Martian Gardens Episode 976

Martian Gardens Episode 976

Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
May 24, 2019
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Hour 1

Dai Fujikara: Chance Monsoon
Chance Monsoon
New Focus Recordings/2017
guitar: Soichi Muraji; composition year: 2014; time: 5:36

David Starobin: Schrödinger’s Cat (P. Ruders)
a. Canon I (Fast) (0:56)
b. Canon II (Fast) (0:38)
c. Canon III (Moderate) (1:04)
d. Canon IV (Fast) (1:05)
e. Canon V (Moderate) (0:57)
f. Canon VI (Fast) (1:11)
g. Canon VII (Moderate) (1:12)
h. Canon VIII ((Fast) (0:31)
i. Canon IX (Fast) (2:21)
j. Canon X (Slow) (1:29)
k. Canon XI (Fast) (2:22)
l. Canon XII (Slow) (1:15)

New Music With Guitar, Volume 9 (various composers)
Bridge Records/2015
guitar: David Starobin; violin: Amelia Hall; recorded at New Rochelle Sound Studios, October 25, 2013; composition year: 2012; total time: 15:07

Morton Subotnick: Liquid Strata
Complete Works for Piano
Mode Records/2018
(for piano, voice, and ghost electronics); piano: SooJin Anjou; recorded in New York City, May 2014; composition year: 1977; text: Sir Isaac Newton; time: 26:38

Chaya Czernowin: Action Sketches, No 1 — Breathe
countertenor: Kai Wessel; bariton: Jeffrey Gavett; cello: Michael Nicolas; percussion: Nathan Davis; tenor saxophone: Ryan Muncy; recorded at Miller Theater, Columbia University, New York City, October 14, 2014; composition year: 2014; time: 1:53

Nicolas Caloia:
a. L’Allumeuse (3:53)
b. L’Horizon (2:58)

Les Bonnes Histoires
Ambiances Magnetiques/2016
double bass, percussion, drum machine: Nicolas Caloia; piccolo, bass flute, tenor saxophone: Jean Derome; voice: Gabriel Dharmoo; clarinets, bells: Lori Freedman; voice, texts Genevieve Letarte; recorded in Montreal, July 2015; time: 6:51

Hour 2

Erik La Casa/Slavek Kwi: Vibratility.Mozaik
Cultures Électroniques 16 (various artists)
Compositions from the 29th Competition of Electroacoustic Music, Bourges, 2002
Mnémosyne Musique Média/2002
electroacoustic music: Erik La Casa, Slavek Kwi; composition year: 2001; time: 15:42

Robert Scott Thompson: Properties of Space
Acousmatique Records/2018
synthesizers, computers: RST; recorded at the composer’s studio, Roswell, Georgia; composition year: 2018; time: 5:43

Edmund Campion: Domus Aurea
Outside Magic
Albany Records/2008
vibraphone: William Winant; piano: Julie Steinberg; recorded at the University of California Berkeley; composition year: 2000; time: 13:26

Anna Rubin: Stolen Gold
Electric Music (Rubin/Hollander)
Capstone Records/2004 (via Neuma Records)
(for amplified baroque oboe, live electronics, digital audio); baroque oboe: Debra Nagy; recorded at Kulas Hall, Oberlin College, May 12, 2001; composition year: 1991, revised 2000; time: 5:33

Barney Childs: Music for Bass Drum
Heaven to clear when day did close
New World Records/2016
bass drum: Ron George, Chris Corman, Blake Van Vilet; recorded at the University of Redlands, Redlands, California, 2001; composition year: 1964; time: 3:41

Bernd Klug: Abandoned Satellite Dishes 1
Cold Commodities
Innova Recordings/2014
double bass, feedback, satellite dish soundings: Bernd Klug; recorded at East 19th Street, Brooklyn, September 2013; time: 3:27

Brian Belet: Name Droppings
Sufficient Trouble
Compositions for Computer, Live Instruments, and Voice
Ravello Records/2017
(for voices and Kyma software); realized and mixed at Left Edge Studio, Campbell, California, June 30, 2016, composition year: 2008; time: 5:13

Hour 3

Luigi Nono: Leggio V
La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura
(for solo violin, fixed media, sound projection, music stands); violin: Melise Mellinger; electronics on 8-tracks of tape: Luigi Nono, Hans Peter Haller; electronic sound projection: Salvatore Sciarrino; recorded at Klaus von Bismark-Saal, WDR Köln, July 2001; composition years: 1988-1999; time: 11:30

Pierre Boulez: selections from Anthèmes 2
a. Libre (0:43)
b. Très Lent, Avec Beaucoup De Flexibilité – Libre (1:15)
c.  Rapide, Dynamique, Très Rythmique, Rigide – Libre (2:30)
d. Lent, Régulier – Nerveux, Irrégulier – Libre (1:52)
e. Agité, Instable – Libre (2:06)
f. Très Lent, Avec Beaucoup De Flexibilité – Subitement Nerveux Et Extrêmement Irrégulier – Libre (1:31)

Sur Incises – Messagesquisse – Anthèmes 2
Deutsche Grammophon/2000
(for violin and live electronics); solo violin: Hae-Sun Kang (from L’Ensemble Intercontemporain); electroacoustics: Andrew Gerzo (from IRCAM, Paris); recorded at Cité de la Musique, Salle des Concerts, Paris, December 1999; composition year: 1997; total selections time: 9:57

Marcelle Deschênes: Moll, opéra lilliput pour six roches molles
a. Le monde est une goutte d’eau et (Lucia di Lammermoor)
b. Naissance des roches molles
c. Puce: Zig!… Zig! Zig!… Tu es là?… Es-tu blessé?  Zig: Je ne crois pas. Je suis tombé sur une chose molle…
d. Insectes secs — bâiller aux corneille
e. Étoile variable
f. Insectes (amertubes): boire la mer avec une paille
g. Étoile double
h. Jeu: vers une synchronisation
i. Si by the Sea
j. Sirènes
k. J’ai perdu le si de ma clarinette
l. Comme la lune se lève rouge (Wozzeck)
m. Supernova et étoiles pulsantes
n. Étoile du matin
o. Vaisseaux fantômes
p. London Bridge is Falling Down
q. Le monde est une bulle d’air

petits Big Bangs
empreintes DIGITALes/2006
(for 2 clarinets, 3 trombones, 3 percussions, and fixed media); clarinets: Pierre Langevin; trombones: Réjean Marois; percussion, toys: Robert Leroux, René Joly, Raynald Lévesque, Robert Pelletier; electroacoustic music realized at Laval University, Quebec City, 1976; premiered at Pollack Hall, McGill University, Montreal, March 18, 1976; this recording made by Jean Corriveau, Studio Jean Sauvageau, Montreal, 1978; remastered by Dominique Bassal, 2005; total time: 22:25

Dorota Czerner: A Poem for Bob Morris at 70
Robert Morris at 70 (various artists)
Open Space/2014
text, reading: Dorota Czerner; time: 4:04

Victoria Jordanova: L’ Espagnol (from Four Preludes for Harp)
Requiem for Bosnia
harp: Victoria Jordanova; composition year: 1993; time: 2:51

— FIN —

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