Martian Gardens Episode 955

Martian Gardens Episode 955
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
November 21-23, 2018
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Hour 1

Jō Kondō: Snow’s Falling
Musical Observations, Inc./2018
The Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, conductor: Paul Zukofsky; piano: Satoku Inoue; recorded at Avoco Creative Studio, Tokyo, June 15, 2016; composition year: 2001; text: Chūya Nakahara (Snow’s Falling, 1929); time: 19:27

Morton Feldman: Selections from Three Voices
a. Snow Falls (2:28)
b. Whispers (2:24)

Three Voices for Joan La Barbara
New Albion Records/1989
voices: Joan La Barbara; text: Frank O’Hara (Wind, 1957), recorded in Los Angeles; composition year: 1982; total selections time: 5:52

Meredith Monk: Conversation
Our Lady of Late
voice: Meredith Monk; percussion, glass: Collin Walcott; recorded at Vanguard Studios, New York City, May 1973; time: 2:54

Annea Lockwood:  Wine Glass
The Glass World
¿What Next? Recordings/1997 (original Tangent LP 1970)
glass objects played by Annea Lockwood from The Glass World concert series 1966-1973; total excerpts time: 1:42

Philip Corner: Pulse Polyphony
Alga Marghen/2002
(string piano to bell-tree); performers: Brian Dallow, Carole Weber, Daniel Goode; recorded at The Kitchen, New York City, 1974; time: 10:39

Du Yun: Impeccable Quake
Dinosaur Scar
New Focus Recordings/2018
International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), conductor: Ryan Nelson; recorded at Sweeney Concert Hall, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, 2009; composition year: 2004; time: 9:59

Annea Lockwood: Bubbling
The Glass World
¿What Next? Recordings/1997 (original Tangent LP 1970)
glass objects played by Annea Lockwood from The Glass World concert series 1966-1973; total excerpts time: 1:40

Annea Lockwood: Dialogue — Bottles & Jars*
The Glass World
¿What Next? Recordings/1997 (original Tangent LP 1970)
glass objects played by Annea Lockwood from The Glass World concert series 1966-1973; total excerpts time: 1:42
*Not included on WXOJ version

Yvar Mikhashoff: Red Garnet Waltz (J. Tower)*
Panorama of American Piano Music (various composers)
from Antheil to Zappa: 1911 to 1991
Mode Records/2013
piano: Yvar Mikhashoff; recorded at Slee Hall, Buffalo, New York, 1991-1992; composer: Joan Tower; composition year: 1977; total time: 3:27
*Online versions only

Hour 2

Shulamit Ran: Mirage
Music by Shulamit Ran
Bridge Records/1995
The Da Capo Chamber Players (flute: Patricia Spencer; clarinet: Laura Flax; piano: Sarah Rothenberg; violin: Eric Wyrick; cello: André Emelianoff); recorded at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, December, 1993; composition year: 1990; time: 10:21

Kate Soper: Only the Words Themselves Say What They Mean
I. Go Away
II. Head, Heart
III. Getting to Know Your Body

Ipsa Dixit
New World Records/2018
Wet Ink Ensemble (soprano: Kate Soper; flute: Erin Lesser; percussion: Ian Antonio; violin: Josh Modney); texts: Lydia Davis;  recorded at EMPAC, Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York; composition year: 2010-2011; time: 11:17

Heiner Goebbels: In the Country of Last Things
Surrogate Cities
ECM Records/2000
(for vocals and orchestra) vocals: Jocelyn B. Smith ; narrator: David Moss; text: Paul Auster (Le Voyage D’Anna Blume); Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, conductor: Peter Rundel; recorded at Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, 1996; composition year: 1994; time: 5:14

Langston Hughes: The Dream Keeper
The Dream Keeper
Mode Records/2017
intoning voice: Eric Mingus; piano: David Amram; soprano saxophone: Catherine Sikora; alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, contra-alto clarinet: Don Davis; flute, Native American flute: Cynthia Chatis; Hammond organ: Scip Gallant; bass: Chris Stambaugh; drums: Mike Barron; percussion: Shawn Russell, Frank Laurino; guitar, music director, arranger: David Simon; text: Langston Hughes, “The Dream Keeper,” first published 1932; recorded at Thundering Sky Studio, South Berwick, Maine, April 2012; total time: 4:27

Noah Creshevsky: Borrowed Time
Auxesis (Amirkhanian/Creshevsky)
Centaur Records/1995
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky; composition year: 1992; time: 11:43

Robert Scott Thompson: Accumulation
Acousmatique Records/2018
synthesizers, computers: RST; recorded at the composer’s studio, Roswell, Georgia; composition year: 2018; time: 7:14

Robert Scott Thompson: Flower Cleaning Rain*
Gold Flowers Bloom Mercury Petals
Aucourant Records/2009
electroacoustic music: RST; recorded at the composer’s studio, Roswell, Georgia; time: 1:43
*Taint Radio and Radio4All versions only

John Allemeier: Surge*
60 X 60 2006/2007 (various artists)
Vox Novus/2008
(for digital media); composition year: 2007; time: 1:00
*Global Community Radio & Radio4All versions only

Brian Belet: An Abstract (Queues)*
Sufficient Trouble
Ravello Records/2017
(for computer-processed voice); recorded at the Center for Research in Electro-Acoustic Music, University of California San Jose, January; 1997; post-production: Ligo Studios,  Scotts Valley, California, October 9, 2016; composition year: 1997; time: 1:00
*Taint Radio and Radio4All versions only

Hour 3

Karlheinz Stockhausen: selections from Kurzwellen, Page 4
a. Instrumental Duo (2:17)
b. Instrumental Quartet (0:58)
c. Instrumental Duo (1:20)
d. Radio followed by Instrumental Duo (0:35)
e. Instrumental and Radio Trio (0:52)

Mode Records/2018
(for six players with shortwave radio receivers and live electronics); C.L.S.I. Ensemble* (piano: Jacqueline Mefano; shortwave radio, ring modulation, filtering: Lissa Meridan, Gerard Pape; synthesizer, live electronics: Michael Kinney; shortwave radio, live electronics: Martin Phelps, Rodolphe Bourette; viola: Olga Krashenko; Tibetan bowls, live electronics: Stefan Tiedje); conductor: Paul Mefano; recorded at GRM Studios, Radio France, Paris, January 2012; composition year: 1968; total selections time: 5:56
*Circle for the Liberation of Sound and Image

Emanuel Dimas De Melo Pimenta: Short Waves 1985
Digital Music
Mode Records/1990
(for short wave transmissions received in the Amazon jungle); arranged and processed at Emanuel Pimenta’s studio, Lisbon, Portugal; composed for Fabrications, by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company; composition year: 1985; time: 13:56

Lulu Ong: Not Enough Coffee
The Frog Peak Collaborations Project* (various artists)
Frog Peak/1998
computer music: Lula Ong;
*composer-contributed pieces based on a 66-second soundfile of a text by Chris Mann; contribution period: September 11, 1996 — December 1, 1996; curator: Larry Polansky; total selections time: 3:08

Takehisa Kosugi: S.E. Wave/E.W. Song
Music for Merce (1952-2009)
New World Records/2010
violin, voice, live electronics: Takehisa Kosugi; recorded December 15, 1976, Tokyo, for the dance Squaregame,  the Merce Cunningham Dance Company; composition year: 1976; time: 13:03</spanz.

In memory of Takehisa Kosugi, March 24, 1938 — October 12, 2018

Philip Mantione: Climatology
Random 26
Scattered Music/1999
sound collage (un-amplified electric guitar, triangle, claves, prerecorded sounds: Philip Mantione; time: 6:01

Paul Lansky: Climate Change Riffs (from Contemplating Weather)
Contemplating Weather
Bridge Records/2015
(for SATB chorus and eleven instruments); Western Michigan University Chorale with Birds On A Wire ensemble, conductor: Kimberly Dunn Adams; recorded at Western Michigan University Dalton Center, Kalamazoo, February 27-28, 2014; composition year: 2013; excerpts time: 3:28

Judith Shatin: Homemade Music
JKR Pass 3 — Music for Jim Randall‘s 75th Birthday [various artists]
Open Space/2007
percussive sounds, electronics: Judith Shatin; composition year: 2004; time: 3:08

Baljinder Sekhon: Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow (from Death is an Adviser)
Places & Times
Innova Recordings/2018
McCormick Percussion Group, director: Robert McCormick; piano soloist: Eunmi Ko; inspired by Carlos Castaneda‘s book Journey to Ixtlan; recorded at Springs Theatre, Tampa, Florida, April 2017; composition year: 2017; time: 3:28

— FIN —

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