Martian Gardens Episode 995

Martian Gardens Episode 995
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
October 25-26, 2019
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Hour 1

Michael Byron: Bridges of Pearl and Dust
Bridges of Pearl and Dust
Cold Blue Music/2019
vibraphone: Ben Phelps; recorded at Architecture Studios, Los Angeles, August 2018; composition year: 2011; time: 15:58

John Cage: Works of Calder I. Prepared Piano
The Works for Piano 4
Mode Records/2002
prepared piano: Margaret Leng Tan; recorded at Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, New York City, April 4, 1999; composition years: 1949, 1950; time: 5:05

Hildegurls: Ordo Virtutum Act III
In which the virtues bind the soul to her decision
I. Musical Interlude
II. Anima Ila
III. Strepitus diaboli ad anima illam

Electric Ordo Virtutum
Innova Recordings/2009 (for download)
(choral music with acousmatic sounds); voices, composers: Kitty Brazelton, Lisa Bielawa, Eve Beglarian, Elain Kaplinsky; violin samples: Robin Lorentz; instrumental samples, field recordings: Eve Beglarian); text: Hildegard Von Bingen, Ordo Virtutum; premiered at Lincoln Center Festival, 1998; composition years: c. 1992-1998; time: 15:05

Alex Shapiro: O Death Rock Me Asleep
(for download)
(for SATB chorus and pre-recorded soundscape); premiered at All Saint’s Church, Beverly Hills, California; The Golden Bridge Ensemble, director: Suzi Digby; September 7, 2019; text: Anne Boleyn (attributed); composition year: 2019; time: 8:30

David Bowlin: Bird As Prophet (M. Bresnick)
Bird As Prophet
New Focus Recordings/2019 (for download)
violin: David Bowlin; piano: Tony Cho; recorded at Abeshouse Productions, Pelham, New York; composer: Martin Bresnick; composition year: 1999; time: 10:35

Hour 2

Elaine R. Barkin: Brandeis 1955
a. Cambridge (1:47)
b. Natick (1:55)
c. Waltham (1:33)
d. Lenox (1:14)

Open Space 34 — Elaine R. Barkin
Open Space/2016 (for download)
(for Bright, Steinway, and honky-tonk pianos); digital piano: Elaine Barkin; composition year: 1955; total time: 6:45

Alvin Curran: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
Endangered Species (various composers)
New World Records/2018
Yamaha Disklavier computerized piano: Alvin Curran; composers: Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart; arr. Alvin Curran; composition year: 1940; time: 10:28

Ruth Lomon: Dialogue
Ruth Lomon at 80
Neuma Records/2010
harpsichord: Vivian Montgomery; vibraphone: John Andress; recorded at the Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University, November 14, 2010; composition year: 1964; time: 3:28

Adam Stanović: Ctrl c
empreintes DIGITALes/2019
(electroacoustic music, stereo fixed media); realized at the composer’ studio, Sheffield, UK; premiered at the Instrumental vs. Electroacoustic concert, April 7, 2016, University of Sheffield, UK; composition year: 2016; time: 10:59

Roger Doyle: Entry Level 8
Frail Things in Eternal Places
electronic music: Roger Doyle; voice: Caitriona O’Leary; recorded at the composer’s studio, Trinity College, Dublin, composition year: 2015; time: 3:23

Pierre Henry/Pierre Schaeffer: selections from Symphonie pour un homme seul
a. Prosopopée 1 (2:57)
b. Prosopopée 2 (1:02)

L’oeuvre Musicale
Musique Concrète realized at Studio d’ Essai (ORTF), 1949-1950, premiered at Ecole Auditorium of the Ecole Normale de Musique, Paris, March 18, 1950; time: 3:59

R. Weis: String of Beads
Glass In Your Ear
R. Weis/2019
electroacoustic music (sound sources: broken glass, broken crockery), Machfive Sampling Software and Digital Performer: Robert Weis; recorded at the composer’s studio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; time: 3:38

Mendi + Keith Obadike: The Pink of Stealth
Crosstalk — American Speech Music (various artists)
Bridge Records/2008
vocals: Mendi Obadike; Keith Obadike: guitar, bass, drums, ubo aka (thumb piano),synthesizers, treatments; time: 6:16

Hour 3

Formosa Quartet: Hungarian Folk Songs (D. Wilson)
a.  Dudatánc (Bagpipe Dance) (3:48)
b. Ballada (Ballad) (4:00)
c. A Rátóti Legények (The Rátót Lads) (1:39)
d. Láncz, Láncz (Chains, Chains) (1:17)
e. Porondos Viz Martján (On the River Bank) (3:03)
f. Ej Görbénye (Hey Görbénye) (2:09)
g. Marámorosi Táncok (Dances in Máramureș) (1:51)
h. Nechocze Ty, Hanulienka Z Rana Do Trna (Don’t Go At Dawn, Hanulienka) (1:15)

From Hungary to Taiwan (various composers)
Bridge Records/2018
Formosa Quartet (violins: Jasmine Lin, Wayne Lee; viola: Che Yen Chen; cello: Deborah Pae); recorded at Nichols Hall, Music Institute of Chicago, October, 2017; composer: Dana Wilson; composition year: 2008; total time: 19:02

Walter Zimmermann: 10 Fränkische Tänze
Songs of Innocence & Experience
Mode Records/2012
(sublimated for string quartet); string quartet/drone quartet: Sonar Quartett (violins: Suanne Zapf, Kirsten Harms; viola: Nikolaus Schlierf; cello: Cosima Gerhardt); recorded at Siemens-Villa Berlin-Lankowitz, Germany, February 2011; composition year: 1977; time: 12:56

Mauricio Kagel: Unguis incarnatus est
Alexandre Tharaud plays Mauricio Kagel
Aeon/2003 (for download)
piano: Alexandre Tharaud; contrabass: Marc Marder; composition year: 1972; time: 6:20

If, Bwana: Lisa, Fluteless
Pogus Productions/2015 (for download)
(for voice and processing); voice: Lisa Barnard-Kelley; time: 8:03

Leo Kupper: Glissandi Vocaux (from Amkea)
Ways of the Voice
Pogus Productions/1999 (for download)
(for voice and processing); mezzo-soprano: Anna Maria Kiefer; composition year: 1984; time: 4:53

— FIN —

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