Martian Gardens Episode 978

Martian Gardens Episode 978
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
June 9, 2019
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Hour 1

Lula Romero: Ins Offene
Ins Offene
(for 10 instruments and live electronics); Zarfraan Ensemble, conductor: Premil Petrović; live electronics: Lula Romero; recorded at Teldex Studio, Berlin, September 16, 2018; composition years: 2012-2013; time: 22:33

Du Yun: dreams-bend
Dinosaur Scar
New Focus Recordings/2018
International Contemporary Ensemble, narrator, text: Du Yun, recorded at Sweeney Concert Hall, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, 2009; composition year: 2007; time: 3:09

Elliott Sharp: Flexagons
Dispersion — Music for Systems Orchestra
Mode Records/2018
Veni Academy, conductor: Marián Lejava; recorded at Kasárne/Kulturpark, Košíc, Slovakia, July 2015; composition year: 2013; time: 17:38

Zorá String Quartet: Trois pièces pour quatuor à cordes (I. Stravinsky)
I. 0:57
II. 2:06
III. 4:45

Of Radiance and Refraction (Notus/Zorá)
Innova Recordings/2018
Zorá String Quartet (violins: Dechopol Kowintaweewat, Seula Lee; viola: Pablo Muñoz Salido ; cello: Zizai Ning), recorded at the University of Indiana, Bloomington; 2014-2016; composer: Igor Stravinsky; composition years: 1914, 1918; total time: 7:48

Hour 2

Benjamin Boretz: The Memory of All That*
Postlude/Downtime/The Memory of All That
Open Space/2011
piano: Zuzanna Szewczyk Kwon; mezzo soprano: Megan Berti; text: John Donne, Holy Sonnet 10; recorded at Eastman School of Music, 2011; composition year: 2011; time: 12:38
*Dedicated to Milton Babbitt (1916-2011)

Noah Creshevsky: Passacaglia*
Sleeping Awake
Open Space/2019
piano: Zuzanna Szewczyk Kwon; mezzo soprano: Megan Berti; text: John Donne, Holy Sonnet 10; electroacoustics: Noah Creshevsky; recorded at the composer’s studio, New York City; composition year: 2018; time: 9:07
*Dedicated to Benjamin Boretz; inspired by Boretz’s “The Memory of All That”

Daniel Goode: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
I. 2:49
II. 3:39
III. 4:03

New World Records/2014
clarinet: Daniel Goode; piano: Douglas Martin; recorded in New York City, 2012; composition years: 1959-1960, total time: 10:36

Otto Luening & Vladimir Ussachevsky: Concerted piece for tape recorder and orchestra
Music for Electronic and Older Instruments (Luening/Ussachevsky/Powell)
Composers Recordings, Inc./1968
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: José Serebrier; recorded in Oslo, Norway, 1967; electronic tape recorded at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, New York City, 1960; composition year: 1960; time: 8:41

Mario Davidovsky: Synchronisms No. 10
Bridge Records/2000
(for guitar and electronic sounds); guitar: David Starobin; composition year: 1992; time: 9:25

Hour 3

Mathew Rosenblum: Northern Flicker
Lament/Witches’ Sabbath
New Focus Recordings/2018
percussion: Lisa Pegher; recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, July 20, 2016; composition year: 2013; time: 8:15

Eric Moe: Songs and Dances of the Automobile
I. Mambo (1:25)
II. Nocturne (3:56)
III. Rubber Riff (2:13)
IV. Lullaby with Variations (4:14)
V. Piston Fling (1:32)

On the Tip of My Tongue
Chamber and Electroacoustic Music by Eric Moe
Centaur Records/1996
FM synthesis electronic music: Eric Moe; recorded at Polymorph Productions, Berkeley, California, February 15, 1988; composition year: 1988; total time: 13:43

Arie Shapira: Lament for Lotan*
Electronics Plus
(for readers, recorder, and electroacoustic processing); readers: Ido Bassok, Alona Frenkel, Shmuel Miller; recorder: Yahuda Gil’ad; text: Ido Bassok; composition, electronics: Arie Shapira; composition year: 1987; time: 10:18
*dedicated to Lotan Izhaki, killed at Bechamoun, Lebanon, 1982

Krzysztof Penderecki: De Natura Sonoris No. 1
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Antoni Wit; recorded at Warsaw Philharmonic Hall, Warsaw, September 8, 2008; composition year: 1966; time: 7:19

Dean Anderson: XL+1 (A. Etler)
Divinations — Solo Percussion (various composers)
Neuma Recordings/1998
(for 41 percussion instruments and solo performer); percussion: Dean Anderson; recorded at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts; composer: Alvin Etler; composition year: 1970; time: 10:13
— FIN —

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