Martian Gardens Episode 1017

Martian Gardens Episode 1017

Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
April 27-28, 2020
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Hour 1

Scott L. Miller: Katabasis I — relaxed, but persistent
Ghost Layers
New Focus Recordings/2020 (for download)
TAK Ensemble; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon, New York; August 2019; composition year: 2018; time: 5:01

Walter Zimmermann: Ephemer
Lokale Musik (1977-1981)
Mode Records/2019
violin: Yulia Kopylova; cello: Reynard Rott; piano: Yun Qi Wong; recorded in Hannover, Germany, June 19, 2010; composition year: 1981; time: 14:25

James Tenney: selections from 64 Studies for 6 Harps
a. Study #17 (2:00)
b. Study #18 (2:19)
c. Study #19 (2:42)
d. Study #20 (2:11)

Changes — 64 Studies for 6 Harps
New World Records/2018
harps: Alison Bjorkedal, Ellie Choate, Elizabeth Huston, Catherine Litaker, Amy Shulman, Ruriko Terada; conductor: Nicholas Deyoe; recorded at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, November 24-26, 2017; composition year: 1985; total selections time: 7:12

Dennis Báthory-Kitsz: The Ice Winds
for marimba, cimbalom, harp; premiered in Reykjavík, Iceland; April 12, 2018; composition year: 2018; time: 12:11

Olivier Messiaen: Chant d’amour et de mort”: No. 12, Dans le noir
Harawi — Sarah Maria Sun
Mode Records/2019
soprano: Sarah Maria Sun; piano: Stefka Perifanova; composer: Olivier Messiaen; composition year: 1945; total selections time: 7:29

Meredith Monk: Urban March (Shadow)
Piano Songs — Ursula Oppens/Bruce Brubaker
ECM New Series/2014
pianos: Ursula Oppens, Bruce Bubaker; recorded at Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, April 2012; time: 3:07

Hour 2

Christopher Stark: This is Not a Story
I. Inner Dialogue with Bells (5:52)
II. Sorting Out Beethoven (2:01)
III. Cecelia Sings the Music in Her Heart; Captain Leighton Bids Farewell (5:31)

Seasonal Music
Bridge Records/2019
clarinet: Scott Andrews;  Calyx Piano Trio — violin: Catherine French; cello: Jennifer Lucht; piano: Nina Ferrigno; recorded at E. Desmond Lee Concert Hall, St. Louis, Missouri, December 11, 2018; composition year: 2017; total time: 13:24

Friedrich Jaecker: Harry’s Dream, Part 2
Mode Records/2019
(for 33 tuned wine glasses); glass harmonica: Chamber Choir of the University of Cologne, director: Michael Ostrzyga; recorded at Trinitatis-Kirche, Cologne, Germany, June 18, 2015; composition year: 2015; selection time: 7:32

Annea Lockwood:  Breathing Machine
The Glass World
¿What Next? Recordings/1997 (original Tangent LP 1970)
glass objects played by Annea Lockwood from The Glass World concert series 1966-1973;  selection time: 2:35

Johanna Beyer: The Main Deep (from Three Pieces for Choir)
Sticky Melodies
New World Records/2008
The Astra Choir, conductor: John McCaughey; recorded at Gasworks Theatre, Middle Park, Melbourne, Australia, November 2007; composition year: 1937; text: James Stephens; selection time: 2:27

Michael Jon Fink: Sunless
Cold Blue Music/2018
celesta: Michael Jon Fink; recorded at Architecture Studios, Los Angeles, September 28-29, 2018; time: 1:39

Lansing McLoskey: I am right, you are dead (Zealot Canticles XI)
Zealot Canticles — An Oratorio for Tolerance
Innova Recordings/2018
The Crossing choral ensemble, director: Donald Nally; texts, commentary: Wole Soyinka; recorded at St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley, Malvern, Pennsylvania, March 17-18, 2017; composition year: 2016; selection time: 6:03

Erdem Helvacıoğlu: Yaylada
60 x 60 — 2006-2007 (various artists)
Vox Novus/2008
kemane, kaval, sipsi (Yörük instruments), processing: Erdem Helvacıoğlu; time: 1:00

Brian Belet:
a. Lyra (10:35)
b. Remembering Allen (1:01)

Sufficient Trouble
Compositions for Computer, Live Instruments, and Voice
Ravello Records/2017
a. (for violin and Kyma software); violin: Pat Strange; recorded at Big Red Studios, Bainbridge Island, Washington, June 11, 2002; post-production at LIGO studios, Scotts Valley, California, October 9, 2016; composition year: 2002; b. for voice and Kyma; recorded at Left Edge Studio, Campbell, California, March 25, 2008; post-production at LIGO studios, Scotts Valley, California, October 7, 2016; total selections time: 11:36

Allen Strange: selections from Shaman — Sisters of Dreamtime*
a. Evocation (1:37)
b. Crystal Woman (2:44)
c. Serpent Woman [Cihuocoatl) (3:09)
d. Sun Woman [Sutalidihi] (3:10)
e. Sky Woman (Selu) (1:54)
f. Jaguar Woman (1:47)

CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 26 [various artists]
Music from the Center for Research in Electro-Acoustic Music (CREAM), San Jose State University
Centaur Records/1998
electronic music: Allen Strange; amplified violin: Patricia Strange; recorded at the Aurora Studios, Modesto, California, November, 1997; composition year: 1994; total selections time: 3:19
*bonus material for podcast 

Hour 3

Lawler + Fadoul: Blow the Moon Out (trad.)
Clickable — The Art of Persuasion
PARMA Recordings/2019
alto flute, voice: Zara Lawler; vibraphone, cajón: Paul Fadoul; arr. Lawler, Fadoul; time: 3:29

Amy Denio: Pandemic (from Corona Sonora)
percussion, electric guitar, electric bass, voicals, lyrics: Amy Denio; recorded at Spoot Music, Seattle; time: 2:28

Polly Moller: Blood Sugar
Silver Wheel Music/1999
bass flute, vocals, lyrics, processing: Polly Springhorn (aka. Polly Moller); time: 2:22

Areon Flutes: Broken Birds, Mvt. 6 (D. Clay)
No Era
Innova Recordings/2018
flutes: Jill Heinke Moen, Kassey Plaha, Meerenai Shim; recorded at Oktaven Studios, Mt. Vernon, New York; composer: Danny Clay; composition year: 2014; selection time: 4:31

Werner Durand: Druckwellen
Schwingende Luftsäulen
ANTS Records/2017
pan-ney, processing: Werner Durand; recorded in Berlin, Germany, 2016-2017; time: 8:19

Lukas Foss: Echoi III
Echoi/The Fragments of Archilochos/Non-Improvisation
Electronic Music Foundation/1998
piano: Lukas Foss; percussion: Jan Williams; cello: Douglas Davis; clarinet: Edward Yadzinski; recorded at the Buffalo and Erie County Library, November 20, 1968; composition years (Echoi I-IV): 1961-1963; time: 7:26

Jon Forshee: Sextet
Verses from the Aethersphere — Speculative Music of Jon Forshee
Open Space/2019
bassoon: Galina Klep; percussion: Andew Kreysla; harp: Tasha Smith Godinez; harpsichord: Kyle Blair; cello: Eric Moore; contrabass: Matt Kline; conductor: Stephen Lewis; composition year: 2013; time: 13:00

Movses Pogossian: Sheer (Part VIII) (A. McIntosh)
Inspired by Bach (various composers)
New Focus Recordings/2018
(for solo violin and eight wine glasses); violin: Movses Pogossian; crystal wine glasses: Anna Kouchnerov; Anjelina Lopez-Rosende; Stephanie Nagler; Sarah Worden; recorded at the Herb Alpert School of Music, UCLA, November 2017; composer: Andrew McIntosh; composition year: 2017; total selections time: 10:25

— FIN —

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