Martian Gardens Episode 923

Martian Gardens Episode 923
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
February 28, 2018
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Hour 1

Quattro Mani: Out of the Blue (P. Lansky)
Re-structures (various composers)
Bridge Records/2017
pianos: Quattro Mani (Steven Beck, Susan Grace); recorded at Packard Recital Hall, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, August 2016; composer: Paul Lansky; composition year: not listed; time: 2:45

György Ligeti: Etude No. 4, Fanfares
piano: Kristina Sandulova; Gesellschaft für Musiktheater, Vienna, March 31, 2004; composition year: 1985; time: 3:40

Maurizio Pollini: Etude No. 10 (C. Debussy) [MP3]
Deuxième Livre: Pour Les Sonorités Opposées
12 Etudes / Sonate Op. 1 (Debussy/Berg)
Deutsche Grammophon/1994
piano: Maurizio Pollini; recorded at Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy; October, 1992; composer: Claude Debussy; composition year: 1915; time: 4:21

Michael Vincent Waller: Onomatopoeia (from Visages)
piano: R. Andrew Lee; recorded at White Hall, University of Missouri-Kansas City, August 2016; composition year: 2015; time: 3:12

Erik Satie: Avant-dernières pensées
I. Idylle, à Clude Debussy (0:57)
II. Aubade, à Paul Dukas (1:33)
III. Méditation, à Albert Roussel (1:08)

After the Rain…The Soft Sounds of Erik Satie
London Records/1996
piano: Pascal Rogé; recorded at Grabado en la Salle Wagram, Paris; March 1988; composition year: 1915; total time: 3:42

Marc Chan: mm. 50-70
My Wounded Head 3*
Revisions and variations on chorales from Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion
Mode Records/2016
piano: Rob Haskins; recorded at System II, Brooklyn, November 2011; composition year: 2009; time: 3:57
*”O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden” (“O Sacred Head Full of Blood and Wounds”) — J.S. Bach, “St. Matthew’s Passion”

Tim Brady: Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg (Casino Adagio)
My 20th Century
Ambiance Magnétiques/2009
(for string quartet and electroacoustic sound, with video by Tim Brady and Oana Suteu Khintirian); Quatuor Molinari string quartet; audio recorded at Karisma Studio, Montreal, November 27, 2005; time: 19:05

Mei-Fang Lin: Figurations [MP3]
University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios 50th Anniversary (various artists)
EMS U. Il./2008
electroacoustic music: Mei-Fang Lin; recorded at the University of Illinois EMS; composition year: 2008; time: 4:06

Christopher Bailey: NanoSymph in 4 Movements
I. Allegro
II. Scherzo
III. Adagio
IV. Presto

60 x 60 — 2004-2005 (various artists)
Vox Novus/2006
electroacoustic music: Christopher Bailey; 1:00

Electric Music Collective: A Miniature Odyssey
computers, electronic instruments: Timothy Polashek, Douglas Geers, Christopher Bailey, Marcus Bittencourt; Fernando Gomez Evelson; composer: Timothy Polashek (A Miniature Odyssey); time: 1:07

Douglas Geers: Unspoken
60 x 60 — 2003 (various artists)
Vox Novus/2006
computer music: Douglas Geers; composition year: not listed; time: 1:00

Hour 2

Third Coast Percussion:
a. Madeira River (P. Glass) [5:43]
b. Chigwaya (trad.) [4:57]

Paddle to the Sea
Çedille Records/2018
percussion: Third Coast Percussion; recorded at Electrical Audio, Chicago, December 2016; composers: a. Philip Glass (years: 1993-1999); arr. Third Coast Percussion; b. percussion, mbira, thumb piano, vocals: TCP; traditional southern African work song; arr. Musekiwa Chingodza; total selections time: 10:40

Matteo Liberatore: Untitled #9
Innova Recordings/2018
guitar: Matteo Liberatore; mixing, mastering: Elliott Sharp, recorded in Brooklyn, New York; time: 2:56

Gen Ken Montgomery: Bath Drain
XI Records/2002
noises recorded by GKM, 1994, mastered at Foothill Digital Production, New York City; time: 3:36

Conrad Winslow: Materials (from the PNC)
The Perfect Nothing Catalog
Innova Recordings/2017
(for ensemble and electroacoustic sound); The Cadillac Moon Ensemble; recorded in Brooklyn, New York; composition year: 2014; time: 4:26

Scott Smallwood: Variations on a Door (No Sigh)
a. Door 1 (1:49)
b. Door 2 (3:04)
c. Door 3 (1:29)

Desert Winds
Deep Listening/2002
composition: Scott Smallwood; source recording: John ffitch (the door of the men’s room at the 2000 ICMC, Berlin, Germany); total time: 6:22

Cassiber with Shinoda Masami: Across the Sky #3 (remixed by Ground Zero)
a. Across the Sky
b. At Last I Am Free (N. Rogers/Bernard Edwards)*
c. Across the Stars

Cassiber — Live in Tokyo
ReR Megacorp/1998
Cassiber (vocals, sampler, guitar: Christoph Anders; drums, percussion, electronics: Chris Cutler; piano, sampler, Chinese violin, guitar, vocals: Heiner Goebbels); Ground Zero (CD-J player; home-built guitar; hard disk recorder: Otomo Yoshihide; tenor saxophone: Kikuchi Noruyoshi; piano, combo organ: Chino Syuichi; sampler: Sachiko M; computer: Otani Yasuhiro; bass: Nasuno Mitsuru; drums: Yashigaki Yasuhiro); live portion recorded at R’s Art Court, Tokyo, October 23, 1992; remix portion recorded at A-102 Studio and GOK Sound, Tokyo, autumn 1997; time: 12:49
*lyrics, original song: Nile Rogers, Bernard Edwards (Chic), 1978

Michael Winter: Chorale and Finely-Tuned Resonator
Lower Limit
New World Records/2018
guitars: Chaz Underriner; recorded at the Art Institute of Dallas, November 29, 2016; composition year: 2013; time: 9:35

Hour 3

Dominique Ferraton: Bruno, September [MP3]
Deep Wireless 9 (various artists)
New Adventures in Sound Art/2013
field recordings and interviews recorded in Bruno, Saskatchewan, during the composer’s residency at Bruno Arts Bank, Bruno, SK; time: 15:25

Negativland: Michael Jackson
Escape From Noise
synthesizers, field recordings, interviews; ephemeral films; charges against rock music: Negativland; Optigon, voice tapes: Steve Fisk; urban drum, half-speed violin: Fred Frith; time: recorded in Berkeley, California; time: 2:08

Philip Perkins: 828-2
It Gets the Corners — Still alive in the studio 2014-16
Fun Music/2016
found sounds, fixed media: Philip Perkins; recorded in the composer’s studio, San Francisco; time: 2:42

Amy Horvey: Cranberry Flats Mobile
Paved Arts/2010
trumpet, field recordings: Amy Horvey; recorded at the Cranberry Flats Conservation Area, South Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan; time 15:15

John Cage: from Works of Calder
II. Film soundtrack with narration (3:09)
III. Film soundtrack with percussion (2:19)

The Works for Piano 4
Mode Records/2002
II. narrator: Burgess Meredith; III. percussion and tape collage: John Cage; recorded for filmWorks of Calder, directed by Herbert Matter (1950); recorded at Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, New York City, April 4, 1999; composition years: 1949-1950; total selections time: 5:18

George Cacioppo: Moves Upon Silence
Perspectives of New Music (François/Cacioppo)
Open Space/2009
(for six percussionists); University Percussion Ensemble; recorded at the Contemporary Directions Concert, Rockham Auditorium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; February 23, 1980; composition year: 1962; time: 8:36

Gordon Mumma: Greys*
Music from the ONCE Festival 1961-1966 (boxed set) [various artists]
New World Records/2002
electronic music for film: Gordon Mumma; performed at the ONCE Festival, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; February 16, 1963; composition year: 1963; time: 3:19
*not included on the Valley Free Radio or Global Community Radio versions

— FIN —

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