Martian Gardens Episode 1051

Martian Gardens Episode 1051
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
February 20, 2021
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Hour 1

Roger Reynolds: selections from not forgotten
a. Giverny (1:22)
b. Iannis (5:37)
c. Toru (3:35)
Roger Reynolds at 85, Vol. 1
Sting Quartets: FLiGHT/not forgotten
Mode Records/2020
(for string quartet); The JACK Quartet (violins: Christopher Otto, Ari Streisfeld; viola: John Pickford Richards; cello: Kevin McFarland); recorded at Conrad Prebys Music Center Concert Hall, University of California San Diego; February 13, 2013; composition years: 2007-2010; selection time: 12:52

Toru Takemitsu: Rain Tree Sketch
Complete Piano Works (1952–1990)

piano: Roger Woodward; recorded September 25, 1990, Studio 210, Sydney, Australia; composition year: 1982; time: 6:01

Iannis Xenakis: Herma
Works for Piano

Mode Records/2006
piano: Aki Takahashi; recorded at Troy Music Hall, Troy, New York, February 24, 1999; composition years: 1960-1961; time: 7:43

John J. Becker: Soundpiece No. 5
Soundpieces 1-7
New World Records/2020
piano: Joseph Kubera; recorded at Oktaven Studios, Mt. Vernon, New York, 2019; composition year: 1937; time: 14:31

Rain Worthington: Shadows of the Wind
Prisma 4 (various artists)
Navona Records/2020
(for small orchestra) Janeček Philharmonic Orchestra; conductor: Stanislav Vavřínek; cello soloist: Ivo Fišer; recorded at the Ostrava House of Culture, Ostrava, Czech Republic, October 15, 2019; time: 12:31

Hour 2

Annette Vande Gorne: Jeux de Sons (from Haikus: Hiver)
empreintes DIGITALes/2020
(for 16-channel fixed media); realized at the Métamorphoses d’Orphée studio of Musiques & Recherches in Ohain, Belgium; premiered on October 25, 2020, during the Espace du son festival at Théâtre Marni in Brussels (Belgium). selection time: 4:30

John White: Boschwalzer
Electric Music
Music composed and performed in London, 1980 — 1995
ANTS Records/2021
cassettes restored and remastered by Andrea Rocca at Baby Microbe Studios, London, 2019-2020; time: 4:49

Tod Dockstader: from Four Telemetry Studies
a. No. 1 (3:00)
b. No. 2 (2:34)
tape music sourced from three rewired audio test generators; composition year: 1965; selection time: 2:34

Chantal Dumas: Formation de montagnes
Oscillations planétaires
empreintes DIGITALes/2019
(for stereo fixed medium); realized at the composer’s studio, Montreal, 2017-2018; premiered on the radio program Klangkunst broadcast by Deutschlandfunk Kultur; total selections time: 5:32

Elainie Lillios: Undertow
Music from SEAMUS, Vol. 29 (various artists)
The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States
New Focus Recordings/2020 (for download)
(for bass clarinet and live electronics); bass clarinet: Derek Emch; composition year: 2018; time: 9:42

Areon Flutes: Dry Wind (from Summer Sketches) (E. Lillios)
Innova Recordings/2016
flutes: Jill Heinke Moen; Sasha Launer; Kassey Plaha; recorded at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music; composition year: 2013; selection time: 5:30

Lawrence Moss: Gamelan for Flute and Percussion
a. Quietly (3:16)
b. Nighttime (2:05)
c. Dancetime (2:04)
New Dawn
Innova Recordings/2019
percussion: Lee Hinkle; recorded at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Recording Studio, 2015-2016; composition year: 2013; total time: 7:25

Michael Tilson Thomas: Introduction — Long Familiar Refrains*
American Gifts — For Marimba Duo (Thomas/Sessions/Fine/Brackett)
Bridge Records/2020
marimbas: Jack Van Geem, Nancy Zeltsman; recorded at the Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, January 2005; composition year: 2003; time: 3:51
* from Island Music

Hour 3

Craig Pepples: Example 1
Open Space 44 (Pepples/Pellegrini/Takahashi/Boretz)

Open Space/2021
piano: Yuji Takahashi; recorded at the Sonorium, Tokyo, February 6, 2019; composition year: 2014; time: 12:30

James Tenney: selections from 64 Studies for 6 Harps
a. Study #40 (2:29)
b. Study #60 (3:00)
Changes — 64 Studies for 6 Harps
New World Records/2018
harps: Alison Bjorkedal, Ellie Choate, Elizabeth Huston, Catherine Litaker, Amy Shulman, Ruriko Terada; conductor: Nicholas Deyoe; recorded at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, November 24-26, 2017; composition year: 1985; total selections time: 5:29

James Dashow: Reconstructions
James Dashow — Thomas DeLio

Neuma Records/1995
(for harp and computer); harp: Lucia Bova; recorded at Wonderland Studios, Italy, composition year: 1992; time: 13:36

Wendy Carlos:
a. Yusae Aisae (3:12)
b. C’est Afrique (6:13)
Beauty in the Beast

East Side Digital/2000 (orig. Audion LP/1986)
synthesizers, vocoder: Wendy Carlos; composition year: c. 1986; total time: 9:25

Jerry Hunt: Phalba (Ila Multiplex)

The Barton Workshop (flute: Jos Zwaanenburg; trombone: James Fulkerson; violin: Marieke Keser; clarinet: John Anderson; electronics: Robert Bosch), director: James Fulkerson; recorded at De Hoop, Dieman, NL, April 9, 2000/January 25, 2002; time: 10:47

— FIN —

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