Martian Gardens Episode 914

Martian Gardens Episode 913
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
December 21 & 23, 2017
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Listen: Where and When
Valley Free Radio WXOJ 103.3 FM
Taint Radio

This episode consists of Hours 3 from Episode 913 and Episode 912

Hour 1

Gong Linna & The Bang on a Can All-Stars: Yun Zhon Jun (The King in the Clouds)
Cloud River Mountain
Cantaloupe Music/2017
vocals: Gong Linna; cello: Ashley Bathgate; bass: Robert Black; piano: Vicky Chow; percussion: David Cossin; electric guitar: Mark Stewart; clarinet and bass clarinet: Ken Thomson; composer: Robert Zollitsch aka Lǎo Luó; recorded at Water Music, Hoboken, New Jersey, June 2015; total selections time: 9:16

Alvin Lucier: Nothing is Real (Strawberry Fields Forever) [Lennon/McCartney]
Ghosts and Monsters [various artists]
Technology and Personality in Contemporary Music
Leonardo Music Journal CD Series Volume 8
Electronic Music Foundation/1998
(composer: John Lennon; arr. Alvin Lucier) piano with teapot playback: Margaret Leng Tan; recorded at Radio Bremen, February 1998; composition year: 1967, Lucier arrangement: 1990; time: 9:15

Barney Childs: 37 Songs
Heaven to clear when day did close…
New World Records/2016
piano: David Ward-Steinman; recorded at the University of Redlands, Redlands, California, January 2001; composition year: 1971; time: 4:48

Robert Morris: Wye: Lynes (for soprano and computer-generated sounds)
Nature, Music, East, West
Open Space/2013
soprano: Deborah Norin-Kuehn; text: William Wordsworth (“Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey”); recorded at the Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester; composition year: 2003; time: 25:06

Milton Babbitt: Phonemena (for soprano and synthesized tape)
Electro Acoustics Music — Classics (various artists)
Neuma Records/1996
soprano: Judith Bettina; tape realized at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center; composition year: 1975; time: 4:11

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Wireless Fantasy
Electronic and Acoustic Works 1957-1972
New World Records/2007
(electronic music on tape, primary source: wireless code signals); realized at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, 1960; composition year: 1960; time: 3:00 (abridged)

Hour 2

Dan Trueman: Spring Rhythm
Machine Language
Bridge Records/2004
The Brentano String Quartet (violins: Mark Steinberg, Serena Canin; viola: Misha Amory; cello: Nina Lee); composition year: 2002: time: 12:44

Joan La Barbara: Autumn Signal
The Early Immersive Music of Joan La Barbara
Mode Records/2017
extended vocals, electroacoustic vocals, respirations, Buchla synthesizer: Joan La Barbara; premiered at Metamusic Festival, Berlin, October 22, 1978; new 2017 stereo mix; time: 13:18

Maggi Payne: Arctic Winds
Arctic Winds
Innova Recordings/2010
dry ice, ball bearings, drum heads, sound processing: Maggi Payne; recorded at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College; composition year: 2007; time: 9:51

Natasha Barrett: Gentle Sediment (Barely: Part 3)
Bouteilles de Klein
empreintes DIGITALes/2010
recorded at the composer’s studio, Oslo, Norway, premiered at the 38th Festival Synthèse, Bourges, France, June 4, 2008; Barely Project composition years: 2006-2008; excerpt time: 9:35

Jonty Harrison: Going/Places (tracks 6 & 7)
a. Wind, tourists, and arctic birds, Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland (1:50)
b. Subterranean hydrological/glaciological activity, sólheimajökull glacier, Iceland (2:10)

empreintes DIGITALes/2015
electroacoustic music on 32-track tape; premiered at hcmf// 2015: 16. Jonty Harrison, Phipps Concert Hall, University of Huddersfield, UK, November 25, 2015; total selections time: 4:00

Judith Shatin: Homemade Music
JKR Pass 3 — Music for Jim Randall‘s 75th Birthday [various artists]
Open Space/2007
percussive sounds, electronics: Judith Shatin; composition year: 2004; time: 3:08

— FIN —

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