Martian Gardens Episode 910

Martian Gardens Episode 910
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
November 30, 2017
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Hour 1

Amy Denio: Donald the Lump
The Big Embrace
Spoot Music/2017
voice, guitar, percussion, lyrics: Amy Denio; sampled voice: a president who shall remain unnamed; recorded at Spoot Studio, Seattle, fall 2017; time: 2:41

Beth Custer: Hide Fox, and All After
In the Broken Fields Where I Lie
BC Records/1999
keyboard sampler, alto clarinet: Beth Custer; recorded at St. James Hotel, San Diego, time: 4:05

J.C. Combs: The De-evolution of Adam & Eve
Bats in the Belfry — 18 Bagatelles
NetNew Music/2009
electric piano roll: J.C. Combs; composition year: 2009; time: 3:22

Guy Klucevsek: Haywire Rag (for Joseph Franklin  on his birthday)
Teetering on the Verge of Normalcy
Starkland Records/2016
piano: Alan Bern; recorded at Kilgore Sound and Recording, spring 2015; time: 1:50

Frank Pahl: Grandmother’s Treadle
Remove the Cork
chango, whistling, ukuleles: Frank Pahl; recorded at Private Studio, Wyandotte, Michigan, time: 2:49

Larry Polansky: Four-Voice Canon #6
Four-Voice Canons
Cold Blue Music/2002
computer: Larry Polansky; baritone saxophone: Anthony Braxton; Javanese rebab: Jody Diamond; the frogs of Mills College Frog Pond, Kurzweil sampler, sine wave; realized at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, Oakland, California, 1986; time: 3:21

Philip Perkins: Bendo
Mister Anyhow — Live in the Studio 2011-14
Fun Music/2014
electronics, sampling, processing: Philip Perkins; recorded at the composer’s studio, San Francisco; time: 4:59

Martin Denny: Cobra
Forbidden Island/Primitives
Scamp Records/1996 (orig. Liberty Records LPs/1958)
flute, musette: Will Brady; guitar, Japanese samisen: Bud Lee; congas, Latin music effects: Mike Garcia; drums, percussion: Lew Paino; string bass: Harvey Ragsdale; Latin percussion: Augie Colon; piano, director: Martin Denny; recorded at Roosevelt High School Auditorium, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1958; time: 2:01

Amy Denio: Ghosting
Tattoo (Music for the Pat Graney Dance Company)
Unit Circle Rekkids/2001
accordion: Amy Denio; recorded in Seattle; time: 1:22

Julius Eastman: The Zürich Concert (excerpt)
The Zürich Concert
New World Records/2017
piano, voice: Julius Eastman; recorded at the Aula Rämibühl gallery, Zürich, Switzerland, October 25, 1980; produced by Paul Tai and Mary Jane Leach; excerpt time: 12:40

Thomas Buckner: Luminescence, Movement II (A. Lockwood)
New Music for Baritone & Chamber Ensemble
Mutable Music/2008
baritone: Thomas Buckner; SEM Ensemble (flute: Helen Richman, trumpet: Kyle Resnick, viola: Lev Zhurbin; cello: Ariane Lallemand; piano: Joseph Kubera, percussion, Chris Nappi, conductor: Petr Kotik; recorded at Systems II, Brooklyn, composer: Annea Lockwood; text: Etel Adnan; composition year: 2004; time: 6:59

Leonard Bernstein: selections from Five Anniversaries
b. For Lukas Foss (1:43)
c. For Elizabeth B. Ehrman (0:47)
d. For Sandy Gellhorn (1:35)

Complete Solo Works for Piano
Bridge Records/2017
piano: Andrew Cooperstock; recorded at Grusin Recital Hall, University of Colorado, Boulder, August 2015; composition years: 1949-1951; published 1964; total selections time: 4:05

Hour 2

Vivian Adelberg Rudow: Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco
Electroacoustic Music IX [various artists]
Electroshock Records/2004
electroacoustic music: Vivian Adelberg Rudow; voice: Juan Blanco (from Velvet Hammers: Portraits of Lawyers); composition year: 2000; time: 5:27

Juan Blanco: Music para Danza
Nuestro Tiempo (Our Time)
Innova Recordings/2013
sine-wave generator, tape dubbing: Juan Blanco; recorded in Cuba; composition year: 1961; time: 5:28

Samuel Pellman: Ares Vallis (Mars)
Selected Planets
Innova Recordings/2003
computer music: Samuel Pellman; realized at the Studio for Contemporary Music, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York; time: 14:31

In memory of Samuel Pellman of Hamilton College, 1953 — November 9, 2017

Severed Heads: Better Harms and Heartbreaks (vs. Trudy Lovelife, PhD.)
Haul Ass!
synthesizers, computer, samplers: Tom Ellard; sampled voice: Trudy Lovelife, PhD; recorded at Terse Tapes, Sydney, Australia; time: 4:15

Noah Creshevsky: Götterdämmerung
The Twilight of the Gods
Tzadik Records/2010
electroacoustic processing: Noah Creshevsky; vocals, trumpet: Susan Watts, clarinet, alto sax: Alex Kontorovich; violin, vocals: Amy Zakar; ; ass, vocals: Heather Chriscaden Versace; tenor sax, alto sax: Audrey Betsy Welber; trumpet: Ben Holmes; piano: Adrian Banner; drums: Gregg Mervine; samples: The Klez Dispensers; composition year: 2009; time: 4:04

The Assholes:
a. Thrash/Jiggers (1:48)
b. Hungry for Affection (1:55)
c. Race for Discovery (1:59)

Johnny and the Big Prairie Fire
Titicacaman Records/2012
original Assholes material recorded in 1979, 2001 by Marcelo Radulovich  (Dolphous Trotter), Joel Smith (Everett E. Harton), Christopher Stephens (Measlee Beef), Christian Sondergard (Sondo), in Fresno, California and Tijuana, Mexico; reassembled for release by Marcelo Radulovich at Titicacaman Studios, Encinitas, California; total selections time: 5:38

Thomas Dimuzio with Zipper Spy: Columbia
Mono::Poly  (Dimuzio and various artists)
Gench Music/2002
samplers, turntables, feedback, sound-making device arrays: Thomas Dimuzio, Zipper Spy (Maria Moran); recorded in Oakland, California, November 20, 1999; mastered at Gench Studios, San Francisco; time: 5:00

Igusti Ngurah Togog & his son: Genggong Frog Sound
Touch.Sampler (various artists)
genggong: Igusti Ngurah Togog and son; recorded in Bali, June 1983; time: 1:35

Hour 3

J.K. Randall: Gap7.1+
Open Space/2004
MIDI synthesizer: J.K. Randall; composition year: 2004; time: 19:13

Pozzi Escot: Violin Concerto
a. Movement I (4:20)
b. Movement II (1:55)
c. Movement III (4:32)

Spins (various artists)
Neuma Records/2006
solo violin: David Fulmer; Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble, conductor: Efrain Amaya; recorded at the Carnegie Mellon School of Music, Pittsburgh, October 15, 2005; composition year: 2005; time: 10:50

Martin Boykan: Piano Trio #3
a. quarter = ca.72 (3:04)
b. L’istesso tempo (2:30)
c. Sostenuto assai (3:52)
d. L’istresso tempo (2:36)
e. Andante tranquillo (3:12)

Rites of Passage — Chamber Music 1993 — 2012
Bridge Records/2017
violin: Yohanan Chendler; cello: Joshua Gordon; piano: Steven Weigt; recorded at Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, May 17, 2015; composition year: 2006; total time: 15:12

Sarah Maria Sun: Requiem po drugu (Requiem for the Beloved, Op. 26) (G. Kurtág)
a. Oh God, what sudden silence… (1:16)
b. Bitter Romance (1:22)
c. My Strength (0:48)
d. Farewell, my love… (3:03)

Modern Lied (various composers)
Mode Records/2016
soprano: Sarah Maria Sun; piano: Jan Philip Schulze; text: Rimma Dalos; comoposer: György Kurtág; recorded at Studio 2, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, February 2016; composition years: 1982 — 1987; total time: 6:27

György Kurtág:
a. Der Spaziergang (für Heinz Holliger) (2:42)
b. Hommage à John Cage (1:52)
Signs, Games and Messages

ECM New Series/2003
a. baritone: Kurt Widmer; text: Johann Christian Friedrich  Hölderlin; b. Orlando Trio (violin: Hiromi Kikuchi; viola: Ken Hakii; cello: Stefan Metz); composition years: a. 1993 – 1997 (from Hölderlin-Gesänge, op. 35); b. circa 1989 (from Signs, Games and Messages, 1989-onward); recorded at Radio DRS, Zürich, Switzerland, winter 2002; total selections time: 3:34

— FIN —

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