Martian Gardens Episode 1005

Martian Gardens Episode 1005
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
January 19, 2020
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Hour 1

Luciano Berio: O King
The Great Works for Voice
Mode Records/1995
Musician’s Accord — soprano: Christine Schadeberg; flute: Katherine Flanders Mukerji; clarinet: Sheldon Berkowitz; violin: Marshall Coid; cello: Ted Mook; piano: Margaret Kampmeier; conductor: Hayes Biggs; recorded at Sheppard Hall, City College of New York, April 3, 1995; composition year: 1968; time: 5:13

Neil B. Rolnick: Balkanization
Macedonian AirDrumming
Bridge Records/1992
(for MIDI performance system); synthesizers, MIDI keyboard, software programming: Neil Rolnick; recorded at Wittenberg Studio, Bearsville, New York, August 12, 1991; composition year: 1988; time: 10:08

Jack Body: Musik Anak Anak (Children’s Music)
Opus 30 Ans Musiques Compositeurs Vol. 1 (1970 – 1983) (various artists)
Mnémosyne Musique Media/2002
(electroacoustic music, sourced from the sounds of Indonesian children singing, toys, found objects, and discarded materials); realized at GMEB (IMEB), Bourges, France, 1978; time: 13:15

Alvin Curran: Canti Illuminati II (1st 1/2)
Solo Works — The ’70s
New World Records/2010
instruments, tapes, processing: Alvin Curran; recorded in Rome, 1974; composition year: 1977; excerpt time: 10:00

Roger Doyle: The Lament of Louis XVI
Charlotte Corday and the Lament of Louis XVI/Passades–Volume 1
electronic music: Roger Doyle; composition year: 1989; time: 13:30

Roger Doyle: Weather, Fun crime hotline  (from The Morning Show)
CD 4 — Earth at Full-Moon
William Monigold as Big Bob Mubarek (writer, performer; other writing/performing personnel: Tim Brady, Helen Bledsoe, Eoghan Nolan, Risteard Cooper, David Heap, Roger Doyle, Finn MacGinty, Peter Vollebregt; composition years: 1989-1999; recorded at various locations in the British Isles, Europe, and North America; total selection time: 1:25

Hour 2

Noah Creshevsky: Orchestral Variations
Hyperrealist Music, 2011-2015
EM Records/2015
electronic music: Noah Creshevsky; composition year: 2013; time: 10:11

Charles Amirkhanian: Took Some Time (from Loudspeakers)
New World Records/2019
sampled voice: Morton Feldman, recorded September 24, 1984 in an interview with Steve Cellum; Synclavier programmed at Henry Kaiser’s Studio, Oakland, California; composition years: 1988-1990; excerpt time: 7:34

Celebrating the 75th birthdays of both Creshevsky and Amirkhanian in January, 2020

Robert Scott Thompson: Jeux Mécaniques – Les Voix De Sa Tête
Of Loriot and Memory
Aucourant Records/2019
electronic music: RST; composition year: 2019; time: 4:06

Horatiu Radulescu: Dramatic Apse (from L’Exil Intérieur, Op. 98)
The Complete Cello Works
Mode Records/2019
cello: Catherine Marie Tunnell; piano: Ian Pace; recorded at Hardstudios, Winterthur; Switzerland, May 14, 2018; composition year: 1997; selection time: 14:47

Wendy Richman: He wishes for the cloths of heaven (C. Carey)
New Focus Recordings/2019 (for download)
viola, voice: Wendy Richman; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mount Vernon, NY, May-June 2017; composer: Christian Carey;  text: W.B. Yeats; composition year: 2010; time: 3:48

Elliott Carter: Riconoscenza
New Music Series Volume 3 (various artists)
Neuma Records/1993
violin: Carol Lieberman; composition year: 1984; time: 6:07

Ursula Mamlok: Sintra
I. With intensity (2:03)
II. Very fast (2:10)
III. Calmly (1:43)

Ursula Mamlok, Volume 3
Bridge Records/2010
cello: David Eggar; alto flute: Claire Chase; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, October 2007; total time: 5:56

Hour 3

Clarice Assad: Sin Fronteras
Project W — Works by Diverse Women Composers
Çedille Records/2018
Chicago Sinfonietta, director: Mei-Ann Cheng; recorded at Wentz Hall, Napierville, Illinois, 2018-2019; composition year: 2017; time: 13:27

Jorge Antunes: Source
Jorge Antunes e o GeMUnB/Works by Jorge Antunes
UnB Discos/2002
(for voice, flute, viola, cello, piano, synthesizer and magnetic tape); voice: Laura Conde; flute: Geraldo Moneira; viola: Fernando Vasgues; cello: Jorge Armando Nunes; piano: Mariuga Lisbôa Antunes; synthesizer, tape, conductor: Jorge Antunes; Recorded at Maida Vale Studios; recorded at Maida Vale Studio, BBC, London, October 25, 1975; composition year: 1974; time: 24:10

Leonie Klein: Póthos (N. A. Huber)
Gathering Thunders (various artists)
solo percussion: Leonie Klein; recorded at SWR Studio Kaiserslautern, Germany, May 2018; composer: Nicolaus A. Huber; composition year: 2010; time: 10:50

Robert Honstein: Chorale
An Economy of Means
New Focus Recordings/2018 (for download)
vibraphone: Doug Perkins; recorded at Shirk Studios, Chicago, time: 5:32

— FIN —

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