Martian Gardens Episode 898

Episode 898
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
August 31, 2017
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Friday, September 1, 2017

Hour I

Neil Rolnick: The Economic Engine
a. Traffic (6:50)
b. From the Factory (4:02)
c. Opaque Air (4:06)
d. Hutong to Highrise (7:20)
The Economic Engine
Innova Recordings/2009
Music from China (erhu: Wang Guowei; yangqin: Helen Yee; pipa: Sun Li); The Todd Reynolds String Quartet (violin: Todd Reynolds, Benjamin Russell; viola: Nadia Sirota; cello: Ha-Yang Kim); recorded at Elff Productions, New York City, 2008; composition year: 2008; total time: 22:22

Martin Perry: Sonata for Piano (H. Weisgall)
I. Allegro impetuoso (6:33)
II. Adagio molto (7:13)
III. Rondo quasi presto (4:06)
Bridge Records/2017
piano: Martin Perry; recorded at Studzinski Recital Hall, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, March 2016; composer: Hugo Weisgall; composition year: 1982; total time: 17:52

Wesley Fuller: On Gay Wallpaper (from A Solace of Ripe Plums)
Music Text (various artists)
Capstone Records/1999
baritone: Joe Dan Harper; piano: Jacques Linder; text: William Carlos Williams; composition year: 1998; time: 4:59

Steve Reich: Nagoya Marimbas
Third Coast Percussion/Steve Reich
Çedille Records/2016
Third Coast Percussion (Sean Connors, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin, David Skidmore); recorded at the University of Notre Dame’s DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, December 15-19, 2014; composition year: 1994; total time: 4:48

Sylvia Smith: Xylophone Poem No. 1 — Went Forth (S.S. Smith)
The Year Begins to be Ripe
11 West Records/2009
xylophone, speaking voice: Sylvia Smith; recorded at the University of Maryland Baltimore County; composer (music/text): Stuart Saunders Smith; composition year: 1999; time: 1:42

Sylvia Smith: The Year Begins to be Ripe (J. Cage)
The Year Begins to be Ripe
11 West Records/2009
speaking voice: Christie Finn; closed piano: Sylvia Smith; recorded at the University of Maryland Baltimore County; composer: John Cage; text: Henry David Thoreau; composition year: 1970; time: 0:55

John Cage: Twenty-three seconds on John Cage
From Zero (DVD)
Mode Records/2004 (orig. 1995)
voice, stopwatch: John Cage; director: Frank Scheffer; time: 0:42

Hour II

Anatoly Kisselev: The World Against the Gregorian Chorale
Compendium International 2002 Bourges (various artists)
Mnémosyne Musique Média/2002
electronics, processing: Anatoly Kisselev, realized at IMEB, Bourges, France, 2002; Theremin: Olesya Rostovskaya; recorded at the Moscow Autumn Festival, Moscow Conservatory, Russia, November 25, 2003; time: 9:25

Kaija Saariaho: NoaNoa
Electro Acoustic Music III (various artists)
Neuma Records/1994
(for flute and electronics); flute: Camilla Hoitenga; electronics realized at the IRCAM Signal Processing Center, Paris; composition year: 1991; time: 9:10

Åke Parmerud: Transmissions II
empreintes DIGITALes/2015
(for fixed media); realized at the composer’s studio, 2015, premiered at P2 Art’s Birthday Party, January 24, 2015, Södra teatern, Stockholm; time: 19:02

Sandor Kalloś: Northern Tale
Electroacoustic Music Volume IV — ANS Synthesizer 1964-1971 (various artists)
Electroshock Records/199
ANS synthesizer: Sandor Kalloś; time: 5:38

Tod Dockstader: Water Music, part 5
musique concrete (sourced from kitchen spigot); composition year: 1963; time: 3:08

Delia Derbyshire: Dance from “Noah” (Stereo Mix)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop — A Retrospective (various artists)
BBC Music/2008
synthesizers, tapes: Delia Derbyshire; composition year: 1971; time: 1:07

Hour 3

John Cage: Variations II with Lecture on Nothing
Variations I-III; Lecture on Nothing
Mode Records/2003
Motion Ensemble (prepared and amplified violin: Nadia Francavilla; percussion: D’Arcy Philip Gray; prepared and amplified double bass: Andrew R. Miller; voice: Helen Pridmore) recorded at The Black Box Theatre, Saint Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, November 19, 2000; composition years: Variations II (1961), Lecture on Nothing (1959); time: 29:48

Toshi Ichiyanagi: Activities for Orchestra
Music for Merce* 1952-2009 (various artists)
New World Records/2010
viola: David Behrman; piano, voice, percussion: John Cage; horns, live electronics: Gordon Mumma; piano, live electronics: David Tudor; violin: Malcolm Goldstein; percussion: Max Neuhaus; recorded in Paris, November 19, 1966; composition year: 1962; time: 24:09
*The Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Max Neuhaus: Coeur pour batteur — Positively Yes (S. Bussotti)
Electronics and Percussion — Five Realizations by Max Neuhaus
Columbia Masterworks/1968
percussion, electronics: Max Neuhaus; realized: 1965; composer: Sylvano Bussotti; composition year: 1959; time: 10:22

Malcolm Goldstein: Trinity (O. Coleman)
Sound the New Violin
What Next? Recordings/1991
violin: Malcolm Goldstein; recorded at Bregman Electro-Acoustic Studios, Dartmouth College, July 1991; composer: Ornette Coleman; composition year: 1986; time: 12:28

— FIN —

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