Martian Gardens Episode 1036

Martian Gardens Episode 1036
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
October 11, 2020
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Hour 1

Stefan Wolpe: From Dr. Einstein’s Address About Peace in the Atomic Era
Stefan Wolpe, Volume 3
Excerpts from Dr. Einstein’s Address About Peace in the Atomic Era & Songs (1920-954)
Bridge Records/2007
baritone: Patrick Mason; piano: Robert Shannon; text: Albert Einstein; recorded at Theater C, Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, Purchase, New York, October 2005; composition year: 1950; time: 6:14

Sarah Maria Sun and the Gurks: Hitler (S. Wolpe)
Killer Instincts (various composers)
Mode Records/2020
soprano: Sarah Maria Sun; The Gurks (piano, organ: John Philip Schultz; guitars, bass guitar, banjo: Hubert Steiner; drums, percussion: Bernd Oezsevim; baritone saxophone: Axel Nitz); recorded at Studio 2, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, February 2019; composer: Stefan Wolpe; composition year: 1930; time: 3:08

Heiner Goebbels:
a. Well Anyway (1:54)
b. Did It Really Happen? (2:16)
c. And We Said Goodbye (0:38)
d. On the Radio (1:54)

Ländschaft mit entfernten Verwandten
ECM New Series/2007
(for ensemble and electronics); members of Ensemble Modern (flutes: Dietmar Wiesner; double bass: Hans-Joachim Tinnefeld; cello: Eva Böcker; clarinets: Roland Diry; percussion: Rainer Römer), conductor: Frank Ollu; texts: Gertrude Stein, “Wars I Have Seen”; recorded at Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, Nanterre, Paris; October 2004; composition year: 2002; time: 7:54

Anthony Gatto: The Making of Americans, Part II
The Marriage and Divorce of Julia Dehning & Alfred Hersland &
Episodes of Martha Hersland

a. David Hersland’s Song for Julia (3:42)
b. Once An Angry Man Dragged His Father (3:15)
c. I Like Loving Sometimes (7:54)

The Making of Americans — A Radio Opera
New Focus Recordings/2020 (for download)
cast — Anna Dagmar as child Martha Redfern; Pamela Stein as Julia Dehning; Rachel Calloway as Julia Dehning’s mother; Elizabeth Munn as adult Martha Redfern; David Echelard as David Hersland; Michael Mueller as Alfred Hersland; Bradley Greenwald as Old Man; musicians –The JACK Quartet (violins: Christopher Otto, Ari Streisfeld; viola: John Pickford Richards; cello: Kevin McFarland); Zeitgeist ensemble (percussion: Heather Barringer, Patrick Cudd; bass clarinet: Patrick O’Keefe; piano: Shannon Wettstein), conductor: David Pinkard; text: adapted from Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans; recorded in Minneapolis; composition year: c. 2008; total selections time: 12:49

Çiğdem Borucu: Silver Moon
The Electroacoustic Music Ensemble at Brooklyn College (var.)
piano, electronics: Çiğdem Borucu; saxophone: Alex Dross; time: 6:39

J.C. Combs: Apparition
piano, processing: Jimmy Combs; recorded at the composer’s studio, Seattle; time: 5:36

Philip Glass: Opening
CBS/1985 (orig. CBS, Inc. LP/1982)
piano: Michael Riesman; French horn (ending): Larry Wechsler; recorded at Greene St. Studios, New York City, composition year: 1981; time: 6:24

Robert Palmer: Molto Tranquillo e Cantaibile (Three Preludes, Mvt. II)
Piano Music
New World Records/2019
piano: Adam Tendler; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, June 2018; composition year: 1941; time: 3:43

Hour 2

David Behrman: Letter from Siegfried Sassoon, September 1, 1939
My Dear Siegfried
XI Records/2005
voices: Thomas Buckner, Eric Barsness, Maria Ludovichi; shakuhachi: Ralph Samuleson; trombone: Peter Zummo; keyboards, electronics: David Behrman; effects, engineering: Tom Hamilton; text: letter to Sam Behrman from Siegfried Sassoon; composition year: 2005; time: 11:48

Henri Pousseur and Roberto Fabbriciani:
Zeus joueur de flûtes, Célébrant les dix octannies d’Orphée étoilé (Michel Butor)
Works for Flute
Mode Records/2019
(for flute, tape, and live electronics); flute: Roberto Fabbriciani; recorded in Florence, Italy, 2014; composition year: 2006; time: 28:00

Chris Brown: Branches (excerpt)
piano, computer: Chris Brown; recorded at Mills College, Oakland, California, August 13, 2016; composition year: 2000; excerpt time: 10:00 (10:00-20:00 of 37:10)

Hour 3

John Luther Adams: Down the Mountain (Lines Made by Walking, Part III)
Lines Made by Walking
Cold Blue Music/2020
(for string quartet); The JACK Quartet (violins: Christopher Otto, Ari Streisfeld; viola: John Pickford Richards; cello: Kevin McFarland); recorded at the Tippet Rise Art Center, Fishtail, Montana, February 2020; composition year: 2019; selection time: 10:10

The Orchestra Now: Chorale (Largo) (Concerto Grosso, Mvt. III) 
Buried Alive (Honegger/Schoeck/Mitropoulos)
Bridge Records/2020
The Orchestra Now, conductor: Leon Botstein; recorded at the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, 2019; composer: Dmitri Mitropoulos; composition year: 1928; selection time: 10:21

Spektral Quartet: binary/momentary logics: flow state/joy state (S. Pluta)
Experiments in Living (various composers)
New Focus Recordings/2020 (for download)
recorded at Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago, July 2017; 
composer: Sam Pluta; composition year: 2016; time: 8:49

Russell Pinkston: All Around Me
a. All Around Me
b. Cool Mist
c. Sudden Rain
d. Tree Colors Darkening
e. The Monastery
c. A Bonging of Bells

CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 34
Russell Pinkston — Four Electroacoustic Dance Suites
Centaur Records/2005
Electroacoustic music: Russell Pinkston; titles, text: Ni Chia-Ch’ing, Sudden Rain; realized at the electroacoustic music studios of the University of Texas at Austin; composition years: 1997, revised 2004; time: 14:41

The League of Automatic Music Composers: Martian Folk Music
TLOAMC 1978-1983
New World Records/2007
computer network music: Time Perkis, John Bischoff, Tim Horton; recorded at the EAR Magazine benefit, March 28, 1980; time: 7:40

— FIN —

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