Martian Gardens Episode 893

Episode 893
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
July 20, 2017
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Hour I

Leonard Bernstein: El Salón México (A. Copland; arr. Bernstein)
Complete Solo Works for Piano
Bridge Records/2017
piano: Andrew Cooperstock; recorded at the University of Colorado, Boulder, August 2015; composition year: 1936; composer: Aaron Copland; arrangement for solo piano by Leonard Bernstein: 1941; time: 10:26

Ruth Lomon: The Sunflower Variations
Ruth Lomon at 80
Neuma Records/2011
piano: Eileen Hutchins; recorded at Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University, November 14, 2010; composition year: 2010; time: 11:35

Keeril Makan: Letting Time Circle Through Us (excerpt)
Letting Time Circle Through Us
New World Records/2017
Either/Or (percussion: Russell Greenberg; cimbelom: David Shipley; acoustic guitar: Dan Lippel; piano: Taka Kigawa; violin: Jennifer Choi; cello: John Papham; recorded at Kresage Auditorium, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts; December 2014; excerpt time: 12:00

Mara Helmuth/Allen Otte: As An Algebra
Implements of Actuation
voice, mbira dzavadzimu: Allen Otte; text: Don Bogen; recorded at the University of Cincinnati; composition year: 1994; time: 8:45

Hans Werner Henze: Ein Kleines Potpourri aus der Oper “Boulevard Solitude
a. Berceuse – Gavotte – Galop (3:28)
b. Manon Lescaut  schriebt einen brief (3:02)
c. Perpetuum Mobile (3:07)
Musica da Camera
Mode Records/2009
Ensemble Dissonanzen, conductor: Claudio Lugo; recorded at Conservatorio S. Pietro a Majella,  Sala Scarlatti, Naples, August and November, 2006; composition year: 2000; total time: 9:38

Hour 2

Pierre Henry/Pierre Schaeffer: Symphonie pour un homme seul
a. Prosopopée 1 (2:57)
b. Partita (1:12)
c. Valse (0:56)
d. Érotica (1:21)
e. Scherzo (2:33)
f. Collectif (0:59)
g. Prosopopée 2 (1:02)
h. Eroïca (1:54)
i. Apostrophe (2:24)
j. Intermezzo (1:59)
k. Cadence (1:09)
l. Strette (3:11)
L’oeuvre Musicale
Musique Concrète realized at Studio d’ Essai (ORTF), 1949-1950, premiered at Ecole Auditorium of the Ecole Normale de Musique, Paris, March 18, 1950; time: 21:30

(In memory of Pierre Henry, December 9, 1927 — July 13, 2017)

Adrian Moore: Surface
Empreintes DIGITALes/2011
electroacoustic music on 7.1 tracks of fixed media; realized at the composer’s studio, Sheffield, UK, 2007; premiered at the Soundings… festival, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh, UK, November 8, 2008; time: 15:22

Eduardo Reck Miranda: Robotapithecos
Mother Tongue
electroacoustic music composed and recorded at Tempo Reale Centre, Italy; composition year: 2002; time 8:07

Paul Lansky: As Things Were
Alphabet Book
Bridge Records/2002
computer music: Paul Lansky; reader: Hannah McKay; time: 3:01

Norman Yamada: Coin Toss
State of the Union 2001 (various artists)
piano; processing: Norman Yamada; time: 0:52

Hour 3

Benjamin Boretz: (“…my chart shines high where the blue milk’s upset)
Open Space 1 (Boretz/Randall)
Open Space/1989
piano: Sarah Rothenberg; recorded at Olin Auditorium, Bard College, November 1988; composition years: 1976, 1977; time: 28:30

Joan Heller: Phonemena (M. Babbitt)
To the Verge (various composers)
Neuma Records/1994
soprano: Joan Heller; recorded at the Tsai Performance Center, Boston University, January 1994; composer: Milton Babbitt; electronic music on tape realized at the Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center, 1969-1970; composition years: 1969-1970; time: 4:14

Hubert Howe: Emergence (Timbre Study No. 8)
Electronic Masters Vol. 2 (various artists)
Ablaze Records/2013
for stereo fixed media; composition year: 2012; time: 9:46

Philip Mantione: Valuri
Depth of Field
Scattered Music/2011
computer-generated music: Philip Mantione; recorded at the composer’s studio; premiered as part of Joel Cahen‘s “Wet Sounds” installation, UK; composition year: 2010; time: 7:00

Warren Burt: A Bureaucrat Tells the Truth
Cellular Etudes (2012-2013)
Scarlet Ardvark Records/2013
computer music, sampler: Warren Burt; composition years: 2012, 2013; time: 5:07

Laurie Spiegel: A Folk Study
The Expanding Universe
Unseen Worlds/2012 (orig. LP Philo/1980)
digital synthesizer: Laurie Spiegel; recorded at Bell Labs, February 1975; time: 2:03

— FIN —

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