Martian Gardens Episode 1034

Martian Gardens Episode 1034
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
September 27, 2020
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Hour 1

Ingram Marshall: September Canons
September Canons
New World Records/2009
violin, electronic processing: Todd Reynolds; a lamentation on the events of September 11, 2001; composition year: 2002; time: 13:19

Chris Chafe and Dexter Morrill: Duo Improvisations 
CDCM Computer Music Series 11 (various artists)
The Composer in the Computer Age II
Centaur Records/1992
(for Celleto and trumpet MIDI systems); Celleto (interactive MIDI cello): Chris Chafe; MIDI trumpet: Dexter Morrill; recorded at Hamilton College Clinton, New York, October 1992; time: 6:32

John Luther Adams: Up the Mountain (Lines Made by Walking, Part I)
Lines Made by Walking
Cold Blue Music/2020
(for string quartet); The JACK Quartet; recorded at the Tippet Rise Art Center, Fishtail, Montana, February 2020; composition year: 2019; selection time: 8:01

Robert Black: Dawn in Hunter Canyon, Part 1
Cantaloupe Music/2017
double bass: Robert Black; recorded outdoors around Moab, Utah, August 2013; total selections time: 7:44

Stephen Whittington: Journey of an Immortal (from…From a Thatched Hut)
Cold Blue Music/2017
Zephyr Quartet (violins: Belinda Gehlert, Emily Tulloch; viola: Jason Thomas; cello: Hilary Kleinig); recorded at EMU Studio One, University of Adelaide, September 2016, and Architecture Studios, Los Angeles, March 2017; composition year: 2010; selection time: 4:54

Chris Brown: selections from First Light
a. Student (4:37)
b. Magellanic (4:28)
Some Center
New World Records/2020
The Chromelodia Project (cello, voice: Theresa Wong; oboe: Kyle Bruckmann; piano: Chris Brown); text: Jackson Mac Low; recorded at Tiny Telephone studio, Oakland, California, November 2, 2019; composition year: 2019; time: 10:57

Hour 2

Anthony Gatto: selections from Wise Blood
a. Scene 10 — Onnie Jay Holy Presents the True Prophet, Enoch Emory Steals a Gorilla Suit (2:30)
b. Scene 11 — The Murder of Solace Layfield (4:06)
c. Scene 12 — Hazel Motes Blinds Himself (6:03)
d. Scene 13 — Mrs. Flood Proposes (6:14)
Wise Blood
New Focus Recordings/2020 (for download)
David Echelard as Onnie Jay Holy; Jason Paul Andrews as Enoch Emery; Martin Bakari as Haze Motes; Holly Hansen as Sabbath Lily Hawks; Michael Sommers as the potato-peeling machine hawker; Brian Major as Asa Hawks; The Adam Meckler Orchestra, conductor: David Bloom (trumpets, flugelhorns: Adam Meckler, Tom Krochock, cameron Kinghorn; trombone: Nick Syman; bass trombone: Jenn Werner; euphonium: Eric Ebeling; tuba: Nelson Devereaux; alto saxophone, soprano saxophone: David Hirsch; alto saxophone: Gus Sandberg; tenor saxophone: Angela Hirsch; baritone saxophone and piccolo: Kameron Markworth; bass: Steven Hobert; piano and accordion: Erik Barsness; percussion: Reid Kruger); libretto adapted from Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood; recorded in Minneapolis; composition year: 2015; total selections time: 19:53

David Hicks: Triptych for Kelly, Panel 2
Opens Space 39 (Boretz/Randall/Hicks)
Open Space/2019 (for download)
(for clarinet, piano, and electronics); clarinet: Hideo Kikuchi; piano: Julia Hsu; recorded at sonorium, Tokyo, February, 2019; time: 8:51

Morton Feldman: Intersection I
Composing by Numbers — The Graphic Scores 1950-1967
Mode Records/2005
(for orchestra); The Barton Workshop; recorded at Hilversum Conservatorium, Hilversum, The Netherland; date unspecified; composition year: 1951; time: 12:40

Aaron Tindall: Suite for Cello and Jazz Piano Trio, Parts I & III (C. Bolling)
I. Baroque in Rhythm (4:10)
III. Galop (6:31)
Bridge Records/2020
tuba: Aaron Tindall; piano: Shelly Berg; bass: Chuck Bergeron; Svet Styoyanov; recorded at Weeks Recordings School, Frost School of Music, University of Miami, May 29 & 30, 2018; composition year: 1984 (arr. for Tuba); total selections time: 10:41

Hour 3

D.J. Sparr:  The World Within
a. what you are (2:27)
b. who you are (2:35)
c. what you want (3:04)
d. how to get it (2:13)
Hard Metal Cantüs
Innova Recordings/2020
basses: Alex Browne; drums: Chris DiChiara; violins: Karen Strittmatter Galvin; spoken voice: Solomon Howard, Aundi Moore, Richard White; cello: Neemias Santos; guitars, whistles, electronics: D.J. Sparr; viola: Kimberly Sparr; recorded at the home studios of each performer; mixed at Amusement Park Studios, Lubbock, Texas; total time: 10:15

Roger Doyle: Earth to Earth 
Babel — CD 1 — Temple Music
bowls, keyboards, programming: Roger Doyle; bassoon: Rachel Nolan; flute: Claire Wallace; violin: Ger Flanigan; composition years: 1989-1999; recorded at various locations in the British Isles, Europe, and North America; time: 9:39

Livebatts!: Harold in Salt Lake City
ANTS Records/2018
battery-driven keyboards, toys: John White; battery-driven keyboards, vocals: M.J. Coldiron; electric guitar, samples: Andrea Rocca; electrified flute: Nancy Ruffer; recorded at Baby Microbe Studio, 1990s, remastered 2018; time: 7:52

Åke Parmerud: Growl!
empreintes DIGITALes/2015
(stereo fixed media); realized at the Métamorphoses d’Orphée studio, Musiques & Recherches, Ohain, Belgium, 2014; premiered at Espace Denghor, Brussels, February 11, 2015; vocals: Henrik Bloomqvist, Alexander Andersson, Aron Parmerud, Axel Widén; composition years: 2014-2015; time: 12:43

Lula Romero: Die Wanderung, parts 2 & 3
Ins Offene
(for solo instrument and live electronics); accordion: Nerea Rodríguez (Vertixe Sonora), live electronics: Lula Romero; recorded at German Radio Chamber Music Hall, Köln, June 2018; composition years: 2012, 2013; selection time: 11:22

— FIN —

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