Martian Gardens Episode 988

Martian Gardens Episode 988
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
August 30-31, 2019
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Hour 1

Mario Davidovsky: Synchronisms No. 5
Pioneers of Electronic Music (various artists)
New World Records/2006 (orig. CRI/1991)
(for percussion ensemble and electronic sounds); percussion: Ray Des Roches, Richard Fritz, Claire Heldrich, Donald Marcone, Howard Van Hyning; conductor: Harvey Solberger; composition year: 1969; time: 8:32

Mario Davidovsky: Synchronisms No. 6
The Music of Mario Davidovsky Volume 3
Bridge Records/2005
(for piano and electronics) piano: Aleck Karis; recorded at K.A.S. Music Sound, Astoria, New York; composition year: 1970; time: 9:59

In memory of Mario Davidovsky  (March 4, 1934 — August 23, 2019)

Mario Davidovsky: Biblical Songs
I. From the Song of Songs (3:48)
II. And Samson Said (2:33)
III. Psalm 137 (5:08)
IV. Isaac’s Blessing (2:51)

Three Cycles on Biblical Texts
Bridge Records/2002
soprano: Susan Narucki; members of Parnassus (flute: Keith Underwood; clarinet: Alan R. Kay; violin: Cyrus Stevens; cello: Chris Finckel; piano: Christopher Oldfather); recorded at Master Sounds, Astoria, New York; composition year: 1990; total time: 14:20

Larry Austin: Quadrants — Event/Complex No. 4 and Event/Complex No. 9
CDCM Computer Music  Series Volume 19
The Composer in the Computer Age IV — A Larry Austin Retrospective
Centaur Records/1994
(for percussion, delay system, electronic music on tape); Yamaha Disklavier, programming: J.B. Floyd; percussion: Robert McCormick, Mel Mobley; recorded at Gusman Hall, University of Florida Coral Gables, January 1994; post-production: Larry Austin, Kunitachi College of Music, Sonology Dept., Tokyo, Spring 1994, tape music: produced at Lunetta Studio, Sacramento, and Mills College, Oakland, 1972; composition years: 1972, 1974, 1994; time: 8:49

Cort Lippe: Paraptra
Music from SEAMUS Volume 2 (various artists)
New Focus Recordings/2019 (orig. SEAMUS/1993)
(for two-channel electroacoustic music); realized at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique), Paris, 1991; premiered at Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States Conference, 1991; time: 14:22

Hour 2

Noah Creshevsky: Sleeping Awake
Sleeping Awake
Open Space/2019
electroacoustic music; Noah Creshevsky; voice, text: Dorota Czerner (text inspired by the painting Dervisci Rotanti by Aldo Mondino); composition year: 2017; time: 4:36

Randy Greif: The Hole to Heaven
Dry Lungs II (Various Artists)
Placebo Records/1986
instruments (saxophone, bass, percussion), tape: Randy Greif; time: 8:00

Master Vyas: Jala-Tarang (sic.)
The Secret Museum of Mankind Volume 5 (various artists)
Ethnic Classics 1925-1948
Yvas Brothers: jal-tarang; unspecified instruments; recorded in India, c. 1925; time: 3:20

Andrew Conklin: Field Reports III – Adeus Ulima
Field Reports
New Focus Recordings/2019
voices: Lynn Kiang, Valerie Madamba, Tina Šćepanović; bass: Kurt Kotheimer; percussion: Russell Greenberg, Sam Ospovat; recorded at Figure 8 Studios, Brooklyn, winter 2016; composers: trad./Andrew Conklin; field recordings: Library of Congress collection “California Gold: Northern California Folk Music from the Thirties,” Sidney Robertson Cowell, Works Progress Administration, 1938; selection time: 2:56

Philip Perkins: Grieg Park
Drive Time
Body Double Records/2013 (orig. Fun Music/1985)
tapes, arrangements, processing: Philip Perkins; recorded San Francisco, 1980s; Edvard Grieg music: The Golden Gate Park Band, conductor: Robert Hansen; time: 1:20

Carey Nutman: Rough…Calm
Contrasts 3
MPS Music & Video/2019
electronic music: Carey Nutman; recorded at the composer’s studio, Houghton-Le-Spring, UK, time: 4:09

Laurie Anderson: Same Time Tomorrow
Bright Red/Tight Rope
Warner Bros./1994
vocals, keyboards: Laurie Anderson; surdo drum, shaker: Cyro Baptista; recorded at The Lobby, New York City; time: 3:51

Mara Helmuth/Allen Otte: As An Algebra
Implements of Actuation
Electronic Music Foundation/2001
voice, mbira dzavadzimu: Allen Otte; text, voice: Don Bogen; recorded at the University of Cincinnati; composition year: 1994; time: 8:45

Barry Cleveland: Cleopatra’s Needle
Voluntary Dreaming
Scarlet Records/1990
electronic keyboards, electric guitar: Barry Cleveland; recorded at Spot Studio, Oakland, California, 1987-1989; time: 2:34

Gerard Pape: Movements II, IV & V (from Ascension au Purgatoire)
Ascension to Purgatory
Mode Records/2006
percussion: Roland Auzet; Stochos computer program programming: Sinan Bokesoy; CCMIX assistant: Stefan Tiedje; recorded live in Paris at the Rencontres Festival of CCMIX; composition year: 2004; total selections time: 6:52

Hour 3

Stuart Saunders Smith: Thicket
I. 5:55
II. 1:19
III. 2:17
IV. 1:01
V. 2:07

Palm Sunday
New World Records/2019
piano: Kyle Adam Blair; recorded at the Conrad Prebys Hall, University of California San Diego, October 2015; composition year: 2010; total time: 12:37

Lula Romero: Die Wanderung, part 1
Ins Offene
(for solo instrument and live electronics); accordion: Nerea Rodríguez (Vertixe Sonora), live electronics: Lula Romero; recorded at German Radio Chamber Music Hall, Köln, June 2018; composition years: 2012, 2013; selection time: 5:33

Lanier Sammons: Olive’s Stars
Lines and Waves
Spectropol Records/2018
accordion, objects, vacuum cleaner, voice: Lucie Vítková; recorded at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, California; time: 3:50

Diane Labrosse: Le réveille-matin a tic-tac (Ticking Alarm Clocks)
Musique pour objets en voie de disparition
Music for Objects on the Verge of Extinction
(for electric guitar and alarm clocks); electric guitar: Bernard Falaise; recorded at Studio 270 and Studio Le 2e, Montreal; time: 5:35

David Mooney: Dead Umbrellas
Rhythmiconic Sections
Arizona University Recordings/2002
computer music: (virtual rhythmiconic environment) David Mooney; time: 5:08

Monique Jean: T. A. G.* (excerpt)
empreintes DIGITALes/2018
(stereo fixed medium); realized at the composer’s studio, Montreal, 2013; premiered at the Akousma X festival, Montreal, October 24, 2013; excerpt time: 10:00
*Trottoir, Asphalte, Goudron: Sidewalk, Asphalt, Tar

Charles Dodge: Profile
Electro Acoustic Music 1 (various artists)
Neuma Records/1990
computer music: Charles Dodge; recorded at the Center for Computer Music, Brooklyn College, autumn 1984; time: 6:57

Laurie Spiegel: From A Harmonic Algorithm
Unseen Worlds
Unsween Worlds/2019 (orig. Scarlet Records/1991)
computers, electronics: Laurie Spiegel; composition year: 1990; time: 2:49

— FIN —

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