Martian Gardens Episode 941

Martian Gardens Episode 941
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
August 5, 2018
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Hour 1

Sergio Sorrentino: Alpha Aloha (J. Vees)
Dream — American Music for Electric Guitar
Mode Records/2018
(for two electric guitars and sound processing); electric guitar: Sergio Sorrentino; recorded at Vercelli, Italy, 2015/2017; composer: Jack Vees; composition year: 2013; time: 4:47

Jack Vees: SPNFL
Surf Music Again
(for electric bass and electronic tape); electric bass: Jack Vees; composition year: 1995 (based on Cream’s version of Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful“); time: 8:42

Philip Perkins: selections from Drive Time
a. Eastchester Parade (1:46)
b. The Onion (2:14)
c. Radio Dream (London) (3:59)

Drive Time
Body Double Records/2013 (orig. Fun Music release/1985)
instruments (Casio synthesizer, electronics, guitars, folk instruments); arrangements, tapes: Philip Perkins; recorded in San Francisco, 1980s; total selections time: 10:45

Roger Doyle: selections from Passades — Volume 2
a. The Seventh Set (9:32)
b. Link/Separator 3 (0:39)

Passades — Volume 2
BV Haast/2005
electronics: Roger Doyle; transformed voices: Olwen Fouere, Paul Dutton, Mary Doyle; recorded at the composer’s studio, Dublin; total selections time: 10:01

Jerry Hunt: Bitom (Stream): Link
Five Mechanic Convention Streams
O.O. Discs/1992
cow horns, pianos, device arrays: Jerry Hunt; composition year: 1991; time: 13:58

Matthew Burtner: Cadiz, Spain (from World Radio Quilt)*
MICE World Tour
Mobile Interactive Computer Ensemble directed by Matthew Burtner; composed of FM radio transmissions from around the world for live performance; time: 0:39

Nicolas Caloia: Se répand au soleil**
Les Bonnes Histoires
Ambiances Magnetiques/2016
double bass, percussion, drum machine: Nicolas Caloia; piccolo, bass flute, tenor saxophone: Jean Derome; voice: Gabriel Dharmoo; clarinets, bells: Lori Freedman; voice, texts Genevieve Letarte; recorded in Montreal, July 2015; time: 2:53

Matteo Liberatore: Ubiquitous**
Innova Recordings/2018
guitar: Matteo Liberatore; mixing, mastering: Elliott Sharp, recorded in Brooklyn, New York; time: 2:25

*WXOJ version only
** Not included on WXOJ version

Hour 2

Iannis Xenakis: Metastaseis A
Orchestral Works
Mode Records/2017
(for orchestra of 65 musicians); Orchestra Sinfonica RAI, conductor: Arturo Tamayo; recorded in the Netherlands, 2008; composition years: 1953-1954; time: 6:19

Christian Wolff: Rhapsody
2 Orchestra Pieces
New World Records/2018
(for three orchestras); Ostravská Banda, conductors: Petr Kotik, Peter Rundel, Roland Kluttig; recorded in Ostrava, Czech Republic (via Czech Radio Ostrava; August 29, 2009; composition year: 2009; time: 28:46

Noah Creshevsky: Summer
The Four Seasons
Hyperrealist Music by Noah Creshevsky
electroacoustic music: Noah Creshevsky; ingredients may include — clarinets: Sherman Friedland, Al Margolis; clarinet, alto sax: Alex Kontoravich; tenor and alto saxes: Audrey Betsy Welber; tenor sax: Tedross Avery; trumpet: Ben Holmes; trumpet voice: Susan Watts; trombone: Monique Buzzarte; drums: Ray Marchica, Gregg Mervine; voice: Tomomi Adachi, Jeremiah Crawly, Amy Denio, Beth Griffith, Kathy Hanson, Chris Mann, Maria Mannisto; guitars, voice: Gary Heidt; guitars, Rodney Jones, Marco Oppedisano; banjo: Rich Gross; violins: Maria Kimura, Amy Zakar; basses: Orin Buck, Lonnie Plaxico, Heather Chriscaden Versace; composition years: 1992–2013; master composition year: 2013; time: 12:05

Larry Polansky: minmaj
Cold Blue Music/2017
electric guitars: Giacomo Fiore, Larry Polansky; recorded at Recital Hall, University of California Santa Cruz; June 29-30, 2016; composition year: not listed; time: 3:23

Carey Nutman: Aagula Beta
MPS Music and Video/2008
electronics and computers: Carey Nutman; recorded at the composer’s studio, Houghton-Le-Spring, UK; composition year: 2004; time: 1:56

Paddy Kingsland: A Whisper from Space*
BBC Radiophonic Workshop — A Retrospective (various artists)
BBC Music/2008
electronic music: Paddy Kingsland; recorded at the BBC Radiophonic Studio; composition year: 1978; time: 2:12

*Not included on WXOJ version

Hour 3

Rune Lindblad: Dimstråk (op. 203)
Objekt 2
Pogus Productions/1998
electroacoustic music: Rune Lindblad; recorded at the composer’s studio, Gothenberg, Sweden; composition years: 1987-1988; time: 3:23

Shirish Korde: Prakash
Music from a chamber opera for soprano, chamber ensemble, choir, computer-generated tape and ten actors
Neuma Records/1994
(for piano, percussion, and tape); piano: Geoff Burlson; percussion: Dean Anderson; composition year: 1991; time: 5:38

Joseph Klein: Dog (After W.S. Merwin)
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 27
Music from CEMI — Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
University of North Texas, Denton

Centaur Records/1998
(for female voice, bassoon, and intermedia); soprano: Heidi Dietrich Klein; bassoon: Kristin Wolfe Jensen; recorded in the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, CEMI, Denton, September 1997; composition year: 1997; time: 10:17

Leslie Ross: Evanescent Frequency
Drop by Drop, Suddenly
XI Records/2018
electronically filtered bassoon: Leslie Ross; time: 9:56

Pauline Oliveros: The Great Fool’s Stage
Crone Music
Lovely Music, Ltd./1990
accordion, electronic processing: Pauline Oliveros; recorded at Studio PASS/Harvestworks, NYC; Commissioned by Mabou Mines theater group for a production of King Lear; time: 5:12

Vidna Obmana and Willem Tanke: Canon V/VI
Variations for Organ, Keyboards, and Processors
Multimood Records/1999
organs: Willem Tanke; keyboards, processors: Vidna Obmana; recorded at St. Willibrord Church, Utrecht, The Netherlands; December 1998/January 1999; time: 6:21

Julian Hoff: Chants Migratoires
Deep Wireless 9 online album (various artists)
New Adventures in Sound Art/2013
for fixed media; time: 10:10

— FIN —

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