Martian Gardens Episode 901

Episode 901
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
September 21, 2017
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Listen: Where and When

This program contains material previously featured in MG episodes 895 & 899

Hour 1

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay: La Rage (Raging Rabies)
a. Renard fou (Crazy Fox) (1:05)
b. Techno-sexe: vol d’aéroport (Techno-sex: The Flight from the Airport) (1:00)
c. Entrevue avec le proprio (Interview with the Owner) (1:36)
d. Epilogue: pas d’avenir (Eplogue: No Future) (1:31)

La Rage
empreintes DIGITALes/2009
(for free jazz drummer, processing, interactive processing and 8-track fixed media; inspired by Louis Hamelin‘s novel “La Rage”); drum kit: Stefan Schneider; realized at the composer’s studios and the Electroacoustic Music Studios of the University of Montreal, 2004-2005; premiered at Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal, March 5, 2005; selections time: 5:08

Joane Hétu: Joker Casa
Ambiances magnétiques/2016
vocals: Joker ensemble, director: Joane Hétu; recorded at Mercredimusic @ Casa Montreal, December 13, 2004; time: 3:28

David Rosenboom: Music from–On Being Invisible II
(Hypatia Speaks to Jefferson in a Dream)
a. In the Beginning…Reasoned Mind
b. Evolution with Singular Events
c. Political Assertions
d. The Mathematics of Miscegenation
e. Logan’s Speech
f. Philosophical Musings with a Sense of Reminiscing

CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 30
Music from the Center for Experiments in Art, Information, and Technology,
California Institute of the Arts
Centaur Records/2000
narrator: Sam Ashley; dream voices of Hypatia and Thomas Jefferson: Teri DeSario and Roxanne Merryfield; brainwaves and computer performance: D. Rosenboom; texts: Thomas Jefferson, Cherokee Chief Logan, David Rosenboom, and material attributed to contemporaries of Hypatia of Alexandria; recorded at CEAIT, October, 1999; composition years: 1994 — 1995; “On Being Invisible” conceptual origination: 1976; time: 17:22

David Rosenboom: Given the Senses the Real Pregeometry (Z. of I., Part III)
Zones of Influence
Pogus Productions/2014
electronics: David Rosenboom; percussion: William Winant; recorded at the Dizzy Gillespie Digital Recording Complex, California Institute of the Arts, and the composer’s studio, Valencia, California, composition years: 1984, 1985; revised for this recording 2013; time: 8:36

(In celebration of David Rosenboom‘s 70th birthday, September 9, 2017)

Luis-Maria Serra: Abismos*
IMEB Opus 30 Volume 1 (various artists)
(for piano with interactive electroacoustic sounds); piano: Luis-Maria Serra; realized at GMEB*, Bourges, France, 1971; time: 24:48
*Institut de musique electroacoustique de Bourges prior to 1977 was named Group de musique electroacoustique de Bourges

Hour III

Sarah Maria Sun: Six Songs after Christian Morgenstern* (H. Holliger)
a. Vorfrühling (Early Spring) (2:49)
b. Der Abend (Evening) (1:42)
c. Schmetterling (Butterfly) (0:44)
d. Vöglein Schwermut(The Melancholy Little Bird) (3:07)
e. Vor Sonnenaufgang (Before Sunrise) (1:16)
f. Herbst (Autumn) (2:36)

Modern Lied (various composers)
Mode Records/2017
soprano: Sarah Maria Sun; piano: Jan Philip Schulze; recorded at Studio 2, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, February 2016; composer: Heinz Holliger; composition years: 1956-1957; total time: 12:13
*Sechs Lieder nach den Gedichten von Christian Morgenstern

Ursula Mamlok: Five Capriccios
I. ♪=100 (0:52)
II. ♪=112 (0:45)
III. ♪=92 (0:43)
IV. ♩=104 (0:41)
V. ♪=54 (4:05)

Volume 3
Bridge Records/2011
oboe: Heinz Holliger; piano: Anton Kernjak; recorded at Radiostudio, Zürich, Switzerland, February 12, 2011; composition year: 1968; total time: 7:08

Noah Creshevsky: What If
Rounded with a Sleep
Pogus Productions/2011
electroacoustic music (source: piano improvisations by Stuart  Isacoff); composition year: 2009; time: 8:36

Michael Kinney: Abracadabra
The Electro-Acoustic Ensemble at Brooklyn College (various composers)
Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music/1997
(for two percussionists and computer-generated tape); percussion: Lisa Frisari, Adam Novick; realized at the Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music; composition year: unknown; time: 11:05

Gilles Gobeil: Golem
Les lointains
empreintes DIGITALes/2015
(for malletKAT and sampler); realized at Miso Music Studio, Lisbon, Portugal, autumn 2012, and the EMS Stockholm, July 2013; premiered with percussionist Rick Sacks at Rick Sacks Solo Electronic Show, The Array Space, Toronto, March 22, 2014; CD version produced without performer at the composer’s studio, 2015; time: 10:35

— FIN —

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