouvier

Pierre Schaeffer: L’oiseau RAI
L’oeuvre musicale (Schaeffer/Henry)
Electronic Music Foundation/1998 (org. INA-GRM boxed set/1990)
composition for Musique Concrète method produced at Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française, Paris, 1950; time: 2:55

Juan Blanco: Musica para Danza
Nuestro Tiempo/Our Time

Innova Recordings/2013
sine-wave generator, tape dubbing: Juan Blanco; recorded in Cuba; composition year: 1961; time: 5:28

Tod Dockstader: Odd Bells
From the Archives

fixed media: Tod Dockstader; composition year: 2008; time: 3:18

David Dunn: Verdant (excerpt)
Neuma Records/2021
harmonic series music for sine waves, electric violins, processed environmental recordings, field recordings (New Mexico); composition/realization year: 2020; excerpt time: 10:00 (10:00–20:00 of 78:44)

Warren Burt: This is REAL*
Cellular Etudes 2012-2013

Scarlet Aardvark Records/2013
computers, samplers, samples: Warren Burt; time: 5:05
*This is REAL: Ersatz Concerto for imaginary prepared piano and virtual chamber ensemble —
A Journey in the Imagination

Eric Chasalow: This Way Out
Are You Radioactive, Pal?

Electroacoustic Music by Eric Chasalow
uspicious Motives Records/2015
electroacoustic music: Eric Chasalow (sound source: “cheesy” MIDI presets); record at Brandeis Electroacoustic Music Studios, 1991; time: 4:32

— FIN —

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