Martian Gardens Episode 891

Episode 891
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
June 29, 2017
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Hour I

Roger Reynolds: Summer Island
The Paris Pieces
Neuma Records/1996
(for oboe and computer-generated tape); oboe: Jacqueline Leclair; recorded at Brooks Concert Hall, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts, April 30, 1995; composition year: 1984; time: 11:28

Iannis Xenakis: Dmaathen
Percussion Works
Mode Records/1996
oboe: Jacqueline Leclair; percussion: red fish blue fish, director: Steven Schick; recorded at Warren Studios, University of California San Diego, composition year: 1976; time: 10:57

Bun-Ching Lam:
a. – (Solo) (2:52)
b. = (Duo) (2:57)
Americans in Rome (various artists)
Music by the fellows of the American Academy in Rome
Bridge Records/2008
flute: Patti Monson; composition year: 1977; total time: 5:47

Eve Beglarian: FlamingO
Tell the Birds
New World Records/2006
vibes solo: Bill Ware; flute: Margaret Lancaster; oboe: Jackie Leclair; English horn: Andrew Adelson; clarinet, bass clarinet: Michael Lowenstern; bassoon: Janet Grice; French horn: Daniel Grabois, percussion: John Ferrari; piano: Margaret Kampmeier; trumpet: John Nelson; trombone: Ben Herrington; violin: Todd Reynolds; viola: Caleb Buhrans; cello: Edward Aarron; double bass: Mat Fieldes; conductor: Brad Lubman; recorded at Brooklyn Recording, New York City, July 2005; composition years: 1995, revised 2004; time: 16:27

Dickie Landry: Alto Flute Quad Delay
Fifteen Saxophones
Unseen Worlds/2011
flute: Dickie Landry; tape engineering: Kurt Munkacsi; recorded at the Big Apple Studios, New York City; 1974; composition year: 1974; time: 9:48

Hour II

Neil Rolnick: The Gathering (Extended Family, Movement V)
The NYFA Collection — 25 Years of New York New Music (various artists)
Innova Recordings/2010
ETHEL string quartet (violins: Cornelius Dufallo, Mary Rowell; viola: Ralph Ferris; cello: Dorothy Lawson); composition year: 2009; time: 4:41

Henry Flynt: Hillbilly Jive
New American Ethnic Music Volume 2: Spindizzy (MP3)
violin: Henry Flynt; composition year: 1977; time: 9:09

Beth Anderson: Ode
Peachy Keen-O
Pogus Productions/2003
electronic tape: Beth Anderson; Auctioneer: Spec Edwards, recorded at the Mt. Sterling tobacco warehouses, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, December 1972; realized and mixed at Queen’s College electronic music studio, Wesleyan University electronic music studio, and ZBS Media; completed in 1975; dedicated to the composer’s father, an auctioneer and friend of Spec Edwards; time: 14:09

Ross Feller: Retracing
Innova Recordings/2017
(violin and electroacoustic sound); violin: Dorothy Martirano; recorded in Champaign, Illinois; composition year: 2009; time: 8:37

Salvatore Martirano: Look at the back of my head for awhile
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 22 —
The Composer in the Computer Age V — A Salvatore Martirano Retrospective: 1962-1992
Centaur Records/1995
A SalMar Construction performed live at the composer’s studio, Urbana-Champaign, January, 1974; time: 12:01

Annie Gosfield: Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds Back
The NYFA Collection — 25 Years of New York New Music (various artists)
Innova Recordings/2010
sampler: Annie Gosfield; time: 3:24

Hour III

Hans Tutschku: Issho ni (Together)
empreintes DIGITALes/2015
(for 16 tracks of fixed media); realized at the Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition (HUSEC), Cambridge, 2014; premiered at the International House of Japan, Tokyo, May 21, 2014; stereophonic version for this recording realized at the composer’s studio, January 2015; time: 30:55

Giacinto Scelsi: Five Incantations
a. Movement I. Deciso Imperioso (2:28)
b. Movement II. Presto ((1:39)
c. Movement III. Agitato (1:43)
d. Movement IV. Lento (3:53)
e. Movement V. Wild and Strident (2:20)
New Music Series Volume 2 (various artists)
Neuma Records/1988
piano: Kathleen Supové; composition year: 1953; total time: 12:13

Giacinto Scelsi: Sonate No. 3
I. Lento, Rubato (8:41)
II. Con Dolcezza (5:11)
III. Untitled (6:06)
The Piano Works
Mode Records/2006
piano: Aki Takahashi; recorded at Teldex Studio, Berlin, Germany, March 17-18, 2005; composition year: 1939; time: 20:00

Giancinto Scelsi: Un Adieu
The Piano Works 3
Mode Records/2006
piano: Aki Takahashi; recorded at Teldex Studio, Berlin, Germany, March 17-18, 2005; composition years: 1978, 1988; time: 6:58

— FIN —


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