Martian Gardens Episode 973

Martian Gardens Episode 973
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
April 28, 2019
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Hour 1

Robert Palmer: Second Sonata
a. Andante con moto tranquillo (6:30)
b. Allegro Agitato (6:00)

Piano Music
New World Records/2019
piano: Adam Tendler; recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters; June 2018; composition year: 1948; total time: 12:30

Steven Stucky: Threnos
Music for Wind Ensemble
Albany Records/1997
Baylor University Wind Ensemble, conductor: Michael Haithcock; recorded September 24, 1996; composition year: 1988; time: 8:21

The Bowers Fader Duo: Three settings by David Claman
a. Ganga-Yamuna (1:31)
b. The Maldive Shark (2:04)
c. The Enviable Isles (5:20)

Between Us All–New American Art Songs for Voice & Guitar (various composers)
New Focus Recordings/2019
mezzo-soprano: Jessica Bowers; guitar: Oren Fader; composer: David Claman (a. composition year: 2016; text: Ved Prakash Vatuk; b. composition year: 2017; text: Herman Melville; c. composition year: 2017; text: Herman Melville; composition year: 2017); total time: 8:51

John Cage and Joan La Barbara: Mirakus-2
Singing Through
New Albion Records/1990
voice: Joan La Barbara; composer: John Cage; text: Marcel Duchamp; composition year: 1984; recorded at Skywalker Music, Lucas Valley, California, June 1990; time: 8:54

Stephen Whittington: from…From a Thatched Hut
a. Scratch Head, Appeal to Heaven (3:38)
b. Scratch Head, Appeal to Heaven…again (3:42)

Cold Blue Music/2017
Zephyr Quartet (violins: Belinda Gehlert, Emily Tulloch; viola: Jason Thomas; cello: Hilary Kleinig); recorded at EMU Studio One, University of Adelaide, September 2016, and Architecture Studios, Los Angeles, March 2017; composition year: 2010; total selections time: 7:20

Howard Skempton:
a. Music (2:32)
b. Music, when soft voices die (1:30)
c. Liebeslied (1:05)

Bolt from the Blue — Music for Piano and Voices
Mode Records/2010
EXAUDI, conductor: James Weeks; a. text: Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Fragments on Nature and Life” (Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1904); composition year: 1992; b. music: Roger Quilter (1927; arr. Skempton, 1992; text: Percy Bysshe Shelley [London: John and Henry L. Hunt, 1824]); recorded at St. Silas Chalk Farm, London, September 26, 2007; total selections time: 5:07

Hour 2

Malcolm Goldstein: Two Silences
Soweto Stomp
Mode Records/2016
The Ratchet Orchestra, Malcolm Goldstein, violin and direction; recorded at Hotel2Tango, Montreal, February, 2015; composition years: 2003, 2013; time: 12:18

Malcolm Goldstein: Spring
The Seasons — Vermont
XI Records/1998
(for ensemble and tape); double bass: Robert Black; wood flutes, electric guitar, percussion: Mark Steven Woods; oboe, English horn, ocarina: Joseph Celli; violin: Malcolm Goldstein; saxophones, vibraphones: Tom Guralnick; vibraphone, percussion: Brian Johnson; vocalizing, accordion: Kenneth Karpowicz; recorded at Real Art Ways, Hartford, February 26, 1983; composition year: 1980-1982;  time: 7:30

Wendy Carlos: Spring
Sonic Seasonings and Land of the Midnight Sun
East Side Digital/1998 (orig. Columbia LP/1972)
synthesizers, field recordings: Wendy Carlos; production: Rachel Elkind; composition year: 1972; time: 22:24

Mark Bokowiec: In the Cabinet Protozoa
MPS Music & Video/2018
electroacoustic music (sound sourced from geological locations in Iceland and Greece): Mark Bokowiec; realized at the composer’s Bodycoder System, University of Huddersfield, UK; time: 6:06

Roger Doyle: Link/Separator 2
Passades — Volume 2
BV Haast/2005
electronics: Roger Doyle; transformed voices: Olwen Fouere, Paul Dutton, Mary Doyle; recorded at the composer’s studio, Dublin; time: 3:45

Hour 3

Robert Ashley: The Wolfman
Source (various artists)
Music of the Avant-Garde — Source Records 1-6, 1968-1971
Pogus Productions/2008
(concert music for tape); vocal: Robert Ashley; electronics: Gordon Mumma; recorded at the First Festival of Live-Electronic Music, University of California, Davis, 1967; composition year: 1964; time: 15:29

Bob James Trio: Wolfman (Ashley/James)
ESP-Disk/2008 (orig. LP/1965)
piano, electronic tape collage: Bob James; bass: Barre Phillips; drums: Robert Pozar; electronic tape collage: Robert Ashley, Gordon Mumma; recorded at Bell Sound Studios, New York City, May 10, 1965; time: 6:08

Judy Klein: The Wolves of Bays Mountain
Open Space 15
Open Space/2004
CSound programming: Judy Klein; wolves and other wildlife recorded at Bays Mountain Park, Tennessee; composition year: 1998; time: 21:00

Benjamin Broening:
a. Nocturne/Doubles (6:09)
b. Traces [I] (3:19)

Trembling Air
Innova Recordings/2011
a. (for piano and electronics); piano: Lisa Kaplan; Camp Concert Hall, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, October 11-12, 2008; composition year: 2002; b. electroacoustic music sourced from outtakes from “Trembling Air” recordings sessions; total selections time: 9:18

— FIN —

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