Martian Gardens Episode 990

Martian Gardens Episode 990
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
September 15, 2019
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Hour 1

James Tenney: selections from 64 Studies for 6 Harps
a. Study #33 (2:21)
b. Study #34 (1:59)

Changes — 64 Studies for 6 Harps
New World Records/2018
harps: Alison Bjorkedal, Ellie Choate, Elizabeth Huston, Catherine Litaker, Amy Shulman, Ruriko Terada; conductor: Nicholas Deyoe; recorded at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, November 24-26, 2017; composition year: 1985; total selections time: 4:20

Ben Melsky: After L’addio/Felt (T. Gueglio)
Ben Melsky/Ensemble Dal Niente
New Focus Recordings/2019
(for harp); harp: Ben Melsky; recorded at Experimental Sound Studios, Chicago, 2018 – 2019; composer: Tomás I. Gueglio; composition year: 2014; time: 9:00

Anne LeBaron: Mirage
1, 2, 4, 3
Innova Recordings/2010
amplified violin: Leroy Jenkins; electric harp, live electronics: Anne LeBaron;recorded at Disney Hall, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California, 2002; time: 6:59

Jin Hi Kim/Gerry Hemingway: Unknot
Jin Hi Kim’s Sound Universe
Living Tones/2009
electric komungo: Jin Hi Kim; percussion: Gerry Hemingway; excerpt from Jin Hi Kim’s Sanjo Ecstasy, premiered at the Sanjo Festival, Jeonju, South Korea; composition year: 2003; time: 7:59

Joseph Celli: Spiral (K. Stockhausen)
Organic Oboe
O.O. Discs/1991 (orig. LP/1978)
(for shortwave radio, amplification system, and soloist); oboe, English horn, electric English horn, voice, kazoo, wah-wah peddle, etc: Joseph Celli; composer: Karlheinz Stockhausen; composition year: 1968; time: 9:15

Brad Dutz:
a. Many Whistles (improv.) (1:31)
b. Japanese Toy Balloons (improv.) (0:41)

Obliteration Percussion Quartet
Brad Dutz/2003
instruments, noises: Joseph Berardi, Dan Morris, John Holmes, Brad Dutz; recorded at Apperson Street Studios, Tujunga, California, 1999 – 2001; total selections time: 2:12

Roscoe Mitchell: Beyond Neptune
Solo (3)
Mutable Music/2003
alto saxophone: Roscoe Mitchell; recorded at Audio for the Arts, Madison, Wisconsin, time: 5:10

Trance Mission: Space
A Day Out of Time
City of Tribes/1999
didgeridoo: Stephen Kent; clarinet: Beth Custer; percussion: Peter Valsamis; keyboards, vocals: Eda Maxym; recorded live at St. John’s Church, Berkeley, California, July 25, 1998; time: 2:43

Hour 2

Alistair MacDonald: Scintilla
Cabinets de curiosité
empreintes DIGITales/2018
(for stereo fixed media); realized at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, 2013; sound sources: flameworked glass instruments created by Carrie Fertig; premiered at Alexander Gibson Opera Studio, February 11, 2013; time: 9:00

Philip Perkins:
a. Domestic Water (3:29)
b. Nebawn (1:32)

Yeah Machine
Live performances using recorded, made, found, purchased, and stolen sounds, 2016-2019
Artifact Recordings/2019
all sounds: Philip Perkins; total selections time: 5:01

George Todd: Wordscapes
a. Word
b. Water Asleep
c. Green Idea

Music from SEAMUS, Volume 2 [various artists]
Society for Electro-Acoustic Music United States
New Focus Recordings/2019 (orig. SEAMUS/1994)
Synclavier programming and performance: George Todd, Middlebury College; composition year: 1991; selection time: 5:35

Eduardo Reck Miranda: Goma arábica
Mother Tongue
electroacoustic music: E. Reck Miranda; recorded at the University of Edinburgh Electroacoustic Music Studios; orchestra: The Contemporary Music Group, conductor: Steve Davismoon; composition year: 1995; time: 7:22

Ricardo Dal Farra: …Due Giorni Dopo
Travels of the Spider — Electroacoustic Music from Argentina [various artists]
Pogus Productions/1998
composed and produced at the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale of Padova’s University, Italy, 1988; premiered at Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 1988; composition year: 1988; time: 3:12

R. Weis: Dog Choir
Dog Choir CD-R
R. Weis/2003
dog noises recorded by Robert Weis; processing: Robert Weis; premiered at the Pour L’Amour des Chiens,” Mona Bismarck Foundations, Paris, summer 2003; time: 3:00

Noah Creshevsky: Pulp Fiction
Hyperrealist Music 2011-2015
EM Records/2014
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky; flute: Matt Samolis; player piano samples: Kyle Gann; electric guitar samples: Marco Oppedisano; composition year: 2014; time: 7:27

Michèle Bokanowski: Trois chambres d’inquiétude (room 1)
Michèle Bokanowski
trAce Labe/2009
(musique concrète); music composed at the composer’s studio, Paris; mixed at GMEB (Groupe de musique expérimentale de Bourges) [now IMEB — Institut international de musique électroacoustique de Bourges], 1975-1976; selection time: 9:23

Hour 3

Brian Ferneyhough: Unity Capsule
I. 3:41
II. 5:05
III. 5:57

Music for Flute
Bridge Records/2002
(for solo flute); flute: Kolbeinn Bjarnason; recorded at Víðistaðakirkja, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland; January-December 2000; composition years: 1975-1976; total time: 14:00

Mark Applebaum:
a. Ferneyhough Remix (Affection Aphorism 1) (2:25)
b. Plundergraphic (4:44)

Intellectual Property
Innova Recordings/2004
a. (for percussion and tape); percussion: Steven Schick, Iván Manzanilla; b. (for 8-channel tape, acoustic instruments, and diffusion artist); piano: Mark Applebaum; cello: Chris Chafe; percussion: Terry Longshore; flute, piccolo: Jane Rigler; diffusion: Brian Francesconi; recorded at Stanford University; composition years: a. 2003; b. 2002; total selections time: 7:09

Joan La Barbara: As lighting comes, in flashes
The Early Immersive Music
Mode Records/2017 (orig. Wizard LP/1983)
(for seven voices and electronics on 8 tracks of tape, and dance theater); voices (studio version): Joan La Barbara; electronics: Hal Dalby, John Faverman, Rand Steiger, George “Skip” Brunner, Steve Bilow; premiered at the Contemporary Music Festival ’81, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California, February 28, 1981; new Surround Sound version remixed at Harverstwork Studios, New York City, 2015-2017 for Mode Records release; composition year: 1981; time: 22:05

Dorota Czerner: Fireflies
Open Space 29 (Barkin, Czerner, Boretz)
Open Space/2012
voice, texts: Dorota Czerner; sound: Benjamin Boretz; composition year: 2012 time: 4:43

Karola Obermüller:
a. Pulstastung I (2:22)
b. Pulstastung II (4:26)

Music of Karola Obermüller
piano: Emanuele Arciuli; recorded at Baroque Hall, SMC Records, Ivrea, Italy, January 9, 2018; composition years: a. 2011/b. 2014-2015; time: 6:48

— FIN —

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