Martian Gardens Episode 952

Martian Gardens Episode 952
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
October 26, 2018
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Hour 1

Steve Reich: Piano Counterpoint
Radio Rewrite
piano: Vicky Chow; recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers; composition year: 1973*; time: 13:44
*Piano Counterpoint is an arrangement of Reich’s Six Pianos (1973) by Vincent Corver; rearranged in 2011 by Vicky Chow

Philip Glass: Piece in the Shape of a Square
Three Pieces in the Shape of a Square
Bridge Records/2018
(for two flutes*); trumpet: Craig Morris; recorded at Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts, October 2013; composition year: 1967; time: 12:40
*arrangement for trumpet: Craig Morris

Philip Glass: I Feel the Earth Move (from Trial 2/Prison)
Einstein on the Beach
Nonesuch/1993 (orig. Tomato LP set/1979)
voice: Lucinda Childs; soprano saxophone: Jon Gibson; bass clarinet: Andrew Sherman; text: Christopher Knowles; recorded at Looking Glass Studios, New York City, 1993; composition year: 1975; time: 4:10

Mel Graves: Body of a Woman (from Day of Love)
Day of Love
Mutable Music/2001
flute: Bob Afifi; bass: Mel Graves; baritone: Thomas Buckner; text: Pablo Neruda; recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, January 1998; time: 4:10

Elaine R. Barkin: P.R.I.M. Ensembles*
Open Space 34 — Music of Elaine R. Barkin
Open Space/2016
flute: Katherine Hay; clarinet: Gary Marion; violin: Helmut Braunlich; cello: Eric Edberg; The Washington (DC) Contemporary Music Forum; composition year: 1972; time: 7:52
*Prime Retrograde Inversion Mod 

Daniel Goode: Mockingbird
Eight Thrushes in New York
Frog Peak Music/2002
clarinet: Daniel Goode (as a member of the DownTown Ensemble); composition year: 1976; time: 5:00

John Luther Adams: Joyful Noise
Mode Records/2012
The Callithumpian Consort, director: Stephen Drury; recorded at Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, October 2006; composition year: 1974-1979/2006; time: 3:25

Hour 2

Kate Soper: Rhetoric
Ipsa Dixit
New World Records/2018
Wet Ink Ensemble (soprano: Kate Soper; flute: Erin Lesser; percussion: Ian Antonio; violin: Josh Modney); texts: Aristotle (Rhetoric); recorded at EMPAC, Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York; composition year: 2010-106; time: 15:42

Pamela Z: Questions (Trips) [from Parts of Speech]
Dice 2 [She Says]
A collection of contemporary women composers
Ishtar Records/1996*
voice, text, MIDI controller: Pamela Z; composition year: 1998; premiere (Parts of Speech): Artaud Theatre, San Francisco, December 1998; time: 5:29
*Questions available on Pamela Z, A Delay is Better (Starkland/2004)

Robert Scott Thompson:
a. Proximity (3:55)
b. Approach Space (2:24)

Aucourant Records/2018
synthesizers, computers: RST; recorded at the composer’s studio, Roswell, Georgia; composition year: 2018; total time: 6:19

Eduardo Polonio: Trois moments précédant la genèse des cordes
Compendium International Bourges 2001 (various artists)
Mnémosyne Musique Média/2001
electroacoustic music realized by Eduardo Polonio at Institut international de musique électroacoustique de Bourges (IMEB), France, 2001; time: 15:25

Roger Doyle: Frozen in Stereoscope
Passades — Volume 2
BV Haast/2005
electronics: Roger Doyle; transformed voices: Olwen Fouere, Paul Dutton, Mary Doyle; recorded at the composer’s studio, Dublin; total selections time: 8:32

Hour 3

Kathleen Supové: Dr. Gradus vs. Rev. Powell* (M. Marks)
The Debussy Effect (various composers)
New Focus Recordings/2016
piano: Kathleen Supové; recorded at Hagman Hall, Western Connecticut State University, Danbury; composer: Matt Marks; composition year: 2011; time: 7:06
*Brief explanation of the title in this review.

Bernard Rands: Tre Espressioni
Piano Music (1960-2010)
Bridge Records/2013
piano: Ursula Oppens; recorded at SUNY Purchase College; October, 2013; composition year: 1960; time: 8:56

David Taddie: Tracer*
Music from SEAMUS Volume 17 (various artists)
(for piano and electroacoustic accompaniment); piano: Mark George; composition year: 2007; time: 7:31
*available on Ravello Records’ release David Taddie, Fancy Colors

Marianne Gythfeldt: Licorice Stick Groove (D. Taddie)
Only Human — Electroacoustic Works for Clarinet (various composers)
New Focus Recordings/2018
clarinet: Marianne Gythfeldt; recorded at Gore Recital Hall, University of Delaware, Newark, 2011; composer: David Taddie; composition year: not listed; time: 8:37

Phil Burk: RelNet
Hallways — Eleven Musicians and HMSL* (various artists)
Frog Peak Music/1993
(for real-time software synthesis); performance: Jeanne Parson, Phil Burk; Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Oakland, 1992; composition year: 1992; time: 4:05
*Hierarchical Music Specification Language

Luc Ferrari: Tautologos 1
Tautologos and Other Early Works
Electronic Music Foundation/2003
electronic music on tape; realized at Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) Paris, 1961; time: 4:27

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kurzwellen — Page 4 (selections)
a. Instrumental Quartet (1:22)
b. Instrumental Duo (2:31)
c. Instrumental Trio (3:45)
d. Radio followed by Instrumental Trio (1:28)

Mode Records/2018
(for six players with shortwave radio receivers and live electronics); C.L.S.I. Ensemble* (piano: Jacqueline Mefano; shortwave radio, ring modulation, filtering: Lissa Meridan, Gerard Pape; synthesizer, live electronics: Michael Kinney; shortwave radio, live electronics: Martin Phelps, Rodolphe Bourette; viola: Olga Krashenko; Tibetan bowls, live electronics: Stefan Tiedje); conductor: Paul Mefano; recorded at GRM Studios, Radio France, Paris, January 2012; composition year: 1968; total selections time: 9:00
*Circle for the Liberation of Sound and Image

— FIN —

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