Martian Gardens Episode 1063

Martian Gardens Episode 1063
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
May 30, 2021
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Hour 1

Brian Belet: Zephyr Apparition (from System of Shadows)
Sufficient Trouble
Ravello Records/2017
(for trumpet, flugelhorn, and Kyma software); C trumpet, B-flat flugelhorn: Stephen Ruppenthal; recorded at Open Path Music, San Jose, California, April 2009; post-production at Ligo Studios, Scotts Valley, California, April 2016; composition year: 2007; selection time: 3:02

Peter Garland: selections from Bush Radio Calling
I. Ringatu (Variations on a chord by Dane Rudhyar) (for Alan Brunton) (5:42)
II. Visions of El Niño Doctor (2:38)
III. Visions of El Niño Cieguito (2:39)
Three Dawns and Bush Radio Calling
Cold Blue Music/2021
piano: Ron Squibbs; recorded at Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts, August 2019 and September 2020; composition year: 1992; total selections time: 11:00

Eric Lyon: selections from Giga Concerto
a. Giga Concerto II (2:53)
b. Immer Leiser Wird Mein Schlummer (2:14)
c. Giga Concerto III (4:27)
Giga Concerto
New Focus Recordings/2021 (for download)
Sting Noise (violins: Conrad Harris, Pauline Kim-Harris); drums: Greg Saunier; International Contemporary Ensemble, conductor: Nicholas DeMaison; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, September 7-8, 2019; composers: a., c. Eric Lyon; b. Johannes Brahms (Fünf Lieder, Op. 105), arr. Lyon; composition years: 2021 (Lyon); 1886-1888 (Brahms); total selections time: 7:55

Zeitgeist Ensemble: Suite No. 2 for b-flat clarinet (J.M. Beyer)
a. Giacoso (1:19)
b. Lamentation (4:14)
c. Contrast (1:53)
d. Accelerando (1:53)
If Tigers Were Clouds (various composers)
Eight Decades of Women in Experimental Music
Innova Recordings/2003
b-flat clarinet: Pat O’Keefe; recorded at Southern Theater, Minneapolis, September 20, 2002; composer: Johanna M. Beyer; composition year: 1932; total time: 9:22

Philip Schuessler: Hymn for the Arc Harvester
Drift, Volume 34 (various artists)
Society for Composers, Inc.
Navona Records/2020
Southeastern Contemporary Music Ensemble (contrabass: Keri Devilynn, Madeleine Wanner; flute: Nathan Parrish; b-flat clarinet: Chelsea Petho, Lindsey Willard; alto saxophone: Lian Warner; vibraphone: Catherine Vessel); conductor: Philip Schuessler; recorded at Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, April 30, 2019; composition year: 2019; time: 4:55

J.K. Randall: Pitch-Derived Rhythm V (from 6 Demonstrations)
Open Space 40 — bab — jkr — erb (Boretz/Randall/Barkin)
Open Space/2019
Open Space Chamber Players (flute: Matt Ross; clarinet: Viktor Toth; cellos: Lauren Peacock, Alana Shannon, piano: Corey Chang); composition year: 1961; time: 2:07

Paul Lansky: Angles
a. With Pluck (4:29)
b. Take a Bow (6:03)
c. About a Minute Waltz (1:16)
d. A Sad Song (6:57)
Bridge Records/2021
Weis Kaplan Stumpf Trio (piano: Yael Weiss; violin: Mark Kaplan; cello: Peter Stumpf); recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City; composition year: 2017; total time: 18:47

Hour 2

Darius Mazurowski: Depth of Field (Hidden Dimensions Part 3)
Hidden Dimensions
Neuma Records/2018
electroacoustic music: Darius Mazurowski; recorded at the De eM Studio, January 2014, April 2015; composition year: 2015; selection time: 14:03

Philip Mantione: Depth of Field
Depth of Field

Scattered Music/2011
electroacoustic music (sound source: hoot owls, Riverside, California, 3:00 a.m., November, 2011), computer generated sounds; realized at the composer’s studio, 2011; time: 7:13

Ken Field: Transcendental

Neuma Records/2021 (for download)
saxophones, live looping: Ken Field; production: Erdem Helvacıoğlu; editing, mastering: Andy Pinkham, Revolution Sound Studio, Charlestown, Massachusetts; time: 7:19

See also — Ken Field’s program The New Edge from WMBR 88.5 FM, M.I.T.

Snowbeasts & Dead Voices on Air: Too Hot the Eye of Heaven Shines
Dead Voices on Air & Snowbeasts

Mission Entertainment/2021
electronic music: Robert Galbraith, Elizabeth Virosa, Mark Spybey; produced in Providence, Rhode Island, and North Yorkshire, UK, 2020; time: 9:16

Old Castle: The Sun at Midnight
Welcome to Graceland

Rapoon’s Bandcamp/2021
electronic music: Robin Storey, Robert Pepper, Shaun Sandor; time: 5:05

Elliott Sharp: The Hidden Variable

Mode Records/2018
Veni Academy (bassoon: Bálint Fábry; marimba: Lenka Novosedlíková; viola: Peter Dvorský; double bass: Jaanus Siniväli; clarinets: Branislav Dugovič; violin: David Daniel;  synthesizer: Fero Király; synthesizer, electronics, objects: Daniel Matej; synthesizer, piano: Ivan Šiller), conductor: Marián Lejava; electroacoustic guitar: Elliott Sharp; recorded July 2015, Kasárne/Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia; composition year: 2014; time: 12:27

Hour 3

Daniel Goode: AnnCela Express
AnnCela Express

New World Records/2021
The Flexible Orchestra, conductor: Tara Simoncic; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York, September 17, 2019; composition year: 2005; time: 16:39

Shawn E. Okpebholo: The Ballad of Birmingham (from Two Black Churches)
Dream of a New Day (various composers)
Songs by Black Composers
Çedille Records/2021
baritone: Will Liverman; piano: Paul Sanchez; text: Dudley Randall; recorded at Sauder Concert Hall, Goshen College, Indiana, July 2020; composition year: 2020; total time: 9:19

Dorothy Hindman: Magic City
Tapping the Furnace

Innova Recordings/2013
Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Robert Ian Winstin; recorded at Needlepoint Studios, Birmingham, Alabama, composition year: 1998; time: 10:18

Christopher Biggs: Monstress
Music from SEAMUS Volume 30 (various artists)
New Focus Recordings/2021 (for download)
piano, Seaboard Rise MIDI controller: Keith Kirchoff; Christopher Biggs: electronics, Seaboard Rise MIDI controller; composition year: 2019; time: 10:18

Roger Doyle: The First Spirit Level
Miniatures concrètes (various artists)
empreintes DIGITALes/1998
electroacoustic music: Roger Doyle (for his magnum opus The Babel Project); recorded at the composer’s studio, Dublin; composition year: 1996; time: 3:00

— FIN —

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